Journey To Become A True God Chapter 370

370 Insect Gu
Mu Nianci approached thefemale disciples who was being bound by a chain, Mu Nianci waved her two fingers.

"Clankkk. . . "All the chains that bound the girls from the Frozen Ice Sect were cut by Mu Nianci.

The four female disciples immediately fell to the ground.

Before the four of them fell to the ground, Mu Nianci used her profound energy to hold the bodies of the four female disciples from falling to the ground.

Mu Nianci slowly lowered them on the ground that looked clean of dirt.

Mu Nianci approached the four female disciples who were currently lying on the ground, she wanted to check the situation of the four of them.

When Mu Nianci approached and wanted to check the condition of one of the female disciples, suddenly the female disciples who were on the floor woke up, she threw something similar to powder to Mu Nianci.

Mu Nianci stepped back a little, she immediately saw that the female disciples in front of her were very alert to her.

"Calm down, I also come from the Frozen Ice Sect." Mu Nianci tried to calm the female disciples in front of her.

Mu Nianci even showed her spirit mark to female disciples to convince her that Mu Nianci was also from the Frozen Ice Sect.

It had been a long time since Mu Nianci had come out of the Cave where she had cultivated, it wasn't strange that the female Disciples of the sect didn't know her or even knew about her.

Maybe only Mu Lanyin and the Four Frozen Fairies knew about Mu Nianci's existence.

The female disciple in front of Mu Nianci still looked very wary, the eyes of this female disciple turned red like blood.

After seeing the eyes of this female disciple, Mu Nianci felt that something was wrong.

"Applause, Applause, Applause," someone suddenly clapped.

"Wow. . , wow. . , wow. . , Look who comes into this trap. "A young woman came from nowhere and said to Mu Nianci.

From the appearance this woman had, it could be seen that this woman came from an evil sect.

" Who are you ? , what have you done to the four female disciples from my sect? ", Mu Nianci immediately asked who this woman was in front of her.

"Hahahaha, Mu Nianci. You may not know me, but I know you." This woman laughed quite creepily.

Mu Nianci raised her eyebrows, how did this woman know about her, even though she had not left the sect for a long time, except for old old people, only a few people knew about her.

Mu Nianci started to be wary, Mu Nianci felt that a woman's strength was no weaker than hers.

"You must be wondering who I am right? , let me introduce myself to you, my name is Gu Nifei I am a disciples of Gu Luze or you may know my teacher better by the nickname of the man-eater. "This woman introduced herself to Mu Nianci.

Mu Nianci began to remember who Gu Nifei was talking about, after a while Mu Nianci finally remembered who Gu Luze was.

Gu Luze was an evil cultivator who had killed countless innocent people in the past.

Mu Nianci remembered that in the past she had killed Gu Luze, Gu Luze was an insect controller Gu, in the past Gu Luze killed a lot of humans to make food by her Pet Gu insects.

Gu Luze was a very dangerous evil cultivator, in the past he killed all her enemies using her Gu insect.

The Gu insect is an insect species that is very dangerous and difficult to overcome, this insect can kill its target from inside the body, if it gets into a person's body it will be difficult to remove it.

If it was true that this woman was a disciple of Mu Luze, then this woman was truly extremely dangerous.

Mu Nianci had to be careful with Gu Nifei who was in front of her.

"My little girl, come here" Gu Nifei called out to the girl next to her.

These female disciples obeyed Gu Nifei's orders, she went towards Gu Nifei and knelt in front of this evil woman.

"My very nice little girl." Gu Nifei touched the face of the female student.

Mu Nianci saw that if the female students obeyed Gu Nifei's orders, Gu Nifei seemed to be able to control the female disciples according to her wishes.

"How much have you done to my sect members? "Mu Nianci again asked what Gu Nifei was doing to the innocent female disciples, why could the female disciples obey Gu Nifei's words.

Has Gu Nifei brainwashed the female disciples like this?

"Hahaha, you don't need to put on a face like that, soon you'll also become my loyal doll, I can't wait to play with you." Gu Nifei wants to make Mu Nianci a doll that he can control at will.

"Dream, soon I will eradicate you from this world." Mu Nianci must eliminate this evil woman, if this woman continues to live, there will be more people who will become victims of this woman.

"Hahahaha, are you sure about that, you better see what's around you" Gu Nifei laughed at Mu Nianci.

"Squeak. . ., squeaked. . ., squeaked. . ., squeaked. . ., squeaked. . ., "Suddenly heard the sound of insects squeaking.

As Mu Nianci looked around, he saw countless Gu insects coming out of the corpses that were here.

The number of Gu insects that came out of the corpse was immense, at least tens of thousands of them.

Tens of thousands of Gu insects immediately surrounded Mu Nianci, Mu Nianci was surrounded by thousands of disgusting Gu insects.

If at this time Mu Nianci's position was replaced by an ordinary woman, then they would definitely faint when they saw the tens of thousands of these disgusting insects.

Just looking at it can make people amused.

"Tap. . . , tap. . . , tap. . . "From outside the cave heard hundreds of footsteps leading into here.

The sound of footsteps drew closer, were hundreds of people standing behind the Gu insect.

These people were the villagers that Mu Nianci had just met, the eyes of the villagers were also red, meaning that they were all controlled by Gu Nifei.

"So you used the villagers to lure outsiders to this place." Mu Nianci had guessed what happened.

Gu Nifei uses the villagers to lure outsiders to come here and make food for her Gu insects.

What Gu Nifei did was really very cruel.

"Hahahaha, these people are just useless people, they deserve to be the food of my Gu insect." Gu Nifei laughed evilly.

"You are very much like your Master, you two are both cruel and heartless killers." Mu Nianci saw that Gu Nifei was a cruel killer, she killed thousands of innocent people just to feed her Gu insects.

Mu Nianci really has to get rid of this evil woman.

Mu Nianci had already used her profound energy, a powerful ice aura began to envelop Mu Nianci's body.

As the ice aura left Mu Nianci's body, the temperature in this place dropped drastically and became extremely cold.

The ground that Mu Nianci stepped on began to turn into ice, the ice quickly spread out in all directions.

This ice instantly covered Insect Gu and the villagers near her.

in a few seconds everything around Mu Nianci turned into ice.

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