Journey To Become A True God Chapter 364

364 Mu Niancis Establishmen
In Ye Chen's embrace, Mu Nianci looked very weak and helpless, Mu Nianci's face began to turn slightly red.

What made Ye Chen a little disappointed was the expression shown by Mu Nianci, Mu Nianci's expression was still the same, she was still able to calm down even in this kind of situation.

Ye Chen decided to be more serious, Ye Chen's hand began to caress the Pure body that was owned by Mu Nianci.

"Erm" small groans began to leak out of Mu Nianci's mouth.

Mu Nianci felt very strange, her body felt hot and very uncomfortable, when Ye Chen touched her body, Mu Nianci felt a very comfortable feeling, this was never felt by Mu Nianci in this life.

Ye Chen's hands began to dishonestly start caressing Mu Nianci's body which had grown so well.

Mu Nianci's figure was very good, Mu Nianci was truly a very mature woman.

Apart from having a very well developed figure, Mu Nianci's body was also very gentle, Ye Chen felt like he was touching the softest thing in this world.

As Ye Chen stroked Mu Nianci's body, Mu Nianci's expression began to change a little, Mu Nianci looked breathless, her eyes also began to be filled with an unstoppable lust.

Mu Nianci is a lonely woman who has never felt the passion between a boy and a girl. She has endured this burden of loneliness for a long time.

When these shackles were released, Mu Nianci's lust exploded quite strongly.

Mu Nianci couldn't take it anymore, she started groaning at the touch of Ye Chen's hand.

Ye Chen didn't waste the opportunity, he started to absorb Yinqi from Mu Nianci, Mu Nianci's Yinqi was very pure, this was not inferior to Xia Qingyu's body which had Pure Yin.

"Big pervert. .. what have you done. . .. to my body, quickly let me go. . . . right now, if not. . . I will kill you. "Mu Nianci threatened Ye Chen with halting words.

Finally Mu Nianci showed the emotions she had, at this time Mu Nianci looked very angry with Ye Chen.

Mu Nianci couldn't possibly be calm when she saw herself being harassed like this, She was pouring out all her anger towards Ye Chen.

"Hehehe, so it turns out you can get angry too, it's very interesting." Ye Chen was quite interested when he saw the angry Mu Nianci.

"You big pervert. . . . , just watch I'll cut you. . . . to pieces. "Mu Nianci looked even angrier.

In these hundreds of years Ye Chen was the first person to make Mu Nianci show the anger she had.

Mu Nianci could no longer endure this humiliation any longer, she tried to fight against Ye Chen who was in front of her.

Unfortunately the current Mu Nianci was extremely weak, she was no match for Ye Chen at all.

Even if Mu Nianci had her strength back, Mu Nianci was still no match for Ye Chen.

"You're quite rude, smile a little, you might look pretty if you want to smile." Ye Chen wanted to see Mu Nianci's smile.

If only Mu Nianci could smile, Mu Nianci would be very beautiful.

"I will never smile in front of you, never." Mu Nianci would not smile in front of Ye Chen.

In this life, Mu Nianci has only smiled a few times, Mu Nianci has always lost the emotions she has, so Mu Nianci can no longer feel happy, happy, sad, angry.

If she hadn't been harassed by Ye Chen, Mu Nianci would not have shown the angry emotions she had.

"You are so stubborn once, why are you hiding the emotions you have? , do you live only to cultivate to the end of your life? "Ye Chen really didn't know the way of thinking that Mu Nianci had.

Life is something precious, it's not good to waste life just focusing on pursuing an endless path of cultivation.

It is better to live this life well while pursuing the path of cultivation.

It will be better and not waste the valuable time it has.

Mu Nianci was shocked when she heard Ye Chen's words just now, she began to think about what Ye Chen said just now.

All this time Mu Nianci had only pursued the path of cultivation to reach a stage she had never reached, for that reason she threw away the meaning of life that she had and moved away from this world.

Mu Nianci's mind became even more chaotic, Ye Chen's words made Mu Nianci very confused, plus the stimulation from Ye Chen made Mu Nianci unable to think clearly.

Mu Nianci began to shake her head. "Be aware, I can no longer be deceived by this pervert, you have decided to take this path, you must not regret this." Mu Nianci tried to convince herself.

"Stop uttering words like that, until whenever I will not be fooled by the words you have." Mu Nianci loudly voiced her determination.

Ye Chen saw the determination that Mu Nianci had, this woman remained firm in her stance.

Mu Nianci was the most powerful woman Ye Chen had ever met, even before Ye Chen's king heart technique Mu Nianci still had the determination to maintain her own consciousness.

"Let's see if you stick to the stance you have." Ye Chen will no longer waste words for Mu Nianci, it's time to let Mu Nianci know the happiness that exists in this world.

Ye Chen pulled the cloth belt that held Mu Nianci's white clothes, after the belt was removed now Mu Nianci's clothes became loose, Mu Nianci's beautiful double peak was now exposed in Ye Chen's eyes.

Mu Nianci's Cherry Buds looked so delicious to eat, Ye Chen wanted to immediately put this thing in his mouth and taste it.

"It's beautiful." Ye Chen praised the beauty that was owned by Mu Nianci.

Mu Nianci saw what Ye Chen was doing, half of hers was exposed in Ye chen's eyes.

"Big pervert quickly let me go, I will never forgive you." Mu Nianci shouted at Ye Chen, Mu Nianci's voice was very cold and filled with anger.

"Come on, don't get angry too easily, you can get old if you often get angry." Ye Chen wanted to joke a little with Mu Nianci.

Mu Nianci was a woman who couldn't joke around at all, Mu Nianci looked at Ye Chen with a very powerful murderous gaze.

Ye Chen ignored Mu Nianci's murderous gaze, Ye Chen focused on Mu Nianci's double peak.

Ye Chen stretched his hand towards Mu Nianci's double peak, Ye Chen began to touch and squeeze Mu Nianci's double peak.

Ye Chen felt that Mu Nianci's double peak was very soft, Ye Chen wanted to try to sink his head into Mu Nianci's soft double peak.

"Ahhh! ! ! ", Mu Nianci immediately groaned softly when Ye Chen's hand touched hers, Mu Nianci's body started to shake very strongly.

This feeling was much more pleasant than before, Mu Nianci's mind began to fly to the seventh heaven.

Mu Nianci's double peak was very sensitive, with just a little touch of Ye Chen, Mu Nianci had almost lost the sanity she had.

This discovery made Ye Chen excited, it seemed that this double pale was the most sensitive part that Mu Nianci had.

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