Journey To Become A True God Chapter 372

372 Ye Chen Came Out To Save Mu Nianci
This is the Frozen Ice Sect's strongest technique, the Ice Sword of Destiny.

In the past, Mu Lanyin used this technique on Ye Chen, at that time Mu Lanyin could only make 5 ice swords float.

Whereas Mu Nianci can make 10 ice swords float, it can be seen that Mu Nianci's understanding is further from Mu Lanyin's.

Mu Nianci can actually make the floating ice sword even bigger, unfortunately this place is too small, it will be difficult to move if the floating ice sword is too big.

Mu Nianci pointed the ten unfortunate swords at Gu Nifei and the Giant Gu Beast.

"Ice Sword of Destiny" Mu Nianci moved two of her fingers forward.

Ten ice swords flew towards Gu Nifei, as these ten swords advanced, a very strong gust of wind was released by the ten ice swords.

Mu Nianci actually used this much power in the cave that wasn't too big.

This cave would definitely collapse if it was hit by the Ice Sword of Destiny Technique.

Gu Nifei was a little scared when she saw Mu Nianci's Ice Sword of Destiny, Gu Nifei had to dodge this technique.

"Quickly retreat" Gu Nifei ordered the giant Gu Monster under her to avoid the Ice Sword of Destiny technique,

too bad the Ice Sword of Destiny will catch up wherever Gu Nifei goes, so Gu Nifei can't run away from Mu Nianci's Ice Sword of Destiny technique.

Seeing this, Gu Nifei thought of another way, Gu Nifei finally found a way to escape the Ice Sword of Destiny technique.

Gu Nifei waved her hand, as Gu Nifei waved his Frozen Ice Sect female disciple immediately stood in front of her.

Seeing that the Frozen Ice Sect female disciple was standing in front of Gu Nifei, Mu Nianci immediately withdrew the Ice Sword of Destiny technique.

"Hahaha, why did you stop your technique, are you afraid of hurting your sect members?" Gu Nifei laughed evilly when she saw Mu Nianci who was unable to attack him.

Mu Nianci saw the Frozen Ice Sect female disciple who was currently in front of Gu Nifei, Gu Nifei actually used the Frozen Ice Sect female disciple to threaten her.

"You despicable woman, how dare you use a hostage to deal with me." Mu Nianci hated seeing cultivators from evil sects doing this.

People like them only dare to use hostages to threaten their enemies.

"Whatever you say I am like, I come from an evil sect, I am free to do whatever I want, Hahaha" Gu Nifei laughed evilly at Mu Nianci.

"Looks like it's time to end all this and turn you into a loyal doll." Gu Nifei snapped her fingers.

No one knew what Gu Nifei was up to. Currently.

"Cough" Mu Nianci suddenly coughed, this cough was not just an ordinary cough, Mu Nianci's cough was mixed with blood.

The veil he was currently wearing turned red.

Mu Nianci's body suddenly became weak and helpless, Mu Nianci's face also suddenly turned pale like an injured person.

Even Mu Nianci's profound energy suddenly vanished.

Mu Nianci looked at Gu Nifei with very cold eyes, if these eyes could kill someone, then Gu Nifei would have been killed by Mu Nianci's gaze.

"Did you just realize? , from the start you've been caught in my trap, from the start you've been playing in the palm of my hand. "Gu Nifei smiled evilly at Mu Nianci, from the start Mu Nianci had played in the palm of her hand.

From the very beginning Gu Nifei had infused the Gu insect seed into Mu Nianci's body, Gu's insect seed entered when the Frozen Ice Sect female disciple threw powder at Mu Nianci.

At that moment, the insect seed Gu entered Mu Nianci's body without Mu Nianci knowing.

The Gu insect uses Mu Nianci's profound energy to develop into adult Gu insects.

The current Adult Gu Insects started attacking Mu Nianci's body, because of this Mu Nianci's body was injured from within.

Mu Nianci blamed herself for being unconscious from the start, she was so focused on fighting Gu Nifei that she didn't even notice that Gu Nifei had implanted the Insect Gu parasite into her body.

Now that it was too late, Mu Nianci did not have any profound energy left, her profound energy was being eaten by the Gu insects in her body.

Gu Nifei started to get closer to Mu Nianci, from the palm of her hand came out a red Gu insect.

Gu Nifei showed Mu Nianci the insect in her hand.

"Do you know what this is? , this is a Gu insect that I use to control everyone, soon I will put this insect into your brain, after that you will become my puppet that obeys my every wish. "Gu Nifei explained the type of Gu insect in her palm.

It turned out that this Gu insect had controlled all of the villagers as well as the Frozen Ice Sect's female Disciples.

And now Gu Nifei will use these Gu insects to control Mu Nianci.

Mu Nianci tried to move, she wanted to try to fight Gu Nifei.

As Mu Nianci moved, her body ached, the Gu insects that were inside her body began to revolt.

The pain in her body made Mu Nianci unable to move.

"Your efforts are in vain, you can't fight anymore, get ready to be my loyal servant doll".

Gu Nifei stretched her hand towards Mu Nianci's head, she brought this Gu bug close to Mu Nianci's ear.

Mu Nianci could only see what Gu Nifei was going to do to her, she didn't have the strength to fight back against Gu Nifei.

Mu Nianci felt resigned to the state she currently had, she only hoped that someone could help her in her current situation.

Mu Nianci's mind suddenly flashed the figure of a man who had previously harassed her, for some reason Mu Nianci hoped that that man would come and save her.

That possibility might not happen, that man might not come here and help herself.

Gu Nifei's palm reached Mu Nianci's ear, the Gu insect in Gu Nifei's hand began to creep towards Mu Nianci's ear.

It only took a few more inches for the Gu insect to enter Mu Nianci's brain.

Just as the Gu bug was about to enter Mu Nianci's ear, someone came and hit Gu Nifei.

"Bamm" Gu Nifei was flown backwards by Ye Chen.

From earlier in the darkness Ye Chen was watching the battle between Mu Nianci and Gu Nifei.

Initially Ye Chen believed that Mu Nianci would be able to win easily against Gu Nifei.

Even though both of them were at the same cultivation level, Mu Nianci's combat strength was far superior to Gu Nifei's.

This was probably influenced by Mu Nianci's Special Frozen Glass Heart.

Unfortunately Gu Nifei used cunning methods against Mu Nianci.

If not, Gu Nifei must be able to defeat Mu Nianci who has a special Frozen Glass Heart body.

"Let me see your condition." Ye Chen turned towards Mu Nianci, he started to approach Mu Nianci, he wanted to see what Mu Nianci's condition was like.

Mu Nianci was quite surprised when she saw Ye Chen here.

Mu Nianci still clearly remembered that this man was the man who abused herself in a dream, how could he be in this place? .

Mu Nianci started to get very confused,

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