Journey To Become A True God Chapter 381

381 Everyone Went To The Frozen Ice Sec
Ye Chen and Mu Nianci immediately went downstairs, Ye Chen and Mu Nianci wanted to meet Nangong Xiang and also Fu Lanling in the living room.

When Ye Chen and Mu Nianci arrived at the living room, there were already countless beautiful women sitting in the living room.

There were Zhao Yanyan, Liu Yue, Su Mengxin, Lin Rouxi, Xiao Lulu, all of the Ye Chen women currently surrounded Nangong Xiang, they wanted to know the origin of a beautiful goddess like Nangong Xiang.

When Ye Chen arrived at the living room, all the women immediately looked towards Ye Chen's arrival.

All of Ye Chen's women looked at the beautiful woman next to Ye Chen, they did not think that Ye Chen would bring home two beautiful women at once.

The beautiful women saw Ye Chen's face which looked very anxious, Zhao Yanyan and other women wanted to know what was going on, why did Ye Chen look worried like this.

Mu Nianci was quite surprised when she saw that many peerless beauties were in the same space, all these women were too beautiful, they were like goddesses who had just descended from the sky.

"Husband, what's going on, why do you look so worried? "Zhao Yanyan is the one who asked Ye Chen.

Ye Chen only briefly explained what was happening to Zhao Yanyan, currently there was a problem with the Frozen Ice Sect, and there were two women who belonged to him who were trapped there and needed help from him.

"So, there are two sisters who are in trouble? "Now Zhao Yanyan and the other women understand why Ye Chen looks so worried.

It turned out that there were two Ye Chen women who were currently in serious trouble.

"Then we all want to help you, so far we have continued to rely on you, we also want to help you solve the problems you have." Zhao Yanyan wants to help Ye Chen save the two new sisters who are in trouble.

Liu Yue, Fu Lanling, Su Mengxin, Lin Rouxi and Xiao Lulu also wanted to help Ye Chen solve this problem.

They all wanted to be of use to Ye Chen, the women didn't just want to be a beautiful flower display that Ye Chen was constantly protecting.

All women want to prove that they are worthy of being side by side with Ye Chen.

Ye Chen saw the determination that Zhao Yanyan, Liu Yue, Fu Lanling, Su Mengxin, Lin Rouxi and Xiao Lulu had, all the beautiful wives wanted to help fight on Ye Chen's side.

"Master, you don't need to worry, they are now not weak women that you have to protect every time, now that they have become great cultivators, it's time for them all to help you, so far they have only practiced without knowing the real battle, this is the right time for them to learn in real combat. "Chu Yuechan told Ye Chen to let Zhao Yanyan, Liu Yue, Fu Lanling, Su Mengxin, Lin Rouxi and Xiao Lulu come with him.

This is good enough for Ye Chen's women, let them all practice real combat.

Chu Yuechan's words were indeed right, it was about time Ye Chen let the women know the real battle.

"Okay, then let's all go there." Ye Chen invited all the women to go out of the villa

Nangong Xiang saw all the women that Ye Chen had, all of Ye Chen's women really got along very well, they could overcome the differences that each other had, this was something that Nangong Xiang had never seen in the Imperial Harem.

In the imperial harem the women would fight for the throne to become the First Queen, they didn't hesitate to get rid of other women who got in their way.

It was for this reason that the women in the imperial harem didn't get along with each other, they were trying to get rid of each other in order to be liked by the lord of the stars.

It was for this reason that Nangong Xiang praised Ye Chen's women who looked so good with each other, they really protected each other.

Seeing this, Nangong Xiang decided to go out with Ye Chen and the other women, she had already decided to help Ye Chen and the others.

"The place we are going to is quite far, even if I use the full speed I have, I still need a relatively long time to get there." Ye Chen told all the women that the place they were going to was quite far, Ye Chen needed less time over 50 minutes ~ 1hours to get there.

This was the problem that Ye Chen was currently facing, the distance to the Frozen Ice Sect was quite far, even if Ye Chen flew at full speed, he would still need quite a long time to get there.

Ye Chen had to find a way to get to the Frozen Ice Sect as quickly as possible.

"I might be able to help you get to that place in no time." Nangong Xiang had a way to get to the Frozen Ice Sect in no time.

Ye Chen and all the women who were here immediately looked at Nangong Xiang, they wanted to know what methods Nangong Xiang had.

"Nangong Xiang, what method will you use to get there in such a short time? ", Ye Chen asked what method Nangong Xiang had.

Nangong Xiang stretched out her palm, on top of Nangong Xiang's palm appeared something that looked like an ark, except that the ark in Nangong Xiang's hand was a quite small version.

"Here it is." Nangong Xiang showed the mini version of the Ark on top of her palm.

Ye Chen and all the women were confused when Nangong Xiang showed them a mini version of the ark.

Even Fu Lanling who was a disciple of Nangong Xiang did not know what object was in Nangong Xiang's hand.

"Big sister Xiang, what do you want with the mini ark" Liu Yue asked what Nangong Xiang wanted to do with the mini version of the ark.

Nangong Xiang saw that everyone who was here was confused about the object on her palm.

Nangong Xiang will show you what function this Ark that is on her palm is.

The ark that was in Nangong Xiang's palm began to soar into the sky.

As the mini version of the ark soared into the sky, a light enveloped the mini version of the ark.

When the light enveloped the Mini Version of the Ark, suddenly the Mini Version's Ark began to enlarge from its original size.

The mini version Ark enlarged to the size of Ye Chen's Villa, the profound ark above Ye Chen's villa was very beautiful and magnificent, this profound ark looked very luxurious.

Ye Chen and the all woman immediately saw the profound ark floating above their heads.

It was unexpected that the mini version of the ark that was in Nangong Xiang's hand was an original profound Ark which was quite large and very magnificent.

"We can use this ark to go there, it will save you a lot of time." Nangong Xiang told everyone to use the profound ark she had.

This ark could fly at a very fast speed, so they could reach the Frozen Ice Sect in a very short time.

"If let's go immediately, we shouldn't waste any longer." Ye Chen invited the women to board Nangong Xiang's Profound Ark.

Everyone immediately boarded Nangong Xiang's Profound Ark.

After all the women boarded the Profound Ark, Nangong Xiang controlled the Ark towards the Frozen Ice Sect.

The profound ark with incredible speed went towards the Frozen Ice Sect.

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