Journey To Become A True God Chapter 389

389 Frozen Ice Sect Crushed
Finally, the people from the Seventh Sword Sect were eliminated by Mu Lanyin.

The ladies from the Frozen Ice Sect were cheering with joy, they didn't expect that Mu Lanyin would be this great, Mu Lanyin actually erased the Seventh Sword Sect so easily.

After getting rid of the people from the Seventh Sword Sect, Mu Lanyin's Ice Phoenix Domain disappeared.

After the domain disappeared Mu Lanyin's face looked pale, after using the Ice Phoenix Domain all of Mu Lanyin's profound energy was exhausted, now she is really very weak.

Mu Lanyin's body began to waver, she looked as if she was about to fall into the snow that was below her feet.

When Mu Lanyin was about to fall into the snow, Qing Cheng immediately got behind Mu Lanyin and helped her "Are you okay? Qing Cheng asked Mu Lanyin's situation.

"I'm fine, it's just consuming too much profound energy that I have." Mu Lanyin is consuming too much of the profound energy she has, besides that the mental mind needed to maintain the Ice Phoenix Domain is quite heavy.

Mu Lanyin was currently exhausted both physically and mentally.

"Sister Lanyin, you are so amazing, I never thought you could open the domain of the Ice Phoenix legacy, I myself have not even been able to open the Domain from the inheritance I got."

Qing Cheng herself was currently unable to open the Domain she had inherited from the Purple Butterfly.

Currently Qing Cheng was still in the process of learning it, Qing Cheng was a little disappointed with herself.

"You don't need to be disappointed like that, everything needs a process, as long as you try harder, I'm sure you can do it." Mu Lanyin encouraged Qing Cheng to be harder in studying and understanding the inheritance she had acquired.

Qing Cheng understood, later she would be more earnest in understanding the inheritance she got.

"Sect Master", the ladies from the Frozen Ice Sect went to Mu Lanyin's side.

The ladies from the Frozen Ice Sect began to crowd around Mu Lanyin, they wanted to know the current state of Mu Lanyin.

The ladies from the Frozen Ice Sect were still quite proud of the victories they had won, they did not expect that they could win from the Seventh Sword Sect which was the strongest sect among the four major sects.

"Sect master how are you, are you all right? "Feng Xi, who is one of the members of the Four Frozen Fairies, asked Mu Lanyin's situation.

Mu Lanyin looked at the women from the Frozen Ice Sect, she was delighted to see that they were all well and only had minor injuries.

" applause . . . , applause . . . . ,applause . . . "As everyone from the Frozen Ice Sect was celebrating their victory, suddenly from above the sky heard someone clapping their hands.

All the women who were below immediately looked up at the person who was clapping their hands.

When they all looked up they saw a handsome young man hovering above the sky.

Behind this young man were a dozen people in clothes that had the same motifs as each other.

Jian Teng was also behind this handsome young man, he looked like a guard guarding the safety of this handsome young man.

This handsome young man is of course Hong Won, Hong Won looks at the woman from the Frozen Ice Sect who is celebrating their victory.

"That was a really great battle, I never thought you would win in that battle." Hong Won smiled at the Frozen Ice Sect ladies.

Hong Won almost drooled when he looked closely at the beauty of the Frozen Ice Sect woman, these women were so beautiful, they looked like blooming flowers waiting to be picked by him.

" Who are you ? "Mu Zhue asked who Hong Won really was, and what did he want to come to this sect.

What Mu Lanyin and Qing Cheng was afraid of finally happened, these strong people finally appeared before them.

These people were the ones that Qing Cheng had previously meant, they came from the Kunlun Holy Land and possessed extremely powerful strength.

Both Mu Lanyin and Qing Cheng were no match for the people from the Gates of Eternity Sect.

"Beautiful lady, my name is Hong Won, the purpose of my coming here is because of all of you." Hong Won introduced himself to the woman from the Frozen Ice Sect.

What do you want from us? "Feng Xi this time is the one who asked Hong Won.

"Hehehe, it's obvious that I came here for the pure virgins you have." Hong Won chuckled to all the women from the Frozen Ice Sect.

The moment Hong Won's words came out, all the women from the Frozen Ice Sect immediately looked at Hong Won with an extremely cold gaze.

The words that just left Hong Won's mouth made the women of the Frozen Ice Sect feel very dissatisfied.

"You shameless man, you better get out of here." One by one the women from the Frozen Ice Sect cursed the shameless Hong Won.

As the women cursed at the shameless words that escaped Hong Won's tongue, an extremely heavy aura suddenly oppressed all the women from the Frozen Ice Sect.

This strong aura suppressed all the women gathered below, even Qing Cheng and Mu Lanyin were also being suppressed by this extremely powerful aura.

"How presumptuous for you to speak to our young master like that, do you want to be destroyed? ", Jian Teng roared at the women from the Frozen Ice Sect.

Currently Jian Teng was still annoyed that the Seventh Sword Sect had been defeated by the Frozen Ice Sect.

"Jian Teng, don't be rude like that to these beautiful women, quickly withdraw your aura." Hong Wong told Jian Teng to immediately withdraw the aura he had.

Hearing the order from Hong Won, Jian Teng could only obey and retract the aura he had.

After Jian Teng retracted his aura, the women from the Frozen Ice Sect were able to move again.

"I will give you two choices, the first choice is that you come with me voluntarily, and for the second option I will take you by force, so which choice will you choose? "Hong Won told the ladies from the Frozen Ice Sect to choose the two options he mentioned earlier.

The ladies from the Frozen Ice Sect were very upset, this man was really shameless, he gave a completely absurd choice.

"We will not choose both options, we will never come with you", the Four Frozen Fairy members answered Hong Won with very cold words.

"Too bad, you only have those two options, otherwise. . . " Hong Won suddenly raised one hand of his to the sky.

When Hong Won raised his hand to the sky, a flash of lightning began to gather in Hong Won's hand.

"Rumble. . . . , Rumbling. . . . , Rumbling. . . . , Rumbling. . . . , "The lightning began to Rumble with a terrifying sound.

The lightning that had gathered in Hong Won's hand began to turn into a lightning whip.

Hong Won spun this lightning rod over the Frozen Ice Sect sky, after repeatedly turning the lightning whip in his hand.

Hong Won immediately aimed the lightning whip at the Ice Sect building which stood majestically.

"Booom. . , "Booom. . , "Booom. . , "Booom. . , "Booom. . , "When the lightning whip struck the Frozen Ice Sect building, there was an explosion that was quite strong.

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