Journey To Become A True God Chapter 38

38 Dual Cultivation

Warning: this scene contains adult scenes if you don't like it or are underage! ! ! ! !

Ye Chen took Zhao Yanyan to fly to the place of the hotel where Ye Chen lived, Ye Chen did not bring Zhao Yanyan off to school.

Ye Chen brought Zhao Yanyan to his place to calm down first, this was for the good of Zhao Yanyan too.

Zhao Yanyan Seeing The Scenery Below The first time Zhao Yanyan was flying but not on a plane but in the arms of Ye Chen's arms.

Zhao Yanyan had only seen the scene of people flying on television but Zhao Yanyan had no idea that he would feel it in real life.

Zhao Yanyan Asked if Ye Chen was a superhuman

After 5 minutes of traveling Ye Chen brought Zhao Yanyan into his room through the open window

Zhao Yanyan: "Ye Chen, how many more secrets do you have? Actually? "Zhao Yanyan asked.

Ye Chen "Yanyan I don't want to hide it from you but I'm afraid you can't accept it"

"Don't say it like that, I will definitely accept you for who you are," said Zhao Yanyan.

Ye Chen was quite touched by Zhao Yanyan's words Ye Chen took Zhao Yanyan's hand and held it with both his hands and said "I will also accept you for what Yanyan is dear".

Both of their eyes met, Ye Chen saw Zhao Yanyan's Cerry lips, Ye Chen then approached toward Zhao Yanyan's lips.

Zhao Yanyan knew what Ye Chen would do so Zhao Yanyan closed his eyes.

Both of his lips met, Ye Chen kissed Zhao Yanyan greedily, not until there Ye Chen put his tongue into Zhao Yanyan's mouth.

Zhao Yanyan also started cooperating with Ye Chen, both of their tongues entangled with each other, the feeling of a kiss like this made Zhao Yanyan immediately lose his mind.

Finally After Zhao Yanyan could not breathe Ye Chen let go.

Ye Chen carried Zhao Yanyan and threw him to bed, Ye Chen could no longer stand it.

"Ye Chen closed the window and the curtains first" Zhao Yanyan asked Ye Chen.

Ye Chen waved his hand and immediately the window and curtains immediately closed making this place a little dark.

Zhao Yanyan knew what Ye Chen would do next, at the bottom of his heart Zhao Yanyan had accepted Ye Chen as her husband.

Ye Chen began to release Zhao Yanyan's clothes button, and a plain white bra appeared before Ye Chen's eyes, Ye Chen then let go of the white bra.

After the Bra was removed, the two newly developed double peaks of Zhao Yanyan were exposed in Ye Chen's eyes

Ye Chen then touched and squeezed the two very soft double peaks, making Zhao Yanyan attack pleasure.

Ye Chen used the King's Heart Technique which made more and more enjoyment from Zhao Yanyan.

, "Ahhh, ahhh, Ye Chen is lighter" Zhao Yanyan moaned Enjoying Ye Chen's touch, Zhao Yanyan was already Feeling in Heaven only from the Touch of Ye Chen.

Ye Chen looked at the double peak of Zhao Yanyan, and saw the two pink Cerry Zhao Yanyan, Ye Chen then played with the two pink Cerry then, Inserted it into his mouth and sucked him like a suckling baby.

Ahh . . ahhhh. . . . Zhao Yanyan could only moan Pleasure, Zhao Yanyan never felt pleasure like this in his life that made him unable to say anything else, Zhao Yanyan felt his bottom was soaking wet, juice overflowed from the hole in his lower body.

After being satisfied smoking two of Zhao Yanyan's Ye Chen's Cerry then went down and opened Zhao Yanyan's Skirt

When opening Yanyan's panties Zhao Yanyan was already wet with Zhao Yanyan's own juice.

"Ye Chen, don't look. It's a shame." Zhao Yanyan tried to cover her private parts by using her hands.

"No, this Yanyan is very beautiful" Ye Chen said, Ye Chen then stretched out his hand and helped Zhao Yanyan take off his underwear.

After opening the underwear Ye Chen saw a little hole in the color of Pink Yang which was already wet with juice.

Ye Chen's face approached then stretched out his tongue to suck Zhao Yanyan's Little Hole.

Seeing what Ye Chen would do, Zhao Yanyan shouted "Ahhh, Ye Chen is dirty"

Ye Chen: "There's nothing dirty about you dear" Ye Chen continued to suck.

Ye Chen didn't waste Yin from Zhao Yanyan so Ye Chen continued to suck the Yang Juice out of Zhao Yanyan's small hole

Ahhhhh . ., ahh. . . Zhao Yanyan continued to make a sweet moan, Zhao Yanyan's mind was already empty, Zhao Yanyan could only be passive in accepting this pleasure.

Seeing the preparations was enough, Ye Chen stopped to suck, preparing to take the courtesy of Zhao Yanyan.

