Journey To Become A True God Chapter 388

388 Battle Field 5
Mu Lanyin began to realize that what Jian Ding had just taken was a pill that could multiply the strength several times.

Mu Lanyin couldn't let her guard down, she didn't know how strong Jian Ding was after taking the red dragon pill.

Jian Ding himself felt like he was invincible, he felt like a dragon on a rampage.

"Let's start the real battle." Jian Ding's seven flying swords charged towards Mu Lanyin.

The Heavenly Sky Sword technique appeared to be extremely fast, it was several times faster than what Mu Lanyin had previously seen.

Mu Lanyin warded off the seven flying swords that were heading towards her. She used her full strength to repel the seven flying swords aimed at her.

"Bang. . . ! ! !, Bang. . . ! ! !, Bang. . . ! ! !, Bang. . . ! ! !, Bang. . . ! ! !, "The collision between the Heavenly Sky Sword technique and Mu Lanyin's White Lotus Crystal Sword began to sound.

Different from before, this time Mu Lanyin seemed to be having a little difficulty deflecting Jian Ding's flying sword.

Jian Ding's Flying sword technique had actually increased several times stronger than before, especially when Mu Lanyin was in Jian Ding's Domain, it was clear that the pressure within this Domain also played an important role in battle.

This is why Mu Lanyin seems to be having a hard time deflecting Jian Ding's sword technique.

Mu Lanyin was completely suppressed, several corners of her clothes had been cut by Jian Ding's flying sword.

if she remained in this domain for a long time, then sooner or later she would be defeated by Jian Ding's flying sword.

Mu Lanyin finally decided to try to get out first from within Jian Ding's Seven Swords Domain.

Mu Lanyin very nimbly started back and forth, she immediately went to the edge of the Seven Swords Domain.

Jian Ding saw what Mu Lanyin was doing, seeing Mu Lanyin wanting to run away from his domain, Jian Ding tried to thwart him.

Hundreds of wind blades appeared around the edges of the domain, these wind blades rotating around the edges like a tornado.

Anyone trying to get out of here would definitely be chopped into a mist of blood by the hundreds of swords swirling around the edge of the Domain.

Mu Lanyin who wanted to escape from within the Domain immediately stopped, the appearance of the blade that was on the edge of domination prevented Mu Lanyin from coming out of Jian Ding's Seven Swords Domain.

Not being able to get out the normal way, Mu Lanyin tried to destroy the Domain Seven swords.

Around Mu Lanyin began to appear dozens of floating ice flowers, these ice flowers hovering very beautifully, each floating ice flower has terrible destructive power.

Mu Lanyin started directing the dozens of floating Ice Flowers towards the edge of the Domain Seven Swords.

The blade on the edge of the Domain Seven swords and Mu Lanyin's floating icicles began to collide.

"BOOMM. . . . , BOOMM. . . . , BOOMM. . . . , BOOMM. . . . , BOOMM. . . . , "An extremely powerful explosion occurred within the Domain Seven swords.

After the explosion occurred, the Ice Mist began to envelop the area within the Seven Swords Domain.

Mu Lanyin wanted to see if her attack this time could bring down the Domain that Jian Ding owned.

After the Ice Mist disappeared, Mu Lanyin saw that the seven great swords were still standing firmly encircling her.

It seemed that the technique Mu Lanyin had just used was completely incapable of destroying Jian Ding's Domain.

"Hahaha, you won't be able to escape that easily, you have to fight me." Jian Ding laughed at Mu Lanyin, the pill he just took was incredible, even Mu Lanyin's attack was unable to destroy his domain.

Jian Ding will not let Mu Lanyin go so easily, no matter what, Jian Ding must defeat Mu Lanyin as soon as possible.

Mu Lanyin turned towards Jian Ding, Mu Lanyin couldn't help but fight Jian Ding in this Domain.

Mu Lanyin began to close her eyes, Mu Lanyin's body began to emit a blue aura, the blue aura emitted by Mu Lanyin was much stronger than Jian Ding's aura.

When Mu Lanyin used the blue aura she had, the area around the Domain started to become so cold that even Ice began to envelop Jian Ding's Domain Seven swords.

"Ice Phoenix Domain" this time Mu Lanyin opened a Domain of her own.

Ice Phoenix Domain is a domain that Mu Lanyin obtained after inheriting the inheritance from the Ice Phoenix.

This was a domain that could only be used if one possessed the blood inheritance of the Ice Phoenix like Mu Lanyin.

When the Ice Phoenix Domain was opened by Mu Lanyin, Jian Ding's Seven Swords Domain started to freeze into ice.

"Clank. . . "The Seven Swords Domain suddenly collapsed like shattered glass.

In the Domain power battle. The Ice Phoenix Domain was far more powerful and dominant than the Domain Seven swords.

Jian Ding was quite surprised when his domain was destroyed by the strange Domain that Mu Lanyin had just opened.

Because his domain had been destroyed, now that Jian Ding was in turn being pressed by the power of Mu Lanyin's Domain, Jian Ding felt his body being pressed by tens of mountains which were extremely heavy, Jian Ding's body also started to shiver because of the extremely cold temperature.

Jian Ding was completely oppressed by Mu Lanyin's Ice Phoenix Domain.

The Ice Phoenix Domain's reach began to spread very rapidly, in an instant the Ice Phoenix Domain enveloped the entire Frozen Ice Sect.

The women from the Frozen Ice Sect and the people from the Seventh Sword Sect were dragged into the Ice Phoenix Domain.

Everyone who had previously fought immediately stopped their fight.

The people from the Seventh Sword Sect suddenly felt oppressed by the extremely terrifying power of the Ice Phoenix Domain.

The weak people from the Seventh Sword Sect fell one by one, they were unable to endure the oppression and coldness that existed within the Ice Phoenix Domain.

As for the women from the Frozen Ice Sect, they didn't feel anything when inside Mu Lanyin's Ice Phoenix Domain, the women felt comfortable inside the Ice Phoenix Domain.

"Ancestor Jian Ding, I warned you beforehand to leave this sect immediately, but you have instead ignored the warning I gave you and hurt the people from my sect, prepare you and your sect to accept the consequences for what you have done" Mu Lanyin said to Jian Ding in an extremely cold tone.

now the life and death of the people from the Seventh Sword Sect were in her hands.

At this moment, Jian Ding couldn't move at all, he looked completely helpless by the pressure from the Ice Phoenix Domain.

Jian Ding didn't expect that the Frozen Ice Sect would become this strong, this was beyond his expectations

"Wait a minute, I beg for pity on us." Jian Ding asked Mu Lanyin for mercy, he didn't want to die like this.

Jian Ding had no other choice, even after taking the Red Dragon Pill, he was still unable to fight against Mu Lanyin, he underestimated Mu Lanyin's strength too.

Even now, the life and death of the Seventh Sword Sect is in the hands of Mu Lanyin.

"You thought I would be that stupid to let go of your sect after you tried to destroy us all, Hemppp. . ., dream. "Mu Lanyin sniffed coldly at Jian Ding.

Mu Lanyin couldn't use the Ice Phoenix Domain for a long time, this was the only last chance she had, if she let go of Jian Ding and the Seventh Sword Sect then if they came back to attack the Frozen Ice Sect then nothing would stop them again. .

Mu Lanyin snapped her fingers, instantly everyone from the Seventh Sword Sect turned into ice statues.

They were all instantly frozen into Ice statues by Mu Lanyin.

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