Journey To Become A True God Chapter 362

362 Frozen Glass Heart Special Body
Ye Chen walked into the cave, he slowly entered this cave.

Ye Chen entered a cave that was quiet and also lacking light.

When Ye Chen entered, he heard the sound of water gurgling, Ye Chen became more curious, Ye Chen stepped forward to confirm what was ahead.

Ye Chen was very careful, he walked with very light steps, so it was difficult to find Ye Chen's whereabouts.

The sound of water gurgling becomes clearer, as long as this sound is clear from the front.

Ye Chen also felt that something calling him was right there.

Ye Chen finally arrived in front of a small pond that was about 10 meters in size.

Right inside the Ice Water pool there was a very beautiful woman with blue hair, this woman had a very good body, Ye Chen had to admit that this woman's body was very well developed.

Seeing that there were other people here, Ye Chen immediately looked for a place to hide, he immediately looked at the woman who was in the Ice Water pool.

At this time, the beautiful woman with blue hair was bathing in the pool of water, because the water was exposed to the clothes that this woman was wearing turned transparent, Ye Chen could see a little of this beautiful woman's beautiful body.

Ye Chen can feel that the beautiful woman who is taking a bath is quite strong, this beautiful woman is currently at the second stage of the Emperor Realm.

With the strength that this beautiful woman possessed, she should be an ancestor of the Frozen Ice Sect.

Ye Chen didn't expect that an ancestor from the Frozen Ice Sect would be such a beauty.

Ye Chen continued to look at the beautiful woman who was taking a bathing.

The way a beautiful woman takes a bath is very tempting, Ye Chen is drooling just from looking at a beautiful woman who is bathing.

This beautiful woman is Mu Nianci, Mu Nianci has just finished cultivating, after cultivating the habits that Mu Nianci has is washing her body in the Ice Water in this pool.

The cold water in this pool can make Mu Nianci's body and mind calm and peaceful.

When Mu Nianci was washing her own body, she felt that someone was staring at her, Mu Nianci immediately turned to the direction where the gaze she felt came from.

" Who is there ? "Mu Nianci looked at Ye Chen.

Seeing Mu Nianci staring at him, Ye Chen immediately hid himself, Mu Nianci's eyes were very calm, no ripples could be seen where Mu Nianci, Mu Nianci was very calm, she looked like water in a calm pool.

Mu Nianci immediately looked around the Ice Water pool, Mu Nianci did not find anyone's existence.

"Was it just a hallucination? "Mu Nianci just felt that someone was staring at her, but somehow she didn't find someone's existence by using her spirit sense.

Currently Ye Chen was hiding himself using the Reideran Pendant necklace, there was no way Mu Nianci would be able to find Ye Chen's whereabouts.

Not finding the existence of other people around this place, Mu Nianci continued washing her body.

Seeing that Mu Nianci had distracted hers, Ye Chen looked back at Mu Nianci, Ye Chen admired Mu Nianci's beauty.

"Master, this woman has a Frozen Glass Heart Special Body." While Ye Chen was admiring this beauty in front of him, Chu Yuechan spoke in Ye Chen's mind.

"Frozen Glass Heart Special Body? , Isn't that a Special body which is quite rare to find? "Ye Chen asked Chu Yuechan whether this was true or not.

Ye Chen knows a little about the Frozen Glass Heart Special Body, the owner of this body can learn techniques with the Ice attribute at a very extraordinary speed, even the speed of learning the Ice attribute Technique of the Pure Yin Special body is still a little less when compared to Frozen Glass Heart Special Body.

"Yes, this woman does have a Frozen Glass Heart Special Body, unfortunately this woman's special body is still half awake, so she is still not aware of this." Mu Nianci's Frozen Glass Heart Special Body is still not fully awakened, so the effect is not very strong. felt by Mu Nianci.

Ye Chen did not expect that this woman in front of him had a Frozen Glass Heart Special Body, when the Frozen Glass Heart Special Body was fully awakened, this woman's cultivation would definitely be very fast.

"Master, are you interested in this woman? " ,Chu Yuechan asked Ye Chen.

"Me. . ., Yuechan why do you think I'm attracted to this woman? "Asked Ye Chen to Chu Yuechan.

"Chuckle, I can see your saliva dripping when you saw this beautiful woman taking a bath." Chu Yuechan laughed when she saw Ye Chen's saliva dripping when he saw Mu Nianci who was taking a bath.

Ye Chen immediately realized, he immediately wiped his saliva, Ye Chen was a little embarrassed for showing this to Chu Yuechan.

Chu Yuechan laughed even more, she saw Ye Chen's behavior which was quite funny.

Again Mu Nianci felt someone staring at her, this time Mu Nianci felt that this was very clear.

Mu Nianci didn't use her Spirit Sense, she jumped out of the ice water pool and headed towards Ye Chen.

"Damn I got caught" seeing himself caught, Ye Chen tried to leave this place.

Too bad Mu Nianci was already in front of Ye Chen and blocked Ye Chen's path away.

What Mu Nianci felt was true, there were people peeking at her taking a shower, what else was the person peeking at her was a handsome man.

Mu Nianci was shocked when she saw a man enter her place, Mu Nianci wondered how could there be a man in the Frozen Ice Sect, this was absolutely impossible.

"Who are you? How did you get here?" "Mu Nianci didn't directly attack Ye Chen. First she asked about the origin that Ye Chen had, Mu Nianci wanted to know how Ye Chen got to this place.

Ye Chen did not answer Mu Nianci's question, currently Ye Chen was admiring the beauty of Mu Nianci's body, which he could clearly see from Mu Nianci's clothes which were transparent from being exposed to water.

Mu Nianci's double peak is very beautiful, at least the size that Mu Nianci has is the F Cup, and again Mu Nianci's Cherry Bud still looks very pink and very beautiful, surely no one has ever touched this before.

Mu Nianci immediately saw Ye Chen's gaze, when Mu Nianci looked down at her body, she saw that the clothes she was currently wearing had become translucent due to being hit by the Water.

At this moment, Mu Nianci's body could be seen clearly by Ye Chen.

From Mu Nianci's hand appeared an ice sword, she swung this sword towards Ye Chen's neck.

"Slash", Mu Nianci only cut through thin air.

Seeing the arrival of Mu Nianci's attack, Ye Chen immediately stepped back, he avoided Mu Nianci's attack.

"Big pervert, I want your life." Mu Nianci wanted Ye Chen's life, Mu Nianci would not let Ye Chen go after seeing her naked body.

Mu Nianci's tone became extremely cold, Ye Chen felt chills just from hearing Mu Nianci's cold voice.

Ye Chen looked at Mu Nianci standing, currently Mu Nianci was still the same as before, the face that was shown by Mu Nianci was very calm as if nothing was happening.

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