Journey To Become A True God Chapter 378

378 Nangong Xiang Was In A Complicated Situation
Fu Lanling was quite surprised when she saw Nangong Xiang's change that was so beautiful like this.

Nangong Xiang smiled gently at Fu Lanling, she did not expect to meet her female disciple in a place like this.

Moreover, just now that Fu Lanling called Ye Chen as Little Husband, this really made Nangong Xiang a shock.

se didn't expect that Fu Lanling to have this kind of relationship with Ye Chen.

Ye Chen was also surprised when he found out that Nangong Xiang was the master of Fu Lanling, no wonder Ye Chen felt a little familiar with Nangong Xiang, it turned out that Nangong Xiang reminded himself of Fu Lanling who was his wife.

Fu Lanling immediately rushed to Ye Chen's side, she pulled Ye Chen into her hug.

Ye Chen was quite surprised when Fu Lanling pulled himself from behind. Ye Chen was hugged by Fu Lanling like a child protecting her favorite thing.

At the moment Fu Lanling's Two Soft objects pressed against Ye Chen's head, Ye Chen felt quite a strong feeling from the two soft objects belonging to Fu Lanling pressing against his head.

"Master what are you doing in this place? ", Fu Lanling asked what was Nangong Xiang doing in a place like this.

Fu Lanling asked while continuing to protect Ye Chen from Nangong Xiang, she didn't want anything to happen to Ye Chen.

As the only disciple of Nangong Xiang, Fu Lanling knew very well how the temperament of Nangong Xiang was, from a long time ago Nangong Xiang had hated a man.

Nangong Xiang had always advised Fu Lanling to stay away from a man, Nangong Xiang also told Fu Lanling not to easily trust a man, Nangong Xiang told Fu Lanling that men were the same, they only used women for their benefit alone .

It was because of this that Fu Lanling protected Ye Chen from Nangong Xiang, she didn't want Nangong Xiang to do anything bad to Ye Chen.

For Fu Lanling at this time, Ye Chen was something very important, Ye Chen was the one who made Fu Lanling's life so beautiful, she would not let anything bad happen to Ye Chen.

Nangong Xiang smiled wryly when she saw how Fu Lanling had protected Ye Chen from her, it seemed that Fu Lanling was afraid of herself doing something bad to Ye Chen.

Fu Lanling still thought that Nangong Xiang hated every male in the entire universe.

If this was Nangong Xiang a few days ago then he would indeed hate men throughout this universe.

Fortunately, after meeting Ye Chen, Nangong Xiang also started to change a little, wondering if in this world there were still men who were quite good like Ye Chen, this made Nangong Xiang no longer hate men too much.

It was true that Nangong Xiang had hated men all over this universe, this was due to the wounds of betrayal that Nangong Xiang received from Sun Quan.

Nangong Xiang did not want Fu Lanling to experience something like her, because of this she told Fu Lanling to stay away from every man that Fu Lanling met.

With the innate goddess charm possessed by Fu Lanling, there would definitely be countless men who wanted to use Fu Lanling for their personal purposes, actually for this reason Nangong Xiang told Fu Lanling to stay as far away from the man she was meet up.

what Nangong Xiang did was solely for the good of Fu Lanling.

"Lanling, you don't have to worry, I won't do anything bad to Ye Chen." Nangong Xiang told Fu Lanling not to be on her guard, Nangong Xiang wouldn't do anything bad to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen is her helper, she won't do anything bad to the person who has treated the wounds on her face.

Fu Lanling was still vigilant, she still wasn't sure that Nangong Xiang wouldn't hurt Ye Chen.

"Ling'er, is Nangong Xiang your master? "Ye Chen who was in Fu Lanling's embrace immediately confirmed whether this was true or not.

Ye Chen still couldn't believe that Nangong Xiang was Fu Lanling's master.

"Little husband, she is indeed a master who has taught me cultivation, her name is Nangong Xiang" Fu Lanling told Ye Chen that Nangong Xiang was really a master who had taught herself the path of becoming a cultivator.

Ye Chen was quite surprised after knowing this from Fu Lanling, not to think that the master of Fu Lanling was one of the four most beautiful goddesses in God Realm.

"Ye Chen, the ability you have is quite great too apparently, I never thought that you have got my disciple that I love the most" Nangong Xiang smiled wryly at Ye Chen.

Nangong Xiang did not expect that Ye Chen had obtained Fu Lanling as well, unexpectedly, the ability of this little man was quite great, to the point that he was able to move Fu Lanling's heart.

Ye Chen was indeed a natural enemy of beautiful women, many beautiful women were attracted to Ye Chen, even a cold goddess like Dongfang Xiu was also a little attracted to Ye Chen.

Even Nangong Xiang herself was getting a little attracted to Ye Chen.

Nangong Xiang felt that this relationship had become quite complicated, if she really was Ye Chen's woman then how should she call Fu Lanling in the future.

Should she call Fu Lanling as sister too.

As Nangong Xiang thought of her face suddenly turning red, she felt embarrassed at the thought of such a thing.

"Lingering, you don't have to worry like this, Nangong Xiang won't hurt me." Ye Chen told Fu Lanling to let go.

Ye Chen was sure that Nangong Xiang would not do anything bad to him.

Fu Lanling finally wanted to release Ye Chen from her embrace.

Ye Chen approached and asked Nangong Xiang whose face was now red like an apple.

"Are you not feeling well? Your face looks red." Ye Chen asked the state of Nangong Xiang whose face was flushed like an apple.

Nangong Xiang stretched two fingers of hers towards Ye Chen's face, she pinched Ye Chen's face.

"What's wrong with me being like this? ", Nangong Xiang took a little bit of annoyance on Ye Chen.

Because of Ye Chen, Nangong Xiang was faced with such a complicated situation, how could Nangong Xiang share the same man as her female disciple, wouldn't she be laughed at by outsiders if this was to be found out.

Nangong Xiang came from the God Realm, in God Realm the relationship between master and disciple was something that many people still had not accepted, so it was not strange that Nangong Xiang felt such a complicated situation.

Ye Chen could only surrender when Nangong Xiang pinched her face, Ye Chen did not feel any pain from Nangong Xiang's pinch, Nangong Xiang did not use her strength at all.

Fu Lanling was surprised when she saw Nangong Xiang pinched Ye Chen's cheek, even though Fu Lanling had thought that her master would do something bad to Ye Chen.

Unexpectedly, Nangong Xiang looked angry at her lover.

Fu Lanling saw that Ye Chen and Nangong Xiang's relationship was a little different from being mere acquaintances.

After a while finally Nangong Xiang released her milky pinch from Ye Chen's cheek.

Nangong Xiang looked at Fu Lanling. "Lanling, you seem to have a very fast body since the last time I saw you." Nangong Xiang just realized that Fu Lanling has reached the half-step stage to Divine Realm.

This was faster than Nangong Xiang's estimate

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