Journey To Become A True God Chapter 395

395 Defeat The Enemy With One Slap
Ye Chen left the matter of Hong Won's men to Zhao Yanya and the others, he believed that they could all beat these people.

Ye Chen himself also had to make a calculation with Hong Won, this man was the mastermind behind all the chaos that happened to the Frozen Ice Sect.

Hong Won really is brave enough to have evil thoughts towards Mu Lanyin and Qing Cheng.

Moreover, just now Hong Won also had evil thoughts on Zhao Yanyan, Liu Yue, Fu Lanling, Su Mengxin, Lin Rouxi and Xiao Lulu.

This crime must be paid for by Hong Won himself, he must accept the consequences of what he has done today.

Ye Chen didn't waste the time he had, Ye Chen walked off to where Hong Won was.

The steps that Ye Chen took was quite fast, in no time Ye Chen arrived in front of Hong Won.

Ye Chen looked at Hong Won with quite a hostile gaze.

Hong Won saw that Ye Chen was right in front of him, according to Hong Won, Ye Chen's speed was not bad at all.

Hong Won had no idea that the person in front of him was more terrifying than the monster illusion that Qing Cheng had created.

"What a coincidence you came here, that way I am easier to kill you" Hong Won said with a tone that is very arrogant.

In this world, Hong Won considers everyone to be an object he can play with at will, because of this he underestimated Ye Chen who was standing in front of him.

The environment where Hong Won grew up was very good, he was very spoiled by people from the Gates of Eternity Sect, every day Hong Won received special treatment, anyone who dared to oppose orders from Hong Won would be severely punished, some even until execution.

Everyone from the Gates of Eternity Sect had great respect for Hong Won, no one dared to oppose the words that came out of Hong Won's mouth.

It is because of this that Hong Won considers everyone in this world to be an item that he can step on and play with at will.

Ye Chen was quite annoyed when he saw the man in front of him acting so arrogantly so arrogant.

It seemed that he had to show who the boss was here, Ye Chen disappeared from where he was standing.

Ye Chen stretched his hand towards Hong Won's neck, Ye Chen grabbed Hong Won's neck and lifted him into the air.

Hong Won did not see the movements made by Ye Chen, when Hong Won realized he had been lifted by Ye Chen into the air.

Hong Won tries to fight Ye Chen using the strength he has.

In Ye Chen's hands, Hong Won started to rebel, Hong Won started attacking Ye Chen using the power of lightning he had.

Hong Won's efforts were in vain, Ye Chen was completely unfazed by the attacks he made.

Hong Won's lightning only made Ye Chen feel amused, it had absolutely no effect on Ye Chen.

"Is this the only power you have? , with such weak strength you really want to kill me? , you fool. "Ye Chen sneered at Hong Won who was currently in his hands.

The strength shown by Hong Won looks very weak, with strength like this he is very arrogant when talking to Ye Chen.

"Quickly let me go, I am the young master of the Gates of Eternity Sect who is one of the rulers of the territory in the Holy Land of Kunlun, if you dare to move an inch of my hair, then your whole family will end tragically." Hong Won used the influence of the Gates of Eternity Sect to scare Ye Chen.

Ye Chen was a brave person, he was never afraid to deal with one of the great forces that controlled the Kunlun holy land.

"I don't care if you are a young master of one of the great powers who control the Kunlun Holy Land? , you made me angry, now feel the consequences of what you have done "Ye Chen started to get stronger as he grabbed Hong Won's neck.

Ye Chen's grip was too strong, Hong Won was in pain and couldn't breathe.

"Anyone. . . please. . . save me . . . ", In a hoarse voice, Hong Won asked the people from the Gates of Eternity Sect who were fighting in front of him for help.

Unfortunately the people from the Gates of Eternity Sect couldn't help Hong Won, they were currently in trouble alone for fighting against Ye Chen's beautiful woman.

"Junior how dare you, quickly let go of our young master who is in your hands, otherwise you will pay for it" Ren Lie roared at Ye Chen.

Ren Lie finally wanted to get off the Profound Ark belonging to the Gates of Eternity Sect, Ren Lie could no longer see the terrifying scenery below.

If anything happened to Hong Won then the sect master of the Gates of Eternity Sect would definitely not let go of himself that easily.

Ye Chen looked at Ren Lie who had just come, Ye Chen could feel Ren Lie's overflowing killing aura.

"I will not let this person go, this person still has matters that he must be responsible for." Ye Chen frankly refused to let go of Hong Won who was in his grip.

"Elder Ren. . . hurry save me. . . this person is suffocate me very hard. "Hong Won asked Ren Lie for help to immediately save himself from Ye Chen's grip.

Hong Won can't stand the pain he feels, from childhood to big Hong Won has never been hurt by anyone, that's why Hong Won can't stand this pain.

"Young master, you take it easy, I will immediately save you from this person." Ren Lie promised to immediately save Hong Won in Ye Chen's hands.

Lightning began to appear on Ren Lie's body, Ren Lie's entire body was currently enveloped by lightning.

The strength that