Journey To Become A True God Chapter 39

39 Mysterious Female Police Officer

In another place, the place where Ye Chen was fighting was now filled by the police who secured that place.

Initially a driver reported that there was an accident in the lane near the city border, the police who received the report immediately headed to the place where the accident was.

When they got there the police were shocked, because at the scene there was a fairly large crack, and around the crack there were a lot of gun bullets scattered about, and the bullets were not intact, the bullet shape was flat and bumped like crashing into something very big hard.

The police were assigned immediately to secure the location around the place, the police also began to interrogate the person who reported the incident for the first time.

But when asked the person who reported said that, when he was passing on this road he saw a black car that was stopped in the middle of the road and a crack a few meters in front of the car, so the informant stopped his car on the side of the road and went down to see it.

When the informant saw the crack that was on the road from close range there was something similar like a bullet scattered about, but the informant did not know that it was a bullet because it looked almost like a coin because flattened.

The informant wants to see if there is someone inside the car parked in the middle of the road. After looking closely, it turns out that no one is in the car. That makes the informant confused. Why is this good car left in a place like this? Moreover, the car key is still attached.

then when the informant looked around the place, and the informant saw Something Burnt Looks in the distance A few hundred meters from where he stands today.

Because the informant's curiosity approached him, after walking several tens of meters the informant saw that what was burning was a pretty good car, the informant did not dare to come any closer and immediately called the police and reported what he saw at this time.

After Hearing All the explanations from the informant the police immediately conducted an investigation, after an investigation it turned out there were a total of eight victims.

For how the police were deployed was quite confused to conclude, because there seemed to be a fight at this location a while ago.

Car tire trail Shows that the car is about to head towards the crack, but when it gets around the crack of the car tire disappears and the car suddenly arrives at Discover a few hundred meters from the last place of the car tire trail.

Moreover, cracks on this road are not the result of explosives, that's why the police do not know the origin of this big crack.

Because the police found a way in this case, they called the Central office and explained all the inconveniences at the location, and asked for help from the Special Investigation Team.

After that the police who were there waiting for the Investigation team to come to this place, After waiting Approximately 20 minutes at the end there were 2 cars approaching towards them. The other one was a black jeep. A new Lamborghini luxury sports car.

After the two cars were parked on the side of the road, the people inside came out one by one, in the Black Jeep car came out 4 people wearing black suits, and in the Lamborghini car came out the police Beautiful woman aged 22/23 years had the figure Which is pretty good.

After getting out of his car, the female policeman went straight to the evidence. The one at the location ignored the policemen who had been waiting for him.

Fortunately, one of the four men in suits approached the police and showed his badge, then asked for the results of all the investigations obtained by the police.

After getting all the explanations of the man in the suit then told the police that "well, from here we will take it, your job is to secure 1 mil from here and make sure no one / reporter can come to this place".

After receiving orders, the police saluted and immediately left to secure the 1mil street from the scene.

The investigation team immediately moved to collect evidence and see the victims of this tragedy. After quite a long period of collecting evidence, finally the four men handed it over to the beautiful woman police officer.

"Miss Luo, this is the result that we can conclude at this time." The man in the black suit handed over the details of the investigation results that could be found. After the female policeman read the results, the female policeman slightly raised his eyebrows.

Reports related to the number of victims who were Burned in the car, a fist found in a burning car, it was estimated that the car was hit until it flew and landed several hundred meters, several pistols that had just been used for firing and also 3 victims which were all The bones in his chest crumbled as if he were hit by a heavy object.

The man in the suit came to the conclusion that all of this is really strange and impossible for normal humans to do.

"Are you sure this number is correct?" Asked the female Luo police.

"From the location there were only eight people we could find," the man in the suit explained to the female Luo police.

"You see the ashes in front of the car," Luo policewoman pointed to the ashes in front of the black car in the middle of the road.

"That is the ashes of the ninth victim, I can smell the blood from the ash," said Luo police.

The man in the jacket who heard this was shocked, if the ash on the road turned out to be ash from human combustion.

"But but there is no leftover bone around the ashes," said the man in the black suit.
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"I know the culprit is definitely a person who is very strong and I think this person is a cultivator and his level must be High, maybe the level of Sky Realm that can burn people to ashes easily" Luo female police explained to the man in the black coat.

After the man in the black coat knew that this was done by a cultivator the man in the black suit understood why this incident was so strange.

Even though the man in the black suit was not a cultivator, but after becoming an Investigation policy, the man in the black suit had little knowledge of what a cultivator was, and how strong they all were, cultivators could be called monsters because they were far more powerful than even trained soldiers.

Luo female police officer "Let's just close this special for a while, take the bodies and identify all of them, whether they are bad people or not, I will report it to the organization first, whether this characteristic is continued or not will be decided by the organization" Luo female police did not dare to make a decision because the person concerned had enough strength, so only the organization could decide.

after saying that Luo woman policeman walked towards his car, After entering the policy Luo woman immediately started the engine and left this place