Journey To Become A True God Chapter 374

374 Treat Mu Nianci Who Is In Bad Condition
Ye Xiu used her aura to suppress Gu Nifei.

The aura that came out from Ye Xiu scared Gu Nifei, Gu Nifei's body shivered when pressed by Ye Xiu's aura.

"Miss nine tailed fox. Please spare me, from the start we have no problems, so we don't have to fight like this." Gu Nifei asked Ye Xiu to let go of herself.

Gu Nifei knew that she would not be able to escape a mythical creature like the nine-tailed fox.

Gu Nifei didn't want to die like this, that's why Gu Nifei tried to beg Ye Xiu's mercy.

"Jlub", Gu Nifei's body was suddenly pierced by something.

As Gu Nifei looked down, she saw that one of Ye Xiu's tails had pierced her body.

"You have dared to have the thought of killing my master, this queen will not possibly let you go." Ye Xiu would not let go of Gu Nifei who previously had evil thoughts on her and Ye Chen.

this cruel woman deserves to die.

Ye Xiu pulled her tail from Gu Nifei's body, Gu Nifei's body immediately lost strength and sank to the ground.

Gu Nifei looked at Ye Xiu with a look of horror, Gu Nifei's consciousness gradually began to disappear, Gu Nifei closed her eyes and died on the ground.

The problem has been resolved, now she can return to Ye Chen's side.

Ye Xiu returned to Ye Chen's side.

Right now Ye Chen couldn't be bothered, he was trying to find a way to cure Mu Nianci who was hit by the insect parasite Gu.

After Gu Nifei's death, it turned out that the Gu insects in Mu Nianci's body could still survive.

In fact, after Gu Nifei's death, Gu's insects became even more violent and out of control.

Since the person who had controlled the Gu insects died, the Gu insects now moved using the animal instincts they possessed.

Mu Nianci's situation actually seemed to be getting worse and worse, Ye Chen had no other choice but to use that method.

Ye Chen began to open Mu Nianci's cloth belt, Ye Chen began to very skillfully take off the upper part of Mu Nianci's clothes.

After Mu Nianci's upper garment was removed, the two exquisite mountain peaks appeared before Ye Chen's eyes.

Ye Chen did not have time to admire this scene, Mu Nianci's life was in serious danger, if he did not help her immediately then Mu Nianci could die because of the insect parasites that were currently in Mu Nianci's body.

"Xiu help me hold the body of this woman" Ye Chen told Ye Xiu who was nearby to hold Mu Nianci's body so as not to rebel when Ye Chen started the treatment session.

Ye Xiu understood, she was using her tail to hold back Mu nianci's body part so she couldn't rebel.

"Xiu, make sure no one disturbs me." Ye Chen told Ye Xiu to stay close to him while he was treating Mu Nianci, Ye Chen shouldn't be bothered.

Ye Xiu nodded again at Ye Chen.

Ye Chen started stretching out his hands towards Mu Nianci's beautiful double peak.

"Erm" when Ye Chen touched her double peak, Mu Nianci began to groan softly, Mu Nianci's body was very sensitive, a little touch of Ye Chen made her excited.

Ye Chen started to insert the Heavenly Silver Flame into Mu Lanyin's body, Ye Chen intended to erase the insect Gu parasite that was inside Mu Nianci's body by using the Heavenly Silver Flame.

When Ye Chen's Heavenly Silver Flame entered Mu Nianci's body, Mu Nianci began to feel an extremely painful heat.

Without realizing it, Mu Nianci began to writhe like an overheated caterpillar.

Ye Chen had expected this, which was why Ye Chen asked Ye Xiu to restrain Mu Nianci's body from going anywhere.

Ye Chen knew the consequences of putting fire into the body of Mu Nianci who cultivated Ice, there would definitely be a contradiction between Ye Chen's fire and the origin of the Ice Profound energy in Mu Nianci's body.

This was the most dangerous thing Ye Chen had ever done, the slightest mistake Mu Nianci could explode and turn into nothingness.

Because of this, Ye Chen couldn't be bothered when treating Mu Nianci, if someone bothered him, then things that were undesirable would happen.

Ye Xiu watched by Ye Chen's side, Ye Xiu began to see how Ye Chen treated Mu Nianci.

Ye Xiu was quite surprised when she saw Ye Chen's way of treating Mu Nianci, Ye Chen actually infused the Heavenly Silver Flame into Mu Nianci's body which cultivated ice.

Ye Xiu of course knew that fire and ice were enemies, if the two were put together there would definitely be a contradiction that could cause an explosion.

Ye Xiu didn't know what Ye Chen was thinking, how could Ye Chen use such an extreme method to heal Mu Nianci, even though there were other safer ways than this.

Ye Chen had no other choice, he was currently very short on time, if he did not immediately eliminate the Gu insect parasite in Mu Nianci's body, Mu Nianci would definitely die by the ferocity of this uncontrollable Gu insect.

Because of this, Ye Chen used this exterm method, he really had no other choice.

Ye Chen's Heavenly Silver Flame started to spread quite slowly throughout Mu Nianci's body, Ye Chen did this slowly so as not to make a mistake.

The Heavenly Silver Flame began to hunt down the insect Gu parasites that were inside Mu Nianci's body.

One by one, the Gu insect parasites inside Mu Nianci's body began to be killed by the Heavenly Silver Flame.

After about 5 minutes, all of the Gu insect parasites that were inside Mu Nianci's body were completely eradicated.

After all of the Gu insect parasites were eliminated, Ye Chen immediately withdrew his Heavenly Silver Flame.

Ye Chen is relieved that everything has ended, for Ye Chen the 5 minutes just now felt like a long time ago, Ye Chen felt like he had passed all these years.

Ye Chen took a cloth from the fairy gate storage room, Ye Chen began to put the cloth in his hand on the ground, Ye Chen laid Mu Nianci on this clean cloth.

After putting Mu Nianci on the cloth, Ye Chen intended to stand up.

When Ye Chen stood up, he felt a little dizzy, Ye Chen started to wobble and fell back on the ground.

When Ye Chen was about to fall to the ground, suddenly from behind him there was a soft object that was holding his head from falling to the ground.

"Boing. . . " Ye Chen saw that the thing in the back of his head was very soft and enormous, at this time Ye Chen felt that he landed on the softest pillow in this world.

Ye Chen naturally knew whose this was, it was obviously Ye Xiu's.

"Master are you okay" Ye Xiu asked Ye Chen's situation, she looked worried about Ye Chen's situation.

Previously, Ye Xiu saw Ye Chen who was staggering and was about to fall to the ground, Ye Xiu immediately went to Ye Chen's back side to hold Ye Chen's body from falling.

"I'm fine just a little exhausted from using excessive mental thoughts." Ye Chen consumed too much of his mental thoughts to control the Heavenly Silver Flame, because of this Ye Chen was a little dizzy and exhausted.

Ye Xiu was glad Ye Chen was fine, Ye Xiu still let Ye Chen rest on her gentle double peak.

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