Journey To Become A True God Chapter 384

384 Battle Field 1
Lightning began to flash with an extremely loud sound.

The people below immediately looked up at the sky, above the sky they all saw that right now the dark clouds were filled with lightning strikes, this lightning strike looked so abnormal, it looked very scary.

A bolt of lightning danced over the dark sky, The loud sound that came from the lightning strike made everyone here tremble.

Even the woman from the Frozen Ice Sect who was in the array formation trembled when she heard the lightning strike above the sky.

The people below thought that Heaven was really going to collapse.

Mu Lanyin and Qing Cheng felt a danger coming from above the sky, they felt a tremendous amount of power from above.

After obtaining the inheritance of the Ice Phoenix and Purple Butterflies, Mu Lanyin's and Qing Cheng's senses had already increased significantly, they could feel that every danger that was approaching was better than before.

Thousands of lightning strikes began to descend downwards, the people below were amazed when they saw the lightning strikes that began to slowly descend down.

"Everything's going back quickly." Jian Yan immediately ordered everyone from the Seventh Sword Sect to go back as far as possible.

Jian Yan didn't want to be hit by this lightning strike, he preferred to pull everyone back first.

Everyone from the Seventh Sword Sect immediately obeyed Jian Yan's orders, they immediately retreated far back.

"Bammm. . . ., bammm. . . ., bammm. . . ., bammm. . . ., bammm, bammm. . . ., bammm. . . ., bammm. . . , "Lightning began to hit the Frozen Ice Sect's Barrier Array Formation.

As lightning strikes hit the Barrier Array Formation, the Barrier Array Formation began to tremble.

The people that were within the Array Formation immediately ducked, they were all afraid of being struck by the bolts of lightning currently raining down on the Formation Array that was above them.

The women from the Forzen Ice Sect immediately looked very panicked. "Calm down, this Array Formation must be able to withstand this kind of attack." Mu Lanyin tried to calm the women behind her.

Mu Lanyin firmly believed that this Array Formation was able to withstand this terrifying bolt of lightning.

This was an Array formation left behind by the Frozen Ice Sect's founding first ancestor, so its strength should not be doubted.

"Cracked. . . "When Mu Lanyin had just finished speaking, there was a cracking sound.

When this sound was heard, all the women immediately looked up at the Array formation.

At the moment it was seen that the Array formation was starting to show a small crack.

The crack that was originally only very small began to turn bigger and worse.

"Clankk. . . "Suddenly the Frozen Ice Sect's Formation Array collapsed.

After the Array formation collapsed, there was no longer anything that could protect the women from being struck by lightning.

Mu Lanyin who saw this immediately created a multi-layered ice barrier to protect everyone around her.

Mu Lanyin didn't want a woman from the Frozen Ice Sect to die from being hit by this powerful lightning strike.

Surprisingly after destroying the Array Formation, the lightning strike did not immediately destroy the Forzen Ice Sect.

After destroying the Frozen Ice Sect's Formation Array, the lightning bolts that were above the sky seemed to have vanished into the air.

After the lightning strike above the sky disappeared, the women from the Frozen Ice Sect felt relieved, they all rejoiced because the terrifying lightning bolt had vanished.

"Don't be happy just yet, the people from the Seventh Sword Sect will come to attack us." Mu Lanyin told the woman behind her not to be happy this quickly.

Currently the Seventh Sword Sect was advancing towards the Frozen Ice Sect entrance gate.

The party that was most happy when the array formation was destroyed was the Seventh Sword Sect, once the array formation was destroyed they could attack the Frozen Ice Sect.

"Everyone prepare to fight, don't hesitate to kill everyone who attacks our Sect." Mu Lanyin gave orders to all the women to prepare for an all-out battle against the Seventh Sword Sect.

All the women from the Frozen Ice Sect nodded, in the soft palms of each woman from the Frozen Ice Sect appeared an Ice sword, these beauties began to form a battle formation.

Mu Lanyin also took out her artifact called the White lotus crystal sword, this is the first time Mu Lanyin has used a new weapon she got from an ancient heritage place.

Qing Cheng also wanted to join the battle to help the Frozen Ice Sect, she took the Rainbow butterfly shawl weapon artifact that she had.

The people from the Seventh Sword Sect began to draw closer and closer towards the entrance to the Frozen Ice Sect.

"Jian Yan, I and Jian Lubo will take care of Mu Lanyin and Mu Nianci, it's best that you and the remaining elders take care of the Four Frozen Fairies and the women from the Frozen Ice Sect." Jian Ding began to divide tasks between Jian Yan and the elders of their sects.

Jian Ding and Jian Lubo will take care of Mu Lanyin and Mu Nianci, the rest will be left to Jian Yan and the elders of their sect.

"OK, ancestor, I understand." Jian Yan nodded at Jian Ding and Jian Lubo, they would finish their respective tasks and return home victorious.

"Bamm." The people from the Seventh Sword Sect smashed the Frozen Ice Sect's entrance gate.

They all went straight into the Frozen Ice Sect building.

Jian Ding and Jian Lubo wasted no time talking to Mu Lanyin, they immediately charged towards Mu Lanyin.

Jian Ding and Jian Lubo didn't see Mu Nianci's existence, this was a good opportunity for the two of them to flatten the Frozen Ice Sect.

Without Mu Nianci, everything would be very easy.

Jian Ding and Jian Lubo's green flying swords headed straight for Mu Lanyin.

Mu Lanyin saw the arrival of Jian Ding and Jian Lubo who were the ancestors of the Seventh Sword Sect.

Jian Ding and Jian Lubo used the Heavenly Sky Sword to attack Mu Lanyin.

Jian Ding and Jian Lubo's Heavenly Sky Sword Technique was already at an extremely advanced stage.

The two of them could control these seven swords as easily as controlling their own bodies.

As the green sword flew near Mu Lanyin, the Heavenly Sky Sword suddenly grew even faster.

Mu Lanyin raised her sword, she welcomed the 14 flying swords belonging to Jian Ding and Jian Lubo.

One single stroke of Mu Lanyin's sword repelled Jian Ding and Jian Lubo's Heavenly Sky Sword techniques.

Jian Ding and Jian Lubo were also forced back by Mu Lanyin's sword slash.

Jian Lubo and Jian Ding were quite surprised when they saw Mu Lanyin's attack that could repel both of their flying sword techniques so easily.

Mu Lanyin looked at Jian Ding and Jian Lubo with an extremely cold gaze.

"Our sect has never had a grudge against your sect, why are you attacking our sect? ", Mu Lanyin's voice is very cold.

Mu Lanyin turned back into a cold woman in front of her enemies.

"Hahaha, you stupid bitch, our sect may never have had a grudge before, but since your sect is getting in the way of the plans we have, we inevitably have to destroy yours." Jian Lubo told Mu Lanyin what they wanted.

Mu Lanyin raised her eyebrows when she heard this, it seems like what Ye Chen and Qing Cheng said is true, Seventh Sword Sect has the ambition to rule all sects in this mortal world.

"Jian Lubo, don't waste your time talking to this woman, we'd better catch this woman right away." Jian Ding scolded Jian Lubo for wasting his time talking to Mu Lanyin.

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