Journey To Become A True God Chapter 366

366 Sage Gods Water Veins
As Ye Chen drew closer to the mysterious blue light, he saw that this light was being emitted by a blue crystal.

When Ye Chen got very close to this crystal, the crystal suddenly started to vibrate and shot at a very high speed towards Ye Chen.

This blue crystal went directly into Ye Chen's body.

Ye Chen didn't know what was going on at all, when the blue crystal entered his body, Ye Chen only felt a very comfortable feeling.

he felt the blue crystal give him an extremely soothing feeling.

The blue crystal began to fuse with Ye Chen's Sage God Vein, one of the 7 Sage God's Veins that previously did not emit color, now became blue like water.

After the blue crystal completely fused with the Sage God's Veins, the temperature around Ye Chen was no longer as cold as before, now Ye Chen felt a comfortable feeling while in the cold water.

"Was it the water crystal left by the god of Sage? "Ye Chen doesn't believe that he will find the Sage God Water Crystal in this pool of water, Ye Chen is very fortunate to find the Sage God's Water Crystal.

"Master, what exactly happened before? "Chu Yuechan was confused by the incident just now, Chu Yuechan didn't know what blue crystal just entered Ye Chen's body.

Chu Yuechan really didn't know the blue crystal that entered Ye Chen's body, Chu Yuechan couldn't even identify the blue crystal just now.

"Earlier that was a water crystal left behind by Sage God, it is one of the legacies that the Sage God left to me, all the crystals represent the elements that Sage God has, if I can find all the crystals left by the Sage God then I will. obtained a complete inheritance. "Ye Chen told Chu Yuechan what just happened.

Chu Yuechan already knew that Ye Chen had an inheritance from the Sage God, so Ye Chen did not hide this matter from Chu Yuechan.

"So that crystal is part of the legacy of the immature Sage God? "Now that Chu Yuechan knows what blue crystal just now, it turns out that the blue crystal just now was the legacy left by the Sage God, it's no wonder Chu Yuechan didn't know the existence of the blue crystal just now.

"Yes, that was the legacy of the Sage God, now I can use the water element." Ye Chen is very happy, now Ye Chen can use the water element, and from now Ye Chen will not be affected by the opponent's Profound Ice element, this is amazing. .

There was little that made Ye Chen disappointed, after getting the Water Crystal, Ye Chen's cultivation base only rose a little, now that he is at the peak of the 7th stage, Ye Chen only needs a little more time to raise his cultivation base.

After obtaining the water crystal, which should have been the manual of the book left by the Sage God opened, Ye Chen wanted to know the ability of the Water Vein he had just acquired.

Ye Chen started looking for the Sage God manual he had in mind, Ye Chen began to look at the Manual that Sage God left behind.

Sure enough, after opening the Water Vein, now appears the Information belonging to the Water Vein in the manual left by the Sage God.

Ye Chen started reading the information about the Water Vein he just got.

It reads here: The Water Veins can render immunity from all types of deep attacks with the Water Release. author's notes (it includes the ice elements comrades)

Another special ability: if you open the Sage God's Water Veins, the user will receive an endless supply of profound energy, or infinity.

Author's note: you could say this is infinity Mana.

Ye Chen was quite surprised when he read the description of the power that could be obtained by opening the Water Veins, this was too great.

A cultivator's biggest weakness was running out of Profound Energy, if a cultivator had infinite profound energy, then it was certain he would not be defeated.

Ye Chen was quite happy with the new ability he had, who would not like to acquire such a great new ability.

Ye Chen continued the rest of the information from the Water Vein, the next part was written about the side effects of opening the Water Vein.

Here it is written that when opening the Sage God's Water Vein, mental thoughts will be overwhelmed from opening the Sage God's Water Vein.

If Ye Chen's mental mind was not strong, then Ye Chen could fall unconscious while Opening the Sage God's Water Veins.

The price to pay for using this technique was quite large as well, it meant that Ye Chen wouldn't be able to use the Water Veins continuously.

Ye Chen knew that in this world nothing was free, strong power always needed a price to use it.

So Ye Chen wasn't too disappointed about this.

Ye Chen has got what he was looking for, There is nothing Ye Chen can do in this place, now Ye Chen can rise to the surface.

Ye Chen dashed very quickly towards the surface, Ye Chen jumped from the ice water pool towards the mainland.

"Is that Ye Chen? "Someone called Ye Chen.

As Ye Chen walked out of the Ice Water pool, far away in front of him stood Mu Lanyin.

"Lanyin how come you are here? ", Ye Chen asked why Mu Lanyin is here.

"I'm here to discuss important matters with my master, what are you doing yourself at my master's place? ", Mu Lanyin asked Ye Chen again.

"I happened to be traveling, and suddenly got lost here." Ye Chen tried to find an excuse, he didn't want Mu Lanyin to know about the legacy of the Sage God.

"Lost, how can you get lost? , aren't you a great cultivator? "Mu Lanyin doesn't believe that Ye Chen can get lost, there must be something Ye Chen is hiding from her.

What Ye Chen was afraid of happened, Mu Lanyin began to be suspicious of him.

Ye Chen had to find a way to convince Mu Lanyin, Mu Lanyin should not know about the inheritance from his Sage God.

Ye Chen had promised Gu Xuan to keep the Sage God's legacy a secret from anyone, including his woman and Ye Chen's closest person.

If this was leaked to outsiders, the safety of Ye Chen's woman would be compromised.

"Hehehe, this is my first time here, so it's only natural that I get lost" Ye Chen scratched his head, he pretended to be stupid in front of Mu Lanyin.

Mu Lanyin was still a little suspicious of Ye Chen.

"Oh yeah, you said you wanted to talk about something with your master, then where is your master? ", Ye Chen immediately changed the subject.

Mu Lanyin just remembered that she came here to discuss something with Mu Nianci.

Mu Lanyin immediately searched for Mu Nianci's existence.

When going into this cave, Mu Lanyin would always ask Mu Nianci for permission first, but this time when Mu Lanyin asked Mu Nianci for permission, she didn't get an answer from Mu Nianci, this is not like usual.

Mu Lanyin repeatedly tried to ask Mu Nianci for permission, unfortunately Mu Nianci did not answer herself at all.

Feeling that something strange was happening, Mu Lanyin decided to go inside and confirm what happened to Mu Nianci.

When Mu Lanyin entered the cave, Ye Chen suddenly came out of the pool and made herself surprised.

Seeing a stranger coming out of the Ice water pool, Mu Lanyin was immediately alert.

After finding out that the person who just walked out was Ye Chen, Mu Lanyin let her guard down.

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