Journey To Become A True God Chapter 363

363 The Expression You Show Is So Boring
Ye Chen really didn't know what Mu Nianci was thinking, Ye Chen didn't see the emotion Mu Nianci had at all.

Ye Chen didn't know whether Mu Nianci was angry, annoyed or hated him, Mu Nianci didn't show Ye Chen anything at all.

Only Ye Chen can feel strong killing intent, Mu Nianci is very different from Mu Lanyin, Mu Nianci looks completely devoid of an emotion.

Mu Nianci looked at everything in this world as if it had nothing to do with her.

Mu Nianci again attacked Ye Chen, this time the movement that Mu Nianci showed was faster than before.

Mu Nianci's target remains the same, which is Ye Chen's neck, this woman is again eyeing Ye Chen's Life.

What Qing Cheng said was true, the women here maintained their purity more than anything else, the women here would choose to kill any man who had seen their naked face or body.

They would rather kill than be with men who had seen their naked faces and bodies.

Ye Chen started thinking in his mind "wait a minute. Doesn't that mean this woman has to marry me" this thought suddenly crossed Ye Chen's mind.

Ye Chen looked back at Mu Nianci, this woman is indeed beautiful, unfortunately this woman has no emotions and her expression is ordinary, if only she could express emotions she would definitely look even more beautiful.

Ye Chen wanted to try to bring out the emotions that Mu Nianci had, Ye Chen knew how to do that. :)

Mu Nianci's Ice Sword was getting closer to Ye Chen, the Ice Sword was only less than 15 cm from Ye Chen's neck.

Until now Ye Chen didn't move at all, he didn't intend to dodge Mu Nianci's Ice sword strike.

Mu Nianci's ice sword landed on Ye Chen's neck, when the ice sword landed on Ye Chen's neck, the ice sword stopped at Ye Chen's neck, Mu Nianci's ice sword was completely unable to cut the slightest bit of skin that Ye Chen had.

Mu Nianci had used the full strength she had, unfortunately the sword still didn't move an inch, the ice sword was still on Ye Chen's neck, Mu Nianci's ice sword was still unable to cut Ye Chen's neck.

Seeing that her sword was unable to cut Ye Chen's head, Mu Nianci used other means.

From Mu Nianci's Ice Sword to the Ice Body, this Ice spread to Ye Chen's body, This Ice quickly enveloped Ye Chen's body.

In an instant, Ye Chen's body was covered in ice.

Ye Chen is now trapped in the Ice, and has become an Ice statue.

Mu Nianci saw Ye Chen who had turned into an Ice statue, Mu Nianci believed that Ye Chen was dead, it was impossible for Ye Chen to still be alive after turning into frozen ice.

Mu Nianci walked away leaving Ye Chen's body which had turned into an ice statue, Mu Nianci looked completely innocent after killing Ye Chen.

"Clank" Suddenly, the ice that covered Ye Chen's body shattered into pieces.

"You're very serious about killing me, don't you have two choices, why don't you just marry me." Ye Chen chuckled at Mu Nianci.

Mu Nianci who heard this immediately stopped, Mu Nianci turned around and saw Ye Chen.

Mu Nianci thought that Ye Chen had turned into a shred of ice, no way that Ye Chen was still alive and looked fine.

Moreover, Mu Nianci was a little surprised when she heard Ye Chen say this, how could Ye Chen know that this Sect has rules like this, there shouldn't be an outsider who knows this.

"Who exactly are you, and how do you know about it?" Mu Nianci asked Ye Chen again.

Mu Nianci was starting to be curious about Ye Chen, she wanted to know where Ye Chen knew the rules of this sect.

"Who knows, maybe that was a lucky guess." Ye Chen chuckled again at Mu Nianci.

Seeing Ye Chen playing with herself, Mu Nianci was a little dissatisfied, she began to form dozens of floating Ice flowers.

Mu Nianci directed these dozens of Ice flowers by Ye Chen's collar.

"Bamm. . . , Bamm. . . , Bamm . . , Bamm. . . , Bamm. . . , Bamm. . . , "" Dozens of Ice Flowers smashed against Ye Chen's body and made a fairly violent explosion.

The cave in this place shook due to the explosive attack from Mu Nianci's Ice Flower.

Mu Nianci could not hold back the strength she had, she wanted to take Ye Chen's life with just this one strike.

After the explosion occurred, Ye Chen's body was enveloped in the ice mist resulting from Mu Nianci's Ice flower explosion.

Mu Nianci wanted to see if Ye Chen was still alive or not after receiving an attack like earlier.

The attack just now was quite strong, Ye Chen should have died if he was hit by all the blasts from her Ice Flower.

Little by little the ice fog began to disappear, there was a black figure standing in the ice fog.

When the Ice mist completely disappeared, Mu Nianci saw Ye Chen still standing in his place.

All of Ye Chen's clothes were still intact, no trace of wounds could be seen on Ye Chen's body.

Mu Nianci came back a little shocked, she didn't expect Ye Chen to still be alive after receiving successive attacks from her.

Ye Chen looked at Mu Nianci, the expressions and emotions shown by Mu Nianci were still the same as before, this woman still looked very calm.

Ye Chen was tired of defending Mu Nianci's attack, it's time for Ye Chen to counterattack Mu Nianci.

Ye Chen used the nine shadow steps to go closer to Mu Nianci, without realizing that Mu Nianci Ye Chen was already in front of her.

Ye Chen and Mu Nianci are now face to face very closely. "Heemmmm, you are indeed a very beautiful woman, unfortunately the expression you show is very boring." At this close Ye Chen told Mu Nianci.

Seeing Ye Chen who was only a few centimeters away from herself, Mu Nianci tried to step back and move away from Ye Chen.

Ye Chen didn't let Mu Nianci escape, he embraced Mu Nianci's perfect waist.

Mu Nianci couldn't go away, she was held back by Ye Chen's arm which was very strong.

"Let's see the real you face." Without giving Mu Nianci a chance to speak, Ye Chen kissed Mu Nianci's cherry lips.

Mu Nianci's eyes widened immediately when Ye Chen kissed her, This is the first time Mu Nianci has been this close to a man, let alone this pervert dared to kiss her.

Mu Nianci raised her palm, from Mu Nianci's palm began to gather extremely terrifying cold profound energy, Mu Nianci wanted to hit Ye Chen using this palm.

When Mu Nianci wanted to hit Ye Chen with her palm, she suddenly felt an electric current entering her body.

Mu Nianci's body suddenly became hot, the power that was in her palms also disappeared.

Mu Nianci's body lost the strength she had

Somehow the kiss that came from Ye Chen felt so strange to Mu Nianci, Mu Nianci had never felt this kind of feeling before.

Mu Nianci's head began to turn, she felt that her consciousness was gradually disappearing.

Ye Chen used the king's heart technique to stimulate Mu Nianci's body and mind, he wanted to see how much expression and emotion Mu Nianci had when he was passionate.

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