Journey To Become A True God Chapter 37

37 Zhao Yanyan Was Kidnapped

Ye Chen who had arrived at the Backyard School garden, Ye Chen searched for Zhao Yanyan's whereabouts but Ye Chen did not find it, Ye Chen felt a pretty bad premonition.

Ye Chen saw the butterfly ribbon that Zhao Yanyan often used fell to the ground, Ye Chen then took the butterfly ribbon and it turned out that the ribbon seemed to fall and was trampled by someone until it was damaged.

Ye Chen then used his Spirit Sensei to search for Zhao Yanyan, but as far as a 5-mile radius, but Ye Chen found no trace of Zhao Yanyan, which made Ye Chen even more worried.

Ye Chen then widened his range to a maximum of 10 miles, but still Ye Chen found no sign of Zhao Yanyan's whereabouts.

"YueChan Can you help me look for Zhao Yanyan" Ye Chen tried to ask Chu Yuechan for help to find Zhao Yanyan's whereabouts now.

Chu Yuechan "Yes Ye Chen I can do but I have to use your medalam energy".

Ye Chen is "good".

Then Ye Chen felt his profound energy seemed to be sucked up very fast, if this was done for a long time Ye Chen could run out of profound energy.

Chu Yuechan seemed to use his Spirit Sensei to detect Zhao Yanyan's whereabouts

Chu Yuechan "Ye Chen Zhao Yanyan is in the North 25Mil from Here, Looks like Zhao Yanyan is Moving Very Fast leaving this City, there are 9 people who are around Zhao Yanyan, one among the Nine People is a Cultivator".

After hearing where Zhao Yanyan Ye Chen's whereabouts were immediately flew in the direction of where Chu Yuechan was told.

Elsewhere in a Black Car there are a total of 4 people who carry pistols and wear ski masks.

"This woman's boss looks beautiful. Can we play it first?" Asked one of the criminals.

"We have to get a big boss's license first, and this woman is pretty. Also, if sold, it will certainly be quite expensive," the man called Boss said to his men.

"Ah, what a shame" said the villain.

"Calm down at the school there are still more 3 Beautiful Women including Teachers in the class that I entered are also beautiful, I will look for the right time to kidnap her and we certainly can get quite a lot of money from selling all the beautiful women in the school" young man Sura said to all the people in the car.

Zhao Yanyan is currently in the back of the chair and his mouth is being gagged by a cloth, his arms and legs are also tied by a rope which makes him unable to do anything.

From their conversation They must be a plot to sell women. To be made slaves for rich people abroad, Zhao Yanyan did not think that he would fall into the hands of people like this.

Initially Zhao Yanyan went to the park behind the school, the park behind the school rarely went there, when Zhao Yanyan was waiting for Ye Chen.

A classmate approached him, this young man was a gloomy young man who was saved by Ye Chen when he first entered Class J.

This young man immediately took out a cloth and closed his nose until his consciousness disappeared.

when Zhao Yanyan was awake Zhao Yanyan was in the car with his mouth and hands tied.

And around him were 4 Criminals Who wore Ski Masks carrying Pistol Guns, and aimed at Zhao Yanyan's Head, which made Zhao Yanyan very scared.

Zhao Yanyan had never been in a situation like this, Zhao Yanyan only hoped that Ye Chen would come to save him, but that might just be a miracle in the current situation.

Ye Chen flew with all the speed he had and was finally able to catch up with the people who brought Zhao Yanyan.

Ye Chen saw 2 black cars moving at a very fast speed in the car that each contained 5 people including Zhao Yanyan also in it.

Zhao Yanyan is locked in the back and front of the car filled by criminals only.

Ye Chen then landed on a few dozen meters in front of that car, Bammm! ! ! ! when Ye Chen landed the ground around Ye Chen Cracked, the car of the people who kidnapped Zhao Yanyan still did not want to stop even when he saw Ye Chen in front of him.

"Boss, there is a strange person in front, should we stop?" The criminal in the other car told me through a walkie talkie.

"Just shoot and hit him" The man called Boss gave the order to the people in the front car.

The villains in the Front Opened the Meraka Window and Took their heads off at Ye Chen.

