Journey To Become A True God Chapter 375

375 The Cruel Hong Won
Ye Chen enjoyed the comfort of Ye Xiu's large double peak, this feeling was very comfortable.

Ye Chen began to sink his head deeper into the soft and large object that was behind his head.

It feels quite comfortable to sink into these soft and large objects.

Ye Xiu felt that Ye Chen's head was slightly rubbing against her double peak, this made Ye Xiu's body feel a little strange.

Ye Chen went even further, he began to stretch out his hand towards Ye Xiu's huge double peak and rubbed it a little.

Ye Xiu couldn't stand Ye Chen's stimulation anymore, Ye Xiu started pushing Ye Chen away from her embrace.

Ye Chen was a little disappointed when Ye Xiu pushed himself away, even though the feeling was quite comfortable.

Because of the incident just now, Ye Xiu's face turned red.

"Ehemm." Ye Xiu coughed lightly.

"Master, don't you still have to help the people who are here, currently they are still controlled by Gu insects." To overcome the embarrassment she had, Ye Xiu reminded Ye Chen to immediately heal those controlled by insects. Gu.

Ye Chen just remembered that the villagers and female disciples from the Frozen Ice Sect were still controlled by insect Gu.

Ye Chen immediately got up to see the state of the Frozen Ice Sect female disciple.

Ye Chen saw the condition of the Frozen Ice Sect female disciples, among the four Frozen Ice Sect female disciples, there was only 1 Frozen Ice Sect female disciple who was planted with Gu insects by Gu Nifei, the other three female disciples only suffered heavy injuries due to the torture. Gu Nifei.

First Ye Chen had to get rid of the Gu bug that was inside the head of one of the Frozen Ice Sect's female disciples.

It won't be as difficult as when Ye Chen treated Mu Nianci, Ye Chen only needed to eradicate one Gu bug that was inside the head of the Frozen Ice Sect female disciple.

Ye Chen stretched out his hand towards the Frozen Ice Sect female disciple's forehead, Ye Chen's one finger began to touch the Frozen Ice Sect female disciple's forehead who was in front of him.

Ye Chen started to enter his fire, the Gu insect that was inside the head of the Frozen Ice Sect female disciple was instantly killed without any resistance.

It only took Ye Chen a few seconds to eradicate the mind control insect.

After finishing removing the Gu bug that was inside the head of the Frozen Ice Sect female disciple, Ye Chen gave the female disciple in front of him a wound healing pill.

Ye Chen also gave wound healing pills to the Frozen Ice Sect's three female Disciples.

Little by little the wounds belonging to the Frozen Ice Sect female disciples began to heal.

After treating the four female disciples of Mu Zue, Ye Chen turned his attention to the villagers whom Gu Nifei had controlled for a long time.

Ye Chen hopes that they can still be cured.

Ye Chen started to check one by one the villagers who were controlled by the Gu insects.

Ye Chen's guess was right, there are some villagers who have died a long time ago, they can still live because there is a Gu bug in their head.

if Ye Chen killed the Gu insect that was inside the village's head, then this villager would definitely die

Ye Chen can only heal people he can help, for people who have died, Ye Chen can't do anything about it, no matter how good Ye Chen's treatment is, he doesn't have the power to revive people who have died.

Ye Chen can only pray that the people who have died can rest in peace.

"Xiu, can you give a little Yin-Yang energy to the villagers." Ye Chen asked Ye Xiu to give Yin-Yang energy to the people who were here.

"OK." Ye Xiu nodded at Ye Chen, she would give a little Yin-Yang energy to the villagers who looked very weak.

Ye Xiu stretched her hand forward, she started to close her eyelids.

From Ye Xiu's palm emitted a yellow light, this yellow light began to envelop the living villagers' bodies.

A very pure energy enters the bodies of the villagers, this energy gives strength to the villagers who look weak.

After Ye Xiu gave the villagers Yin-Yang energy, the villagers' condition started to look better.

Ye Xiu finished giving Yin-Yang energy to the villagers, she pulled back her palm.

Ye Chen nodded in satisfaction at Ye Xiu.

"Good, let's get out of here, let the rest of the villagers take care of." Ye Chen's job here is over, Ye Chen will hand over the rest that is here to the villagers.

Ye Chen returned to Mu Nianci's side, he carried Mu Nianci into his wound.

"Xiu, you take care of those four women." Ye Chen asked Ye Xiu to take care of the Frozen Ice Sect's four female disciples.

Ye Xiu nodded at Ye Chen, she used her tail to wrap around the bodies of the Frozen Ice Sect's four female disciples.

After that Ye Chen and Ye Xiu flew away from this cave.








In another place, in a very luxurious room.

around this room scattered severalwomen, these women look very pathetic, many injuries suffered heavy blows suffered by the women in this room.

At first glance, these women had been tortured quite severely.

In the middle of the room was a man who was currently riding a woman.

"Arggghhh. . .! "The woman under this man groaned very painfully, this woman looked very hurt because she was beaten and treated inhumanely by the man who was above her.

The person on top of this woman is of course Hong Won, he is currently enjoying tormenting the woman under his body.

"Pahhh! ! ! "Hong Won hit the buttocks of the woman who was under him very hard.

Hong Won's punches were very heavy, this woman's buttocks turned red like blisters.

"Young master please spare me, I can't take it anymore." The woman under Hong Won tried to ask Hong Won for mercy.

"Pahh! ! ! "Hong Won this time slapped the woman's face under him body.

Hong Won is very angry, women in the mortal world have very little Yinqi, this is simply not enough for him.

Moreover, women in the mortal world are so talkative, they repeatedly ask for mercy on him which makes Hong Won feel very upset.

Hong Won repeatedly slapped the woman under him body.

The woman who was under Hong Won's body couldn't take it anymore, she lost consciousness and fainted on the spot.

Hong Won saw the woman under him fainted, Hong Won picked up this woman and threw her into the wall in this room.

The woman who had just fainted was thrown to the wall very hard, no one knows if the woman was still alive after being treated like this by Hong Won.

"You weak and useless prostitute" Hong Won is very angry, all the women in this place are very weak.

They couldn't afford to be rough with him.

"Jian Teng come here." Hong Won shouted for Jian Teng's name.

Jian Teng hurriedly entered this room, he eliminated the woman who was blocking his path.

JIan Teng was used to this, so he was not surprised to see the many women scattered all over the place.

"Young master Hong, what can I do for you?" Jian Teng respected Hong Won.

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