Journey To Become A True God Chapter 367

367 Mu Nianci Oddity
At first Mu Lanyin wondered how Ye Chen came to be here.

With Mu Nianci's temperament, Mu Nianci should immediately attack and kill Ye Chen.

This is very strange for Mu Lanyin.

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Mu Lanyin searches for Mu Nianci's whereabouts, she finally finds Mu Nianci sleeping on a bed made of ice.

Seeing this, Mu Lanyin immediately went to the side of Mu Nianci, she wanted to see the state of Mu Nianci.

Mu Lanyin began to check on Mu Nianci's condition, after knowing that Mu Nianci was fine and only fainted, Mu Lanyin felt relieved.

Mu Lanyin immediately looked at Ye Chen. "Ye Chen, what have you done to my master? "Mu Lanyin immediately interrogated Ye Chen.

The suspicion she had turned out to be true, Mu Lanyin guessed that if this must be Ye Chen's doing, Ye Chen must be trying to hide this from herself.

"I'm just teasing her a little, there's nothing else." Previously, Ye Chen only teased Mu Nianci.

"Teasing? , hurry and explain in detail what you have done. "Mu Lanyin wanted to know clearly what Ye Chen had done to Mu Nianci.

Ye Chen saw Mu Lanyin's extremely sharp eyes, these eyes made Ye Chen couldn't avoid it.

Ye Chen helplessly began to explain what he had done to Mu Nianci.

Mu Lanyin was a little dissatisfied with Ye Chen, how could Ye Chen peek at a woman taking a bath like this.

Mu Lanyin began to remember the time when she and the Four Frozen Fairies bathed in the lake water, at that time Ye Chen also peeked at herself taking a bath.

While remembering this, Mu Lanyin's face started to turn red. "Ye Chen, you are so perverted." Mu Lanyin said this while sniffing Ye Chen coldly.

"Dear Lanyin, this is not my fault, I happened to be passing by here, so this is purely an accident." Ye Chen tried to explain to Mu Lanyin who looked annoyed at him.

"If it was an accident, why don't you just leave here? Why are you teasing my master?" Mu Lanyin questioned Ye Chen again.

Ye Chen became dizzy, Mu Lanyin was a smart woman, it was quite difficult for Ye Chen to hide something from Mu Lanyin.

"Okay, okay I'll confess, I was blown away by the beauty of your master." Ye Chen finally told the truth.

"Hummpp" Mu Lanyin coldly sniffed "finally you admit it too" finally Mu Lanyin got the answer he wanted.

"Well your master is quite beautiful, how can a normal man like me not be attracted to a woman as beautiful as this." Ye Chen looked at Mu Nianci who was sleeping on the ice bed.

At this time, Mu Nianci's clothes were still loose, Ye Chen could still see Mu Nianci's beautiful body.

"Big pervert, what are you looking at, quickly get out of here and come back to my room." Seeing Ye Chen's gaze on Mu Nianci's body, Mu Lanyin immediately scolded Ye Chen and told him to return to her room.

Ye Chen glanced at Mu Nianci's body one last time, after which he immediately turned around and left this cave.

Now only Mu Lanyin and Mu Nianci are left here.

"Geez" What Ye Chen just did did not escape Mu Lanyin's eyes, Mu Lanyin was a little annoyed by Ye Chen's behavior, unfortunately she could not be angry with Ye Chen, after all Ye Chen was her man.

Mu Lanyin took a new suit and put it on Mu Nianci's body, Mu Lanyin put it on slowly, she didn't want Mu Nianci to wake up and see this.

After finishing dressing Mu Nianci's new set of clothes, Mu Lanyin tried to wake Mu Nianci.

"Master. . ., master. . ., "Mu Lanyin slightly shook the body of Mu Nianci who is currently fainting.

Due to being awakened by Mu Lanyin, Mu Nianci woke up from her sleep.

Mu Nianci immediately alerted Mu Lanyin who was in front of her.

Seeing Mu Nianci who was very alert, Mu Lanyin tried to calm her "Master, calm down, it's me Lanyin".

Mu Nianci immediately realized that this was Mu Lanyin, Mu Nianci felt confused and dizzy, as she remembered, there was a man who was harassing her, but why now that man was replaced by Mu Lanyin, what really happened to her.

Mu Nianci felt dizzy, she still couldn't think clearly, Mu Nianci was still confused about whether it was reality or just a dream.

Mu Nianci took a little longer to think about it, unfortunately she did not find an answer to this problem.

"Lanyin why are you here? "Finally, Mu Nianci asked why Mu Lanyin was here.

"I came here to talk about something with Master, unexpectedly when I came here Master fell asleep like this." Mu Lanyin had to lie to Mu Nianci, she had to hide what Ye Chen did to Mu Nianci.

Mu Lanyin couldn't possibly let Mu Nianci know that when she was taking a bath, she was snooped on by Ye Chen

"So it's like that" Mu Nianci was asleep, Mu Nianci began to think that what she had experienced earlier was a dream.

"Then what do you want to talk to me about? "Mu Nianci wants to know what Mu Lanyin wants to talk about with herself.

Mu Lanyin said the reason for seeing Mu Nianci, Mu Lanyin wanted to go to save the group of female disciples who were currently in trouble, when she left, Mu Lanyin wanted to leave everything here to Mu Nianci.

Mu Lanyin couldn't leave this matter to the Four Frozen Fairies. Currently, the Four Frozen Fairies still haven't fully recovered, they currently need a lot of rest to recuperate.

It was for this reason that he met Mu Nianci.

Mu Nianci started thinking "You don't need to go there, you just stay here, let me go there." Mu Nianci took the initiative to go save the group of female disciple who were in trouble.

Mu Nianci had been here too long, perhaps it was for this reason that she had such a shameless dream.

Mu Lanyin was a little surprised when she heard that Mu Nianci wanted to go to save the group of female disciples who were in trouble.

It's not like the usual Mu Nianci, the usual Mu Nianci definitely wouldn't want to leave this cave, but now she voluntarily left this cave.

Mu Lanyin began to wonder what Ye Chen had done with Mu Nianci, why Mu Nianci could turn out like this.

It is necessary to know that Mu Nianci has not come out of this cave for a long time, Mu Nianci has been in this cave for decades.

And today Mu Nianci decided to get out of this Cave.

"Tell me where they are currently? "Mu Nianci asked where the final location of the sect's girl group disciples who were in trouble.

"They are in the eastern part of the country, the exact location is in a small village." Mu Lanyin told the final location of the aid signal the sect received.

Mu Nianci nodded "Then I'll go there." Mu Nianci got down from the bed Ice.

When Mu Nianci got off the bed of ice, Mu Nianci's feet felt soft, Mu Nianci lost her balance and was about to fall.

Mu Lanyin who saw this immediately helped Mu Nianci up.

"Master, are you okay?" Mu Lanyin asked Mu Nianci.

"I'm fine" Mu Nianci told Mu Lanyin that she was fine.

after a while Mu Nianci was finally able to stand up normally.

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