Journey To Become A True God Chapter 365

365 Mysterious Blue Ligh
Ye Chen started quite roughly kneading and kneading Mu Nianci's double peaks like a cookie dough.

Ye Chen really liked Mu Nianci's soft texture, the sense of touching this double peak was amazing for Ye Chen.

"Ahhhhh. . . . . "Mu Nianci's groan was getting louder, Mu Nianci felt a pleasure she had never felt in this life.

Mu Nianci did not expect that one day she would be treated like this by a handsome young man like Ye Chen.

Mu Nianci didn't fight Ye Chen anymore, Little by little Mu Nianci started to enjoy this pleasant feeling.

Ye Chen didn't stop there, Ye Chen began to bring his mouth closer to Mu Nianci's cherry bud.

Ye Chen opened his mouth and started to eat these cherry buds.

"Ahhh. . . . "Mu Nianci groaned even louder, this pleasure was too great, Mu Nianci couldn't hold it in anymore.

Unconsciously Mu Nianci's arm hugged Ye Chen's neck who was eating her cherry buds, Mu Nianci didn't seem to want to let Ye Chen go.

Ye Chen greedily began to suck and bite Mu Nianci's cherry buds, to Ye Chen it was so delicious.

"Stop, please stop." Mu Nianci begged Ye Chen to stop this.

If this continued, Mu Nianci felt that she might never be able to return to her old self.

Mu Nianci's mind might reject Ye Chen, but Mu Nianci's body had already begun to be attracted to Ye Chen

Ye Chen ignored the pleas from Mu Nianci, he continued to enjoy Mu Nianci's most delicious buds Cerry.

The stimulation from Ye Chen was getting stronger, Mu Nianci felt something was going to come out from under her body, Mu Nianci's body started to tremble, she tried to hold back from coming out in front of Ye Chen.

Ye Chen could feel that Mu Nianci's body was shaking violently, it seemed like Mu Nianci would come out soon.

Ye Chen bit into Mu Nianci's cherry bud even harder, he wanted to make Mu Nianci feel like a real woman.

"Ahhh! ! ! "Mu Nianci shouted, right now she has reached the pinnacle of the highest happiness she has never felt in this life.

Mu Nianci's body trembled violently, Mu Nianci's mind also went blank because of incomparable joy, she could no longer think about anything, the consciousness that Mu Nianci had also began to disappear, Mu Nianci's body collapsed into Ye Chen's arms.

Seeing Mu Nianci collapse, Ye Chen immediately hugged Mu Nianci's body, Ye Chen did not expect that Mu Nianci would leave because of something like this.

Mu Nianci was too weak, just from a little stimulation from Ye Chen, she had already fainted

Ye Chen saw Mu Nianci's sleeping face, currently Mu Nianci's face was smiling and very happy, it seemed like Ye Chen's mission was successful to see Mu Nianci smile.

Ye Chen's guess is 100% correct, Mu Nianci who is currently smiling is very beautiful, Ye Chen must immortalize this to become a memento.

Ye Chen lifted Mu Nianci's body onto an Ice bed in this place, Ye Chen laid Mu Nianci right on the Ice bed.

Ye Chen took out an imaging stone from the fairy gate storage room.

Ye Chen still had some of the imaging stones he got from Gu Xuan, Ye Chen took out an imaging stone and started to take a picture of Mu Nianci who was sleeping on the Ice bed half naked.

Ye Chen will keep this as a private collection that he owns.

Ye Chen didn't continue bullying Mu Nianci, he let Mu Nianci rest, Ye Chen didn't really like bullying a woman who was in a weak state.

Once again Ye Chen felt something calling out to him from within the Ice Water pool that Mu Nianci used to bathe in.

"Master, what are you doing ? , you've always looked really strange. "Chu Yuechan saw Ye Chen's change, Chu Yuechan felt strange that Ye Chen always looked into the pool of ice water.

"Yuechan, do you think that under the ice pool there is something valuable or something? "Asked Ye Chen to Chu Yuechan.

Chu Yuechan immediately looked at the Ice pool that was in front of her, she began to look for anything valuable or not.

After searching for a while, Chu Yuechan found nothing.

"Master, I didn't find anything valuable in there at all." Chu Yuechan told Ye Chen that she didn't find anything in there.

"Yuechan, are you sure? "Asked Ye Chen to Chu Yuechan.

"I really believe." Chu Yuechan was very confident in herself.

If there were any precious objects in there, Chu Yuechan would definitely be able to sense them.

Ye Chen still believed the summons he felt before, because curious Ye Chen decided to dive deep into the pool and find out the source of the thing that had summoned him.

Ye Chen started to dive into the ice pool, the bottom of the ice pool was quite deep, at least the depth of this pool was more than 500 meters.

Ye Chen began to suspect how this Ice pool was formed in a place like this, even though the Frozen Ice Sect sect was on top of a mountain, theoretically the water would not be able to rise above the mountains like this.

Most likely this Ice Pool was formed by someone, Perhaps this is a relic from the previous Ancestor of the Frozen Ice Sect.

Ye Chen decided to dive even deeper.

"Master, why do you still insist on diving into here, I told you that there is nothing in here." Chu Yuechan was a little dissatisfied with Ye Chen.

Ye Chen paid no heed to Chu Yuechan's words, he continued to dive even further towards the bottom of this pool.

When Ye Chen dived 100 meters, the temperature around Ye Chen became colder, when Ye Chen reached 200 meters, the temperature was much colder.

After diving as deep as 300 meters the current temperature was too cold, even Ye Chen who had a high level of cultivation started to feel a chill stabbing inside his body.

"It's too cold in here." Ye Chen did not expect that the temperature under the pool water would be this cold.

Chu Yuechan also started to feel something very strange, how could the temperature under the pool be this cold, Chu Yuechan began to suspect that something was not right down there.

Ye Chen continued to dive deeper down, this time Ye Chen used his heavenly flames to warm himself.

The temperature at the very bottom was too cold, even Ye Chen's Heavenly Flame still struggled to endure the cold temperature in this place.

Ye Chen had dived nearly 1000 meters, and until now he had not seen the bottom of this pool.

Ye Chen has come this far, there is no way Ye Chen will return to the top, it's better for Ye Chen to continue the journey down there.

In this depth, Ye Chen felt that something that called him was very close, Ye Chen's feeling said that it was very close.

Ye Chen had to be strong, he had to fight the cold temperature down here.

Ye Chen dived further and further down here, it was very dark here, no light could enter here.

As the light around Ye Chen disappeared, Ye Chen saw a blue light shining far ahead.

From hundreds of meters away, Ye Chen could feel the familiar feeling of this mysterious blue light.

Ye Chen felt that this light was the source that had summoned Ye Chen.

Ye Chen started to wonder what this mysterious blue light was shining.

In order to ascertain what exactly this mysterious blue light was, Ye Chen began to dive deeper towards the mysterious blue light.

Little by little Ye Chen started to become close to the mysterious blue light.

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