Journey To Become A True God Chapter 390

390 Chains Illusion
Hong Won's lightning whip struck all of the Frozen Ice Sect's buildings.

When the whip struck the Frozen Ice Sect's building, there was an extremely powerful explosion.

Hong Won whipped blindly, the Icebergs began to collapse and were crushed by Hong Won's Lightning whip.

The women from the Frozen Ice Sect could only see the Sect building they lived in being destroyed by Hong Won.

"You shameless bastard, we will kill you." Mu Zhue and the other three members of the Four Frozen Fairy were very angry when they saw their sect being destroyed by Hong Won.

Mu Zhue, Feng Xi, Mu Fei, Murong Xia all wanted to go immediately to make some calculations with Hong Won.

"You four, wait a moment." Mu Lanyin stopped Mu Zhue, Feng Xi, Mu Fei, Murong Xia who wanted to do something so reckless.

"Sect master, what's wrong? "Ask Mu Zhue, Feng Xi, Mu Fei, Murong Xia to Mu Lanyin.

The four of them want to know why Mu Lanyin stopped those who want to make calculations with Hong Won.

"You are no match for that person" Mu Lanyin told Mu Zhue, Feng Xi, Mu Fei, Murong Xia that the four of them were not opponents of these strong people.

"Then do we have to see our sect being destroyed like this? "Murong Xia couldn't stand to see their sect being destroyed like this.

Mu Lanyin didn't answer Murong Xia's question, Mu Lanyin just closed her eyes.

In a situation like this she hoped that Ye Chen would arrive here soon, she was the only hope that might help the Frozen Ice Sect out of this difficult problem.

Mu Lanyin had sent a message to Ye Chen a while ago, but until now Ye Chen had not arrived at this place.

Looks like Ye Chen still needs some time before he gets here.

"Hahahaha" Hong Won seemed to enjoy when he destroyed the Frozen Ice Sect building, the Frozen Ice Sect building had really been turned into ice rubble by Hong Won.

The women of the Frozen Ice Sect could only see their sects which Hong Won had turned into ice ruins.

"Now you choose one of the two options that I have given you earlier, otherwise don't blame me if I use this whip on you, Rumble. . . " Hong Won drew the lightning whip that was in his hand, when Hong Won did this the sound of lightning strikes was heard by the women from the Frozen Ice Sect.

"We all will not choose the choice you gave earlier, it is better for us to die than end up in the hands of a despicable person like you." The women from the Frozen Ice Sect completely rejected the choice given by Hong Won They still insisted on their stand respectively.

"Miss beautiful, even though I have been very kind to all of you, if that's what you want then don't blame me for using harsh means to you" Hong Won has lost the patience he has, now he will start to kidnap all the beautiful women from Frozen Ice Sect.

Carrying a lightning whip in his hand, Hong Won flew towards the crowd of women from the Frozen Ice Sect.

Seeing Hong Won flying over here, all the women from the Frozen Ice Sect immediately made a defensive formation.

They are more willing to fight to the death than have to go along with Hong Won.

Hong Won smiled when he saw the stupidity of these beautiful women, it was clear that these women were not Hong Won's opponents, they were not worthy of being Hong Won's opponents.

"Qing Cheng, can you buy time until Ye Chen comes here." Mu Lanyin whispered in Qing Cheng's ear, she wanted Qing Cheng to buy time until Ye Chen arrived here.

"Okay, I'll try." Qing Cheng wasn't sure that he could buy time belonging to the people of the Gates of Eternity Sect.

At least Qing Cheng would try it first.

Qing Cheng left Mu Lanyin's side, she immediately stood before the formation of the women from the Frozen Ice Sect.

All of the women from the Frozen Ice Sect were confused when they saw Qing Cheng standing right in front of the defensive formation they were currently setting up.

Qing Cheng ignored the gazes she received from the women from the Froze Ice Sect.

Qing Cheng started to close her eyes. "Chains illusion." Qing Cheng used the inherited technique she had.

As Hong Won drew closer to the women from the Frozen Ice Sect, the view around him suddenly darkened.

Hong Won is quite confused to find himself in a very dark place.

Hong Won looked around to find a way out of this dark place, unfortunately everywhere the eye looked there was endless darkness.

"Damn, have you tried playing with me? "Hong Won is very angry because he did not find a way out of this dark area.

Hong Won used the lightning whip in his hand to attack everything around him.

His lightning whip did not reach anything, only eternal emptiness existed in this place.

"Damn what the hell is going on here? "Hong Won is getting more and more confused about the situation he is currently in.

"Hahahaha, you are brave enough to make trouble in my place whether you want to seek a death" a terrifying voice echoed through this endless darkness.

"Who are you, show yourself, don't just dare to hide." Hong Won boldly insulted the owner of the voice just now.

After these words of contempt left Hong Won's lips, the area around Hong Won began to fill with scorching flames.

Hong Won felt his body almost melt just from being near this fire.

From behind the fire began to appear a very scary monster. "Do you still remember me? This monster said to Hong Won.

Hong Won's body trembled when he saw the shape of this monster, Hong Won slowly stepped back.

"How did you get here? "Hong Won can't believe that this monster is here, Hong Won is currently very scared when he sees this monster in front of him.

"Hahaha, I came here to make calculations with you." The monster started stretching its large claws towards Hong Won.

Hong Won was so scared, he immediately ran as hard as he could, unfortunately no matter how much Hong Won tried to run, he could not move from where he was standing right now.

The big monster claws pinched Hong Won's head, Hong Won was lifted into the air by the monster.

The monsters began to lift Hong Won in front of him "prepare to be grilled meat".

The monster began to open its jaws very wide.

From inside this monster's mouth, a burst of fire was very hot. This burst of fire immediately grabbed Hong Won's body, Hong Won's body caught fire and began to melt.

"Ahhhhh. . . , damn it hurts. . . , hot. . ., Help me . . , Help me. . ., Help me. . . Hong Won screamed in pain, Hong Won screamed for help.

No matter how loudly Hong Won cried out for help, no one came to help him.

Qing Cheng has managed to trap Hong Won into her illusionary technique, she uses Hong Won's greatest fear to create an illusion.

Unexpectedly, Hong Won's fear could easily make Hong Won trapped in Qing Cheng's illusionary technique.

After being trapped in Qing Cheng's Chains illusion technique, Hong Won looked like a person who was daydreaming.

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