Ye Chen took off all the clothes he was wearing, Zhao Yanyan saw Ye Chen take off his clothes and saw Ye Chen's big brother.

The size of Ye Chen's meat stick was 11 inches and its size was almost the same as Zhao Yanyan's wrist.

Initially Ye Chen's meat stick was only 4.5 inches long, but after practicing the king's heart technique unconsciously it became 11 inches

Zhao Yanyan who saw the big stick that was twitching was quite frightened, whether such a large object could get into him.

Ye Chen approached Zhao Yanyan and directed his meat level to Zhao Yanyan's small hole.

Zhao Yanyan: "Ye Chen, I'm a little scared"

Ye Chen: "Calm down, Yanyan, the pain will only be at ease after that. I'll make sure it feels very good.

"Then make me yours forever" Zhao Yanyan reached out his hand and waited for Ye Chen to insert his large meat stick.

Ye Chen then slowly walked in. When Ye Chen's large meat stick came in, Zhao Yanyan felt his body was like torn, Zhao Yanyan hugged Ye Chen's back and his nails scratched Ye Chen's flesh.

Finally, the meat stick managed to enter, Ye Chen did not move to look at Zhao Yanyan who was moved to tears.

"Does it still hurt?" Ye Chen asked.

Zhao yanyan "Ye Chen feels sick" After waiting for a few minutes the pain finally decreased "Ye Chen you can move now".

After getting approval from Zhao Yanyan Ye Chen began to move slowly.

Zhao Yanyan felt a little pain as Ye Chen moved but after several times the pain had disappeared and was replaced by unrivaled pleasure.

"Ah. . . , ah . . , ah . . , ah . . , ah . . "More husband tastes great." Shouted Zhao Yanyan, Zhao Yanyan did not call Ye Chen anymore but called her husband.

Luckily the hotel room was soundproof even though Zhao Yanyan Shouted Sagat loudly it wouldn't be heard by anyone else

Ye Chen circulated his king's heart technique, (Yin) which Ye Chen could get by Ye Chen hundreds of times more than absorbing (Yin) from the air let alone the flower path Zhao Yanyan gripped his Meat Stick very tightly which also made Ye Chen feel too Delicious .

"Ah. . . , husband not too deep, ah. . . , ah . . , deeper, it feels too extraordinary, something will come out ahhhhhhhhh. . . "Finally, Zhao Yanyan's kimask Come.

Ye Chen continued on because Ye Chen hadn't come out yet.
for visiting.

"Ah. . . , husband Let me rest for a moment "Zhao Yanyan tried to ask for mercy.

But Ye Chen ignored it and kept moving forward and backward, Ye Chen also felt an extraordinary pleasure as if Ye Chen wanted to continue to do it for a while.

The battle continued, After an hour Ye Chen finally took out his (Yangqi) in the depths of Bungga Zhao Yanyan.

Zhao Yanyan panted like a broken ship in a fierce sea, Zhao Yanyan didn't know how many times he had come out, which Zhao Yanyan knew felt very extraordinary like a difference in heaven.

Even for 17 years Zhao Yanyan this feeling was the most pleasing, Zhao Yanyan, Zhao Yanyan knew that he would not be able to leave this man who took his virginity again.

Zhao Yanyan saw that Ye Chen's younger brother was still standing upright, which made him a little scared, from the Book that Zhao Yanyan read, a normal man could have an intimate relationship for just 10 ~ 20 minutes, but Ye Chen really threw him for 1 hour and a younger brother Ye Chen's man still wasn't limp.

Seeing Chen Chen approached himself and still wanted to continue again, Zhao Yanyan asked for mercy.

husband spare me, I can no longer do it anymore, my bottom may already swollen ".

Seeing the bottom of Zhao Yanyan It was already swollen, Ye Chen took pity and released it "I understand wife then sleep" Ye Chen then pulled Zhao Yanyan to his chest.

Zhao Yanyan felt a very sweet feeling, because of exhaustion Zhao Yanyan quickly fell asleep on Ye Chen's chest.

Seeing Zhao Yanyan sleeping Peacefully Ye Chen Terseyum, Finally Zhao Yanyan became his woman, and Today's harvest (Yin) from Zhao Yanyan is quite rich, only from doing Dual Cultivation With Zhao Yanyan Ye Chen has risen 2 levels From the ancient warrior Realm to the 6th level Realm It became Level 8, probably because Zhao Yanyan's special body of Saintess made him break through two levels at once.

Ye Chen finally accompanied Zhao Yanyan to sleep, Ye Chen did not know that the love scene with Zhao Yanyan was chosen by Chu Yuechan.

Chu Yuechan originally did not want to see but Out of Curiosity Chu Yuechan saw it, upon seeing Ye Chen and Zhao Yanyan doing Dual Cultivation, Chu Yuechan's body felt hot and involuntarily, Chu Yuechan touched his private parts with his own hands.

Chu Yuechan though often teases Ye Chen but in truth Chu Yuechan is still a pure virgin who has never felt being touched by a man.