Journey To Become A True God Chapter 377

377 Master And Disciple Mee
Ye Chen and Ye Xiu were currently flying towards the city where they lived, they would return to the city briefly to recover Mu Nianci and the Four female disciples from the Frozen Ice Sect.

"Master, what will you do to these five beautiful women? ", Ye Xiu asked what Ye Chen would do to the five beauties from the Frozen Ice Sect.

"I will let them rest in their place for a while." Ye Chen would let Mu Nianci and the Frozen Ice Sect's four female disciples stay at his villa for a while.

when they got better, then Ye Chen would let them return to the Frozen Ice Sect.

After all, the distance to the city where Ye Chen lived was closer than the Frozen Ice Sect.

Ye Chen didn't want to bring Mu Nianci and the Frozen Ice Sect's four female disciples in this state.

If Mu Lanyin found out about this matter, she would definitely blame Ye Chen for this.

"I thought you wanted to eat these five beautiful women." Ye Xiu said what she was thinking right now.

Ye Chen, who heard this almost fell down, Ye Chen did not expect that Ye Xiu would think like this about himself.

Ye Chen "Xiu, how can you think of me like that? ".

"It's because you often do things like that with beautiful women that you just met, I'm sure you must have evil thoughts on these beautiful women." Ye Xiu often saw Ye Chen do things like that with the beautiful women he met .

Ye Chen: -_-

Ye Chen was speechless when he heard this from Ye Xiu, it seemed like the reputation he had was bad enough for Ye Xiu.

Ye Chen did not continue this conversation, he increased his flying speed so that he would immediately reach his villa.

Ye Xiu smiled when she saw Ye Chen like this, there was a feeling of joy when she won over Ye Chen.

This was Ye Xiu's first time winning against Ye Chen, usually she always lost when she dealt with Ye Chen.

As a queen of the nine-tailed fox clan, this was something that Ye Xiu was very proud of.

Ye Xiu increased the speed she had, she continued to follow behind Ye Chen.

With Ye Chen and Ye Xiu's flying speed, the two of them didn't take long to arrive in front of the Villa.

"Xiu, let's find a room for all these ladies." Ye Chen was going to find a room for Mu Nianci and the Frozen Ice Sect's four female disciples.

Ye Xiu nodded, she followed Ye Chen into the villa, Ye Chen and Ye Xiu walked to the second floor, on the second floor there were still many empty rooms that were not occupied.

So Ye Chen placed Mu Nianci and the Four female disciples from the Frozen Ice Sect within this room on the second floor.

Ye Chen put the four female students of the Frozen Ice Sect in the same room, while for Mu Nianci he put them in another room.

Ye Chen created a barrier around this room, Ye Chen didn't want Mu Nianci and the Frozen Ice Sect's four female disciples to destroy his villa when they woke up.

"Okay, let's let them rest." After putting Mu Nianci and the Frozen Ice Sect's four female disciples, Ye Chen invited Ye Xiu to leave this room.

He let Mu Nianci and the four Frozen Ice Sect ladies rest.

Ye Chen and Ye Xiu parted ways, Ye Xiu decided to go back and rest.

Ye Xiu turned into particles and entered the back of Ye Chen's hand.

Ye Xiu was still the same, she still liked to sleep like before.

Ye Chen was helpless, how could a woman like Ye Xiu become the queen of the Nine-Tailed Fox Clan.

Ye Chen decided to walk around in this villa, Ye Chen had not seen his beautiful wives who lived in his villa.

Since it's very early in the morning, all of Ye Chen's women should still be sleeping / cultivating inside the fairy gate.

"Ding. . . " When Ye Chen wanted to go to his room, the doorbell suddenly rang.

Ye Chen wanted to know who the guest was this early, Ye Chen went towards the door to see who the person was visiting his house this early.

When Ye Chen opened the door, he saw a beautiful woman standing in front of the door, the beautiful woman in front of Ye Chen had golden hair that was very beautiful.

The beautiful woman in front of Ye Chen looked like a goddess who had descended from the sky.

This woman was of course Nangong Xiang, Nangong Xiang really kept the promise she made earlier, she actually came to Ye Chen's residence.

"My beautiful goddess, you finally came here too, I've been waiting for your arrival for a long time." Ye Chen was quite happy when he saw Nangong Xiang come to his place.

Ye Chen thought that Nangong Xiang would forget himself and go back to Kunlun's holy land.

Nangong Xiang's face turned slightly red, Ye Chen's words were very sweet and pleasant to hear, even Nangong Xiang who had lived for a long time could not stand the words that came from Ye Chen's sweet tongue.

"So this is where you live, I didn't expect you to live in a pretty good place like this." Nangong Xiang was quite interested in Ye Chen's villa.

"Yes, this is where I live, please come in." Ye Chen invited Nangong Xiang to enter the villa.

Nangong Xiang was no longer formal in front of Ye Chen, he entered Ye Chen's Villa.

Ye Chen invited Nangong Xiang to the living room "please sit down" Ye Chen told Nangong Xiang to sit on the sofa.

Nangong Xiang sat on the sofa in this living room, Ye Chen wanted to sit beside Nangong Xiang, there was a lot that Ye Chen wanted to talk to Nangong Xiang with.

"Little husband, who is the woman visiting this early? "When Ye Chen wanted to go sit beside Nangong Xiang, one of his wives asked him.

The woman who asked was Fu Lanling, Fu Lanling just came out of the fairy gate, she just finished cultivating inside the fairy gate.

As Fu Lanling walked out of the fairy gate, she happened to see Ye Chen together with the golden haired woman who was no stranger to Fu Lanling.

Out of curiosity Fu Lanling approached and wanted to see who the woman had come here this early.

Nangong Xiang who heard this voice immediately looked at Fu Lanling, she saw Fu Lanling with a rather shocking gaze.

"Is that your Lanling? "Nangong Xiang called Fu Lanling very well.

Fu Lanling was also very surprised when she saw Nangong Xiang "master is that you? "Fu Lanling can't believe that the woman beside Ye Chen is her master.

The woman in front of Ye Chen did have traits that matched with Nangong Xiang who was the master of Fu Lanling, what distinguished this woman from Nangong Xiang, whom Fu Lanling knew was on a very beautiful face.

Master Fu Lanling had a face that was broken and said to be irreparable, which was why Fu Lanling hesitated when she saw Nangong Xiang in this appearance.

"Lanling can't you recognize your own master" finally Nangong Xiang told Fu Lanling that she was real.

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