Journey To Become A True God Chapter 368

368 Mu Lanyins Bad Feeling
"Okay, I'll go first." Mu Nianci will go to save the group of female disciples who are in trouble.

"Master, are you sure you are okay? "Mu Lanyin is still a little worried about Mu Nianci's condition.

"I told you that I'm fine, you don't need to worry about this." Mu Nianci told Mu Lanyin not to worry about her own situation.

After saying this, Mu Nianci left this cave, Mu Nianci flew towards the East.

Mu Lanyin could only see Mu Nianci's departure, she was still worried about Mu Nianci's situation.

"Looks like I have to ask my husband to secretly protect my master." Mu Lanyin will ask Ye Chen's help to protect Mu Nianci's safety.

Somehow Mu Lanyin felt a bad feeling about this.

It's not that Mu Lanyin underestimates the power possessed by Mu Nianci, but Mu Lanyin feels that something bad is going to happen, her intuition tells this.

Without delaying much more time, Mu Lanyin immediately went to her room, she had to meet Ye Chen and ask Ye Chen for help.

After being kicked out of the cave by Mu Lanyin, at this time Ye Chen went to sneak into Mu Lanyin's room.

Ye Chen immediately entered Mu Lanyin's room.

"Husband, you're back." When Ye Chen entered Mu Lanyin's room, he was immediately greeted by Qing Cheng, who is currently cultivating on the bed of ice.

Qing Cheng couldn't concentrate while she was here, The temperature here was not suitable for Qing Cheng to cultivate.

"I'm back." Ye Chen answered Qing Cheng's welcome.

Qing Cheng stood up from the bed of Ice, She immediately went in front of Ye Chen.

"Sniff. . . ., sniff. . . " Qing Cheng sniffed the scent that was on Ye Chen's body.

" what are you doing ? ", Ye Chen asked what is Qing Cheng doing right now.

"Husband, I smell another woman's scent on your body, I firmly believe that this is not Sister Lanyin's scent." Qing Cheng smelled Mu Nianci's scent on Ye Chen's body.

Ye Chen didn't expect that Qing Cheng would find this out too easily.

"So who is the woman you just did? "Qing Cheng wants to know who the woman Ye Chen just did.

Even though Ye Chen had just left for less than an hour, it was unexpected that in these few minutes Ye Chen had done something with the woman in the Frozen Ice Sect.

"Hehehe, I'm just flirting a little with the master of Lanyin." Ye Chen didn't hide this from Qing Cheng.

Ye Chen didn't want to argue with Qing Cheng about this matter.

With Qing Cheng's temperament, Qing Cheng would definitely support Ye Chen's actions.

This woman will definitely support Ye Chen to do Dual Cultivation with all the women who are here.

"Geez, you didn't even let go of the master of the beautiful Lanyin sister, do you want to bring these two beauties onto the bed." Qing Cheng smiled at Ye Chen.

Of course, Qing Cheng knew who Mu Lanyin's master was, Qing Cheng had once met Mu Nianci.

At that time Qing Cheng was not yet a Sect master, she was still a great elder in her sect.

Qing Cheng knew that Mu Nianci was a very beautiful woman, even Mu Nianci's beauty was on par with Mu Lanyin.

With the beauty that Mu Nianci possesses, Ye Chen will definitely be attracted to Mu Nianci.

"Heheheh" Ye Chen was a little embarrassed, unexpectedly Qing Cheng could easily read the thoughts he had.

While Ye Chen and Qing Cheng were talking, the door behind them opened, Mu Lanyin finally returned to this room.

Mu Lanyin immediately looked at Ye Chen with a strange gaze.

"Lanyin, why are you looking at me like that." Ye Chen felt uncomfortable when Mu Lanyin looked at himself like this.

Ye Chen felt like Mu Lanyin saw himself as a criminal.

Qing Cheng giggled when she saw Mu Lanyin who saw Ye Chen as if he was looking at a criminal.

"Ye Chen, what have you done to my master, I'm sure you didn't just peek at her taking a shower, right? "Mu Lanyin brought up this issue again.

"Come on Lanyin dear, can we forget this, I was just joking with your master, so please forgive me." Ye Chen apologized to Mu Lanyin for what he had done.

Ye Chen knew that what he did before was wrong.

"Hemmp" Mu Lanyin sniffed cold again.

"Ye Chen, I have a request for you." Mu Lanyin wanted to ask Ye Chen for help.

" What is that ? ", Asked Ye Chen to Mu Lanyin.

"I want you to go follow and protect my Master, I feel something bad will happen to him." Mu Lanyin wanted Ye Chen to go and protect Mu Nianci's safety.

"Didn't your master possess such a strong cultivation, I'm not sure anyone could harm her." With the strength Mu Nianci possessed, she should be fine.

"I know that my master has strength that isn't weaker than mine, but I'm still worried about her." Mu Lanyin was still worried about Mu Nianci's departure.

Seeing this kind of Mu Lanyin, Ye Chen finally promised "it's okay I will go to protect him secretly".

"But before that I want a present." Ye Chen wanted a gift from Mu Lanyin.

" What gift ? "Asked Mu Lanyin confusedly.

"I want a kiss of encouragement from you." Ye Chen chuckled at Mu Lanyin.

Hearing this, Mu Lanyin's face turned red, the longer Ye Chen became more and more brave with her.

Mu Lanyin has no choice.

Mu Lanyin didn't waste much time, she went in front of Ye Chen, Mu Lanyin stretched her hand towards Ye Chen's face.

Mu Lanyin grabbed Ye Chen's face using the two gentle hands she had, then Mu Lanyin started to bring her lips closer and started kissing Ye Chen.

This kiss is just an ordinary kiss.

After approximately 30 seconds, Mu Lanyin stopped kissing Ye Chen.

"Okay, I've done it, now you can go to escort my master." Mu Lanyin was a little embarrassed, she turned her face aside.

"With the kiss my wife just gave, I will definitely be very enthusiastic about doing this task." Ye Chen looks very excited.

"Wife, wait for me to come back." After saying goodbye, Ye Chen immediately left following Mu Nianci's departure.

Mu Lanyin saw Ye Chen's departure. "Geez, how could I fall for someone like this?" Mu Lanyin was so helpless how could she fall for Ye Chen.

Just now Ye Chen really looked like a very spoiled child.

"Giggle, sister Lanyin, don't you think that's what makes Ye Chen special." This was what Qing Cheng liked about Ye Chen.

Qing Cheng liked Ye Chen who would sometimes be very serious, sometimes naughty, sometimes perverted, and finally sometimes act spoiled like a child.

"Well, you may be right" what Qing Cheng said was true too, this trait made Mu Lanyin like Ye Chen.

one more thing, Ye Chen was the only person who could make herself comfortable like this.

Mu Lanyin's heart still had a bad feeling, somehow Mu Lanyin felt that something really big was going to happen.

Mu Lanyin hopes that everything will be fine, hopefully nothing bad will happen to this sect and the people she cares about.

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