Journey To Become A True God Chapter 385

385 Battle Field 2
Jian Ding and Jian Lubo attacked Mu Lanyin again, this time they attacked from two directions, namely front and rear.

Jian Ding went to Mu Lanyin's back side while Jian Lubo went to Mu Lanyin's front side.

The two of them attacked Mu Lanyin again using the Heavenly Sky Sword.

The green flying wind blade attacked Mu Lanyin again, but this time the flying wind sword spread out in all directions.

Jian Ding and Jian Lubo deliberately made their wind blades fly randomly, Jian Ding and Jian Lubo wanted to make Mu Lanyin confused.

"You better get out of my sect, I don't want to kill you two." Mu Lanyin told Jian Ding and Jian Yan to take the people from their sects away from here.

"You bitch, are you insulting both of us." Jian Lubo didn't like the arrogance shown by Mu Lanyin.

A junior like Mu Lanyin was very brave enough to speak to himself like this, it was an insult to Jian Lubo and Jian Ding.

"Forward" Jian Lubo decided to attack Mu Lanyin, Jian Lubo's sword wind movements were very fierce and ignorant.

Jian Lubo believed that Mu Lanyin would have a hard time dodging the attacks he made this time.

Jian Lubo was too hasty, he should have waited for Jian Ding to jointly attack Mu Lanyin.

The current Mu Lanyin was still in place, she didn't seem like she wanted to move an inch from where she stood.

As the wind flying sword approached her, Mu Lanyin raised the White Lotus Crystal Sword, a blue light began to envelop Mu Lanyin's White Lotus Crystal Sword.

Mu Lanyin slashed all of Jian Lubo's blades of wind that were pointed at her.

"Clank", all of the wind swords that Jian Lubo had were smashed to pieces by Mu Lanyin's white lotus crystal sword slash.

When Jian Lubo's Heavenly Sky Sword technique was crushed by Mu Lanyin, from the corner of Jian Lubo's mouth blood began to leak out.

Jian Lubo tried to restrain himself from vomiting blood, he didn't expect that Mu Lanyin could destroy the Heavenly Sky Sword technique so easily.

Jian Ding who saw this canceled his intention to attack Mu Lanyin, if at this time he attacked Mu Lanyin, then he would end up like Jian Lubo, that is, suffering defeat at the hands of Mu Lanyin.

"I am warning you for the last time, hurry and take your people away from this place right now, otherwise don't blame me for killing all of you." Mu Lanyin gave Jian Diang and Jian Lubo the last chance.

Mu Lanyin was still kind, otherwise Jian Ding and Jian Lubo would have become corpses.

"How dare you threaten me, I'll make you pay for it." Jian Lubo pointed at Mu Lanyin, at this moment Jian Lubo looked very angry.

A green aura began to envelop Jian Lubo's body, Jian Lubo released all the profound energy he had, he really was serious about fighting Mu Lanyin.

"Seven swords domain." Jian Lubo finally opened a domain.

When Jian Lubo opened a Domain, the area around here began to be enveloped in green light.

From within the ground appeared a huge green blade of wind that towered very high.

This sword that appeared from the ground coiled around the bodies of Jian Lubo, Jian Ding and Mu Lanyin.

When the Domain Seven swords appeared, Mu Lanyin began to feel quite a strong pressure.

"I'll make you pay for your words just now." Jian Lubo looked filled with anger.

Jian Lubo moved the two index and middle fingers he had. When Jian Ding moved his two fingers, several blades of wind immediately appeared behind Mu Lanyin.

Several blades of wind aimed directly at Mu Lanyin.

Mu Lanyin saw the appearance of the wind blade behind her, Mu Lanyin raised her palm to deflect the blade of Wind.

Mu Lanyin's palm began to emit a blue light, when the wind blade hit Mu Lanyin's palm, the blade instantly turned into ice and fell to the ground.

Jian Lubo and Jian Ding were stunned when they saw that Mu Lanyin could freeze such wind blades, for Jian Lubo and Jian Ding this simply made no sense.

How could such a thing happen, it was clear that it was something against Jian Ding and Jian Lubo's knowledge.

Let alone freezing the wind, Mu Lanyin can even freeze a fire now if she wants.

Mu Lanyin, who has inherited the power of the Ice Phoenix, of course Mu Lanyin's Profound Ice is much stronger than the Profound Ice that the people of this world possess.

"I already gave you the opportunity to leave this place, unfortunately you guys ignored my words." Mu Lanyin has no more room to discuss with Jian Ding and Jian Lubo.

Mu Lanyin immediately moved towards Jian Lubo, Mu Lanyin raised her sword, she prepared to attack Jian Lubo.

Jian Lubo would not stand by and watch Mu Lanyin attack him.

Currently Mu Lanyin is in his domain, which means that Jian Lubo still has the upper hand.

Jian Lubo moved his two fingers, as Jian Lubo did this, hundreds of wind blades appeared around Mu Lanyin.

The blades of wind surrounded Mu Lanyin from all directions, Mu Lanyin seemed to have no room to escape from this attack.

"Die, you bitch." Jian Lubo didn't care anymore about Mu Lanyin's life and death.

Right now Jian Lubo was eager to kill Mu Lanyin.

"Jian Lubo, don't kill her." Jian Ding tried to stop Jian Lubo, who had gone mad with the killing intent of Mu Lanyin.

Too bad Jian Lubo couldn't hear what Jian Ding was saying, right now Jian Lubo's mind only had the desire to kill Mu Lanyin.

"Booommm", hundreds of wind blades hit Mu Lanyin and made an explosion.

The explosion just now was quite strong, the ground around the Frozen Ice Sect also trembled when the Explosion occurred.

"Hahaha, Damn woman , feel that." Jian Lubo laughed with satisfaction, he finally got rid of Mu Lanyin.

"Hey Jian Lubo, be careful behind you" Jian Ding warned Jian Lubo.

Jian Lubo stopped laughing, he turned his head back to see what Jian Ding was warning.

When Jian Lubo turned his head back, he saw that Mu Lanyin was already behind him.

Jian Lubo who saw this immediately tried to move backwards.

Mu Lanyin didn't let Jian Lubo just run away, Mu Lanyin stabbed Jian Lubo using the White lotus crystal sword.

Jian Lubo tried to avoid Mu Lanyin's sword stab, but he was still a little slower than Mu Lanyin.

As a result Jian Lubo was scratched by Mu Lanyin's sword, Jian Lubo was able to safely retreat.

Jian Ding felt quite strange about the attack that Mu Lanyin did just now, even though Mu Lanyin's chance was excellent, why didn't she use a follow-up attack to injure Jian Lubo badly enough.

If Mu Lanyin really wanted to kill Jian Lubo, she could land a second strike on Jian Lubo's body.

When Jian Ding was analyzing something, he suddenly saw Jian Lubo who was in front of him kneeling on the ground, whatever the problem Jian Lubo suddenly collapsed to the ground.

"Hey Jian Lubo, what's happening to you? ", Jian Ding immediately asked Jian Lubo who had collapsed to the ground, Jian Ding didn't understand what happened to Jian Lubo at this time.

When Jian Lubo collapsed into the land of the Domain, the Seven swords also disappeared.

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