Journey To Become A True God Chapter 371

371 Mu Nianci Vs Insect Gu
Insect Gu and all the villagers turned into Ice statues.

Mu Nianci mercilessly froze these people.

Everything had frozen to Ice, only Gu Nifei and the Frozen Ice Sect's four female Disciples had yet to turn into Ice statues.

"It's so amazing, you can freeze all of my insects in just a second, you really deserve to be an opponent for my insects." Gu Nifei looked very happy when she found out that Mu Nianci's strength was no weaker than hers.

Gu Nifei had not fought a strong enough enemy for a long time, she was quite tired of fighting a weak enemy, now there was a strong enough Mu Nianci standing in front of her.

Gu Nifei would certainly fight very seriously against Mu Nianci.

from Mu Nianci's hand formed an ice sword, Mu Nianci immediately rushed towards Gu Nifei to attack her.

Mu Nianci didn't want to waste her time talking to Gu Nifei, she had to hurry up and get rid of this woman.

Mu Nianci used the Frozen dance Art sword technique to attack Gu Nifei.

Mu Nianci attacked with movements as exquisite as that of an Ice fairy.

Gu Nifei did not remain silent, she welcomed Mu Nianci's attack.

From behind Gu Nifei's sleeve hundreds of Gu insects came out, these Gu insects directly attacked Mu Nianci.

"Slash. . ., slash. . ., slash. . ., "Mu Nianci slashed the Insect Gu that was aiming at her.

Mu Nianci must not let this insect get close to her body or the Gu Insect could enter her body, it will be very dangerous for Mu Nianci.

Hundreds of Insect Gu started shooting poison at Mu Nianci.

The Insect Gu that Gu Nifei had just released was the kind that could shoot poison at her enemies.

This is a new type of Gu Insect that Gu Nifei developed herself.

Mu Nianci was surprised to find that this Gu insect could shoot poison, Mu Nianci immediately took a step back

"Are you a little surprised after seeing this? , do you know I have far surpassed my master, there are so many Gu insects that I have created myself, I will show the greatness of the Gu insects that I created. "Gu Nifei snapped her fingers.

"Clankk. . . . " The ice that had previously covered the Gu insects was destroyed, the Gu insects that Mu Nianci had previously frozen were still alive, these Gu insects turned out to be able to withstand Mu Nianci's ice which was very cold.

"Attack her." Gu Nifei ordered tens of thousands of Gu Hines insects to attack Mu Nianci.

Tens of thousands of Gu insects started rushing towards Mu Nianci, tens of thousands of Gu insects looked like a crowd of insects that were very hungry and wanted to eat Mu Nianci.

Mu Nianci returned to using her technique to kill this annoying Gu bug.

From the ground appeared copious amounts of extremely sharp ice, sharp ice piercing every Gu insect that passed above it.

The number of Gu insects was too large, Mu Nianci couldn't kill them using just this sharp ice.

There were still many Gu insects that could escape Mu Nianci's sharp ice.

"Hahaha, what you are doing is useless, with such a weak technique, you won't be able to kill my Gu insect." Gu Nifei laughed at Mu Nianci's technique which was just like that.

The number of Gu insects was too large, Mu Nianci needed a technique that was more powerful and had a wide range to overcome these insects.

Around Mu Nianci's body appeared hundreds of floating ice flowers, hundreds of these ice flowers were seen dancing around Mu Nianci.

Mu Nianci moved the ice flowers around her using her fingers, Mu Nianci directed these ice flowers in all directions.

Ice flowers left Mu Nianci's side, these flowers flew towards the Gu insects that were getting closer and closer to Mu Nianci.

"Boooom. . . , Boooom. . . , Boooom. . . , Boooom. . . , "Countless explosions occurred.

The impact of the explosion was quite violent, the Gu insects were blown away, Insect Gu looked like it had just been rained down by a shower of rocket bombs.

Mu Nianci's attack this time was quite powerful, almost half of Gu Nifei's insect was successfully killed by Mu Nianci.

Gu Nifei bit her finger, she didn't expect that Mu Nianci would have this kind of Ice Blast technique, it seems that she underestimated Mu Nianci's power too much.

"My cute children unite" Gu Nifei changed her strategy, she ordered all her Gu insects to unite into one unit.

All of the Gu insects began to gather and unite to form a large insect, the Gu Insect began to change into a giant Gu Beast.

This time Gu Nifei has combined the many species that have been developed into the Giant Gu Monster.

Now the giant Gu Monster possessed the combined abilities of the many species developed by Gu Nifei.

"Come on, attack her." Gu Nifei again ordered her giant Gu monster to attack Mu Nianci.

"Roar. . . "The giant Gu beast roared, it started walking towards Mu Nianci.

As the gigantic Gu Beast moved the ground in this cave trembled.

Seeing the arrival of the Giant Gu Beast Mu Nianci making large amounts of Ice Flowers, she attacked the giant Gu Beast with his Ice Flower technique.

Boom. . ., boom. . ., boom. . . ", Ice Blossoms hit the gigantic Gu Beast and exploded.

The ice fog enveloped the giant Gu Beast, after the ice fog disappeared the gigantic Gu Beast still stood firmly in its original place, the gigantic Gu Beast seemed unaffected by Mu Nianci's Ice Flower explosion.

"Roar." The gigantic Gu Monster roared furiously.

The giant Gu beast shot a large amount of poison at Mu Nianci.

Mu Nianci raised her hand, an ice barrier formed in front of Mu Nianci.

The gigantic Gu Monster's poison shot crashed into the Ice barrier created by Mu Nianci.

The moment the poison from the gigantic Gu Beast hit the Ice barrier, Mu Nianci's Ice barrier instantly melted away.

Mu Nianci who saw this immediately retreated backwards, unexpectedly, the poison fired by the giant Gu Monster was so dangerous.

Even her Ice barrier that she had raised still melted when she was hit by this poison.

"My sweet child, don't be like that, you can't kill her like that, I want to make her my most special puppet." Gu Nifei climbed on top of the giant Gu Monster, she was seen scolding the giant Gu Monster who wanted to kill Mu Lanyin.

The Giant Gu monster lowered its head, it looked like a dog that had just done something wrong.

Gu Nifei turned her attention towards Mu Nianci. "Mu Nianci, why don't you just give up and join as my loyal puppet, I will take care of you very well." Gu Nifei tried to provoke Mu Nianci.

Mu Nianci still looked calm, she was not at all provoked by Gu Nifei's words.

"I will never be your puppet, soon I will eliminate you along with the insects that are under you." Mu Nianci's tone grew colder.

It seemed that Mu Nianci was already very fed up with Gu Nifei who was insect control Gu.

"Too bad, then I will force you to become my puppet, good boy attack her, make sure not to destroy her beautiful body" Gu Nifei ordered the giant Gu Monster she was riding on to attack Mu Nianci.

Mu Nianci decided to use that technique, she would kill Gu Nifei and all the Gu insects in front of her.

Mu Nianci started to soar towards the ceiling of the cave, the profound energy that was coming out of Mu Nianci's body became even stronger.

The ceiling of the Mu Nianci Cave made 10 floating ice swords with a size of 10 meters and a diameter of 1 meter, this was a huge floating ice sword.

each of these floating Ice swords possessed extremely strong strength.

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