Journey To Become A True God Chapter 361

361 Ye Chen Felt Called By Something
Mu Lanyin still didn't accept Ye Chen's teasing just now, Mu Lanyin started hitting Ye Chen's body.

Mu Lanyin's fist was completely powerless, so it wouldn't hurt Ye Chen.

Ye Chen was quite happy to be able to tease Mu Lanyin, now Mu Lanyin looks different from the first time she met Ye Chen.

Ye Chen hugged Mu Lanyin's body again, he stared into Mu Lanyin's crystal-clear eyes.

Mu Lanyin who was in Ye Chen's arms also looked into Ye Chen's eyes, Mu Lanyin looked at Ye Chen with a gentle gaze.

"You've changed a lot since we first met." Ye Chen told Mu Lanyin that she had changed a lot.

"What has changed from me? ", Mu Lanyin asked Ye Chen.

"Now that you have become a normal woman who has emotions, back then when I first met you you were like an emotionless ice statue." Ye Chen told Mu Lanyin's changes.

Back then, Mu Lanyin was like an Emotionless Ice Statue, but now that she looks like a normal woman, Mu Lanyin is no longer like an Emotionless Ice statue.

Ye Chen hopes that if all the women here can change like Mu Lanyin, Ye Chen wants them to live life like normal women who have Emotions.

Mu Lanyin also felt the same way, after she met Ye Chen, she was no longer like before, who lived without an emotion, now Mu Lanyin often thinks of Ye Chen, maybe this is what is called the emotion of love.

"Isn't it your fault that you have turned me into this," Mu Lanyin blames Ye Chen, because of Ye Chen, Mu Lanyin turned into this.

"Do you regret yourself like this? ", Asked Ye Chen to Mu Lanyin.

Ye Chen wanted to know if Mu Lanyin regretted the changes she currently had.

Mu Lanyin shook her head, "I don't regret all of this at all, I'm very happy to have this kind of emotion, I feel comfortable enough." Mu Lanyin doesn't regret the change in emotions she has at all.

After having Emotions, Mu Lanyin felt that her world had become more colorful, now her life had become more meaningful.

And all this thanks to Ye Chen, Ye Chen who made herself like this.

Mu Lanyin brought her lips closer and started kissing Ye Chen, this was the first time Mu Lanyin had taken the initiative while still conscious.

Ye Chen was quite happy with the kiss given by Mu Lanyin.

"Ehheeemm" Qing Cheng suddenly coughed and interrupted Ye Chen and Mu Lanyin's conversation.

Ye Chen and Mu Lanyin looked at Qing Cheng, they both questioned Qing Cheng.

"You two cheat, you left me alone" Qing Cheng felt left alone by Ye Chen and Mu Lanyin.

Ye Chen laughed looking at the jealous Qing Cheng like this.

"Come here let me hug you" Ye Chen told Qing Cheng to join together.

"How about we all move my room, there won't be anyone bothering us." Mu Lanyin invited Ye Chen and Qing Cheng to go to Mu Lanyin's private room.

Mu Lanyin wanted to discuss the Seventh Sword Sect matter with Ye Chen and Qing Cheng

Ye Chen and Qing Cheng followed Mu Lanyin, the three of them went to sneak into Mu Lanyin's private room.

Ye Chen, Qing Cheng and Mu Lanyin entered Mu Lanyin's private room.

Inside Mu Lanyin's private room there is only a small ice bed and a mirror to dress up in, nothing else can be seen in Mu Lanyin's room.

"Lanyin, is this really your room? " ,Ye Chen asked Mu Lanyin.

"Yes, this is my room, all the rooms in the Frozen Ice Sect are the same as mine, there is nothing special about this." All the rooms in the Frozen Ice Sect are like this, there is only a small ice bed and a mirror to dress up. .

Life in the Frozen Ice Sect was like this, they didn't need any other items because it didn't matter to them.

"Let's talk about the matter beforehand, I want to know the full details of the plan that the Seventh Sword Sect intends to carry out." Mu Lanyin wanted to go over the matter regarding the Seventh Sword Sect.

This was very important for Mu Lanyin, because it concerned the person who had seriously injured the Four Frozen Fairies.

Ye Chen explained to Mu Lanyin again, this time Ye Chen explained it even more clearly, so that Mu Lanyin understood what the Seventh Sword Sect wanted to do.

"I will definitely take revenge on the Seventh Sword Sect, they dare to harm the people of my sect." Sooner or later, Mu Lanyin will definitely take revenge on the Seventh Sword Sect.