Bangg. . . , Bangg. . . , Bangg. . . , Bangg. . . , Bangg. . . , Bangg. . . , Shot Sounds.

Ye Chen remained standing in his place as if a bullet aimed at him was not a threat to him.

The bullets rained down on Ye Chen but it didn't hurt Ye Chen at all, Ye Chen's body was very hard. This small caliber bullet bullet wasn't a threat to him.

That car didn't seem to have the desire to stop and want to crash into Ye Chen.

Ye Chen did a ready position to hit, when the car was ready to crash into Ye Chen, Ye Chen hit the car until it flew tens of meters.

The car spun around in the air and landed dozens of yards from Ye Chen and exploded "BOOOOMMMMM".

The five people who were in it could not get out and explode along with that car.

Seeing this the second car in which immediately stepped on the brakes "ciitttttttttttttttt" suddenly the brakes sound was heard.

The car stopped about 10 meters from Ye Chen, the remaining 4 people from the nine criminals finally got out of the car and Zhai Yanyan was also taken out. Two of the 4 people aimed their weapons at Ye Chen and 1 pointed at Zhao Yanyan.
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Ye Chen Looking at these four people, one of them was the Gloomy Ye Chen saved yesterday when he wanted to enter the classroom, Ye Chen had no idea that he was a member of these criminals.

Ye Chen also saw Zhao Yayan crying and his mouth was gagged by a cloth and his arms and legs were tied up, Zhao Yanyan wanted to say something to Ye Chen but unfortunately his mouth was now on a gag that made him unable to speak.

Ye Chen who saw this was getting angry, these bad guys dared to make Zhao Yanyan cry.

"Who are you really?" Asked the Boss of the criminals, Boss of the Criminals did not use a firearm instead using a One-Hand katana.

This person looked to be around 40 years old and had a 3rd level Realm spirit formation base, that's why among these 4 people, only this person wasn't afraid of Ye Chen, the others held the pistol with a little trembling.

Ye Chen did not want to talk much and immediately rushed towards the four people with lightning speed.

These people could not see the Ye Chen Movement. They only felt that their chest was hurting and these three people were flying dozens of meters away, when these 3 people landed on the ground they were shedding blood which was very much and finally died.

The boss of the criminals who saw this incident could not maintain his calm anymore.

The boss of the criminals has been through the battle of life and death and countless people have died in his hands.

But today he feels a Terror from a Youth who is less than 20 years old.

The boss of the bad guys can't run anymore so he gritted his teeth and prepared to fight with Ye Chen.

Ye Chen lifted his index finger and from the index finger a fire came out, Ye Chen then directed the fire towards the villain.

When the fire left Ye Chen's finger and rushed towards the Criminal Boss, when the fire touched the Criminal Boss, the fire immediately enlarged and covered the criminal boss.

"Ahhhh. . . "The boss of the criminal is screaming in pain, in a matter of one minute, his whole body has been burnt to the bone to be ashes.

Ye Chen didn't hold back his strength at all so for the Spirit Formation Cultivator Cultivator, he would definitely be able to immediately kill him without any resistance at all.

Zhao Yanyan was quite surprised to see a scene like this.

Finally, all the bad guys have been eliminated by Ye Chen, Ye Chen then opened all the ties in Zhao Yanyan's body.

When all bonds were open Zhao Yanyan cried and hugged Ye Chen.

"It's all done. Ye Chen patted Zhao Yanyan's back to calm him down.

"Ye Chen, I'm very scared, I'm afraid I can't see you anymore," Zhao Yanyan said, crying in Ye Chen's arms.

"Yanyan I will always be there for you and always protect you I promise" Ye Chen swears.

Seeing this chaotic place, surely soon there will be a tone of police who came here so Ye Chen and also Zhao Yanyan Must go immediately so as not to get into trouble Further.

"Yanyan, let's go away from this place," Ye Chen invited Zhao Yanyan to leave this place.

Zhao Yanyan just nodded obediently, Ye Chen Then picked up Zhao Yanyan Like a Princess and flew, After seeing that incident Ye Chen didn't have to hide his Power from Zhao Yanyan again.