Journey To Become A True God Chapter 369

369 Found The Frozen Ice Sects Female Disciple
Ye Chen immediately flew up to catch up with Mu Nianci.

In a moment, Ye Chen was able to catch up with Mu Nianci.

Ye Chen's flying speed was much faster than Mu Nianci's, so Ye Chen could catch up with Mu Nianci very easily.

Ye Chen tried to keep his distance from Mu Nianci, he didn't want Mu Nianci to find him, Ye Chen would secretly protect Mu Nianci, if nothing happened then Ye Chen wouldn't have to come out and help her.

Mu Nianci is currently wearing her veil back, so Mu Nianci's beautiful face is covered, even though she is covered, Mu Nianci still looks beautiful.

At this moment Mu Nianci flew out in a slight daze, She was still thinking about what Ye Chen did to her.

Somehow she kept thinking about this, Mu Nianci could no longer be as calm as before.

For the first time in this life, Mu Lanyin felt mixed feelings in her heart.

"Sigh." Mu Nianci sighed softly

Mu Nianci had already tried to get rid of all the memories she had previously shared with Ye Chen, somehow she still couldn't get rid of these memories.

Mu Nianci was very helpless, she decided to continue this journey, maybe in the journey she could forget about the things she had done together with Ye Chen.

Mu Nianci increased his flying speed, she immediately sped away towards the east.

Ye Chen who is currently behind Mu Nianci also slightly increases the speed he has, Ye Chen keeps his distance from Mu Nianci

The two of them flew towards the east.

After several hours, Mu Nianci arrived at the place Mu Lanyin told her.

Mu Nianci saw a small village that was still quite far behind in terms of technology.

This is where the help signal came from, so the female disciple group should be here.

Mu Nianci used her spirit mark to search for the existence of the female disciple group.

The Spirit Mark was proof someone was sect bound, this mark would make it easier for any sect disciple or elder to know each other's identities.

Spirit Marks can also be used to find out the whereabouts of fellow sect members as long as it is close.

Because of this, Mu Nianci used spirit marks to search for the existence of the female disciple group

Unfortunately Mu Nianci did not find the slightest existence of the female disciple groups around here.

"It's strange, have they gone far from here or something has happened to them" There were two possibilities that happened, first they weren't here, and secondly something bad had happened to them.

not finding any trace of the group of female disciples, Mu Nianci decided to search for them in the usual way.

Mu Nianci came down to this village, she had to find out the information from the female disciple group.

Mu Nianci tried to ask one of the villagers who was passing near her.

Mu Nianci had been out of touch with the outside world for a long time, so she felt a little strange when she met other people.

"I want to ask you something, did a few days ago a group of young girls wearing veils came to this place? ", Mu Nianci asked one of the women she met.

The woman Mu Nianci met did not immediately answer Mu Nianci's question, she looked at Mu Nianci from top to bottom.

After seeing Mu Nianci, this woman immediately pointed towards a mountain not far from here.

After giving Mu Nianci a hint, this woman walked away leaving Mu Nianci.

From start to finish, that woman didn't say a word to Mu Nianci.

Mu Nianci felt a little strange about this, this woman didn't answer any questions from her, she just pointed towards the mountains not far from here.

It really seems quite strange, whether the people here are mute or can't speak.

Mu Nianci didn't really think about this, her purpose in coming here was to save the female disciple group who were in trouble.

As for the weirdness of the people here, that was none of the business for Mu Nianci, after all Mu Nianci also didn't know about the habits of the people who lived in this village.

Mu Nianci did not immediately go to the mountains, she first looked for traces of female disciples around this village.

Mu Nianci started looking from one house to another House, unfortunately Mu Nianci could not find anything in this village.

Looks like the girl group didn't come to this village.

Not finding a trace of the female disciple group, Mu Nianci decided to look for them on the mountain that the woman pointed at.

Mu Nianci immediately headed for the mountain not far from here.

When Mu Nianci left, everyone in the village looked strange, the eyes of the people in this village turned red like blood, they now looked like zombies.

Everyone in the village also immediately headed to the mountain not far from this village.

After arriving near the mountain, Mu Nianci found a cave mouth that was quite large.

This cave is the only place that is likely to be the most suspicious of all.

Mu Nianci decided to enter this cave, maybe there was a clue about the girl group inside.

When Mu Nianci entered the cave, she smelled a very thick scent of blood. Her guess was that it seemed like something was hidden in this cave.

Mu Nianci moved forward, it was very dark in front of her, Mu Nianci had a hard time seeing what was ahead.

Mu Nianci took out a stone from the storage ring,

When this stone was flowed by Mu Nianci's profound energy, it glowed a very bright blue.

Now that Mu Nianci could see more clearly within this cave, Mu Nianci began to look around this place.

Mu Nianci walked further into the cave, Mu Nianci smelled the bad smell even more.

A few meters in front of herself, Mu Nianci saw an Array made by someone.

This array had the function of giving illusions to everyone who saw it, most likely something was hidden within this array.

Mu Nianci's suspicion became even stronger, without thinking Mu Nianci immediately destroyed the Array in front of her.

Mu Nianci used ice flowers to destroy this Array.

"Crack. . . . . . "After receiving Mu Nianci's attack, the Array in front of her started to collapse.

After the array collapsed, what was inside was terrifying, within Aray there were countless corpses lying on the ground, these corpses were already rotting and emitting a very unpleasant smell.

Looks like someone deliberately allowed these corpses to rot.

This is so terrible, Mu Nianci wants to know who the person who has done such a cruel thing.

Mu Nianci looked around, she was looking for the existence of the female disciple group.

After looking around this place, Mu Nianci saw that there were several people tied up on the cave walls, these people were tied using an iron chain that had been strengthened by someone.

Mu Nianci finally found four women in white clothes belonging to the Frozen Ice Sect.

These four women could be confirmed as the group of female disciples sending signals to the sect.

Mu Nianci saw that, The four of them were in a very bad condition, their bodies were covered with extremely heavy wounds.

Seeing this wound, it was certain that the four female disciple had just been tortured by someone.

Mu Nianci wanted to know who was the one who dared to do this.

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