"Sister you don't need to worry, I and my sect will definitely help you." Qing Cheng and the Cherry Blossom Sect will definitely help Mu Lanyin in fighting the Seventh Sword Sect.

Seventh Sword Sect is a threat to Qing Cheng and the Cherry Blossom Sect.

"Thank you very much." Mu Lanyin thanked Qing Cheng.

"You don't need to thank me, now that we have become close sisters, I will definitely help you if you are in trouble." Because both of them are now Ye Chen's women, they both have to help each other.

"If the Seventh Sword Sect dares to find trouble with you guys, I definitely won't let them go." If Seventh Sword Sect dared to find trouble with Mu Lanyin or Qing Cheng, Ye Chen would not let them go.

Mu Lanyin and Qing Cheng were touched by the protection provided by Ye Chen.

Now no one will bother Ye Chen, Mu Lanyin and Qing Cheng.

Time to have some fun with these two beauties, Ye Chen stretched out his hands towards Mu Lanyin's and Qing Cheng's bodies.

He wanted to immediately do what he had done in the ancient heritage site.

"Knock! ! ! "At this time someone knocked on the door from outside.

When Ye Chen wanted to do something to Mu Lanyin and Qing Cheng someone came and knocked on the door.

Ye Chen, Qing Cheng and Mu Lanyin immediately looked at the Ice door.

"Older Sister, may I come in and talk to you." From outside there was a woman who called Mu Lanyin as an older sister.

The woman outside the door is Mu Zhue Fairy, she currently wants to talk to Mu Lanyin.

Mu Lanyin is currently so helpless, why are there so many people who want to meet her in a situation like this.

If Mu Zhue Fairy found out that there was a man in here, then Mu Lanyin's reputation would definitely be destroyed.

Mu Lanyin hurriedly got up and opened the door to the room, she came out of the room in a hurry, Mu Lanyin very quickly closed the door so that Mu Zhue Fairy didn't know that Ye Chen and Qing Cheng were inside.

"Younger sister Zue, what's wrong? "Mu Lanyin asked what Mu Zue wanted from her.

"Older sisters, why did you even come out, I have something to talk to you about alone in the room." Mu Zhue Fairy wanted to have a private talk with Mu Lanyin in the room.

Mu Zhue Fairy tried to open the door to Mu Lanyin's room.

Mu Lanyin saw what Mu Zhue was going to do, she quickly tried to stop Mu Zhue from opening the door to her room.

Mu Zhue was a little confused when Mu Lanyin stopped herself, it was unusual for Mu Lanyin to behave like this.

"Younger sister Zue, let's talk about this in another place." Mu Lanyin invited Mu Zhue Fairy to go from the front entrance of her room, she didn't want Mu Zhue Fairy to find the whereabouts of Ye Chen and Qing Cheng.

Mu Lanyin took Mu Zue Fairy away from this place, Mu Zue Fairy was taken by Mu Lanyin to a place far from her room.

In Mu Lanyin's room, Ye Chen and Qing Cheng were left alone.

"Looks like Sister Lanyin left to distract that woman, I'm sure that she won't come back anytime soon", Qing Cheng guessed that Mu Lanyin wouldn't come back anytime soon.

Ye Chen felt helpless, even though Ye Chen wanted to do Dual Cultivation together with Mu Lanyin and Qing Cheng, it was unexpected that women from the Frozen Ice Sect would always bother him.

Ye Chen walked away from Mu Lanyin's room.

"Husband, where are you going? ", Qing Cheng immediately asked where Ye Chen was going.

"I want to go out and find the air outside." Ye Chen came out to confirm something that made his heart feel uneasy.

"Be careful, don't get caught by a woman from the Frozen Ice Sect." Qing Cheng told Ye Chen to be even more careful.

"You don't need to worry, no one will be able to find my whereabouts." With Ye Chen's current strength, there was no way the woman from the Frozen Ice Sect could find him.

Ye Chen walked out of Mu Lanyin's room, now only Qing Cheng was alone in Mu Lanyin's room

Ye Chen slipped away towards a remote place that was at the very back of this Sect.

On the way to the very back of the sect, Ye Chen occasionally met beautiful women wearing veils, these women were so beautiful, they were even prettier than most of the artists out there.

The man who gets these beautiful women will surely be very lucky.

In the instant that Ye Chen arrived in front of the mouth of the Cave, this was where Ye Chen's feelings came from.

Inside, Ye Chen felt that something was calling out to him, Ye Chen felt himself being directed in there.

Ye Chen was very curious about this, Ye Chen wanted to immediately enter the cave, Ye Chen wanted to confirm what was in there. Is there maybe a treasure or something related to him.

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