Journey To Become A True God Chapter 386

386 Battle Field 3
Jian Ding immediately went to Jian Lubo's side, he immediately saw Jian Lubo's current state.

When Jian Ding saw Jian Lubo's condition, he found that Jian Lubo had passed away.

Jian Ding didn't know how Jian Lubo had died, even though he had only been slightly scratched by Mu Lanyin's sword strike.

"Wait, it was scratched by Mu Lanyin's sword, that's it." Jian Ding checked again on Jian Lubo's body, finally Jian Ding understood what happened to Jian Lubo.

Jian Lubo's outer body did not look injured, but Jian Lubo's inner body had completely turned into ice.

Mu Lanyin's sword scratch was the cause of Jian Lubo's inner body turning into ice.

To think that Mu Lanyin would be able to freeze Jian Lubo's inner body with such a method, it was really quite frightening.

Jian Ding had to be careful of Mu Lanyin's attacks, if she was hit by Mu Lanyin's attacks her insides would turn to ice like Jian Lubo's.

Jian Ding immediately kept his distance from Mu Lanyin, this time he started to be very careful when fighting Mu Lanyin, he didn't want to die at the hands of a woman like this.

For the first time that Jian Ding felt scared when fighting against a woman from the Frozen Ice Sect, Mu Lanyin was the first woman from the Frozen Ice Sect who could make Jian Ding feel afraid.

Jian Ding did not expect that in the Frozen Ice Sect there would be a figure even more terrifying than Mu Nianci.

Mu Lanyin had to end this as soon as possible, Mu Lanyin started walking closer to Jian Ding.

Jian Ding saw Mu Lanyin walking towards him, Jian Ding suddenly retreated a little.

"Damn, why am I being afraid like this?" Jian Ding cursed himself in fear when he saw Mu Lanyin approaching him.

"I have no other choice but to use the Pill that the Ancestor Jian Teng gave me." Jian Ding had no other choice, he had to use the pill that Jian Teng gave him.

Jian Ding picked up the red colored pill that was in his pocket, Jian Ding swallowed this red colored pill immediately.

After this pill entered his stomach, an intense force immediately filled Jian Ding's body, Jian Ding felt a tremendous increase in strength after consuming the pill that was given by Jian Teng.

This time Jian Ding is ready to fight Mu Lanyin again.

Meanwhile on the other side.

the women from the Frozen Ice Sect were fighting against the people from the Seventh Sword Sect.

Right now the women from the Frozen Ice Sect were being suppressed by the people from the Seventh Sword Sect.

The Frozen Ice Sect is outnumbered, the number of enemies is more than 3x the number of female members of the Frozen Ice Sect.

"Don't back down, as long as we are united we will definitely win." Mu Zhue tried to encourage all the women beside her, as long as they were all united they would definitely be able to win against the people of the Seventh Sword Sect.

The women who were here believed in Mu Zhue, as long as they were all united, they would all be able to get through all of this.

All of the Frozen Ice Sect women strengthened their determination, they would fight to the death.

"Hehehe, where are you going to retreat, you are all surrounded by us." Jian Yan smiled with satisfaction when he saw the woman from the Frozen Ice Sect who was being pressured by the people of his sect.

Jian Yan felt that this would be very easy, the Four Frozen Fairy members were injured and had not fully recovered, so the Frozen Ice Sect's strength was currently at its weakest.

Defending the Frozen Ice Sect will definitely be very easy to do.

"You people from the Seventh Sword Sect are really shameless, after attacking the four of us you also attacked our sect." Murong Xia hated seeing the people from the Seventh Sword Sect.

These were the people who had made herself and the three members of the Four Frozen Fairies this way.

"It's no use for you to argue about that matter with me. You better all give up and join us voluntarily." Jian Yan gave the woman from the Frozen Ice Sect a chance to give up and voluntarily come along with him.

This would make it easier for Jian Yan to give these pure women to Hong Won.

At least then these women will still look good and without a flaw when left to Hong Won.

"Dream, we will never surrender to you, it is better for us to die than surrender to you." All the female members of the Four Frozen Fairy voiced their voices, they didn't want to submit to the Seventh Sword Sect, they would rather die with honor than have to became a slave of the Seventh Sword Sect.

"If it is your will then I have no other choice, everyone attack at the same time, make sure not to kill these women." Jian Yan gave orders to the people behind him.

The people from the Seventh Sword Sect immediately charged towards the beauties from the Frozen Ice Sect.

"Let's unite for one purpose, which is for victory." Mu Zhue ordered all the women to prepare for battle.

"Bang. . ., Bang. . ., Bang. . ., Bang. . ., "The battle between the women from the Frozen Ice Sect and also the people from the Seventh Sword Sect broke out.

The two sides started fighting using the strengths and skills they had.

Qing Cheng who was at the very back also started to act, she used the controlling technique she had to control the people from the Seventh Sword Sect.

This is a controlling technique that Qing Cheng acquired after inheriting the purple butterfly.

Qing Cheng began to enter into the minds of the people from the Seventh Sword Sect, it was not difficult for Qing Cheng to control these weak people.

"What are you doing, ahhhh" screams of pain began to echo across the battlefield.

Suddenly something strange happened, several people from the Seventh Sword Sect suddenly attacked their comrades and friends.

"Hey what are you doing, why are you attacking your friends yourself? "Some people don't understand what's going on, why suddenly are some people attacking their own comrades.

These people suddenly attacked and injured their comrades who were both from the Seventh Sword Sect. This was really too strange.

Because of this incident, the battlefield between the women from the Frozen Ice Sect and the people from the Seventh Sword Sect became completely chaotic.

The Seventh Sword Sect had to deal with attacks from the Frozen Ice Sect Women as well as their own people who went weird and attacked their own comrades.

"Sect Leader, there is something strange going on, there are some of our people who suddenly attacked their own comrades, what should we do now? "One of the young men reported this to Jian Yan.

Jian Yan was currently fighting the Four Frozen Fairy, while he was busy fighting the Four Frozen Fairies, he suddenly received a very unpleasant report.

As Jian Yan looked around the battlefield, he saw that there were several people who were rebelling and attacking their own sect mates.

Jian Yan was furious when he saw this "kill all the traitors, don't give them a chance to rebel." Jian Yan gave orders to kill all rebels who attacked their own sect mates.

Jian Yan had absolutely no idea that these people were currently being controlled by Qing Cheng.

Qing Cheng who is at the very back is smiling very seductively, the inherited ability of the Purple Butterfly is surprisingly powerful

This was far greater than the Charm Charm she used to confuse her enemies.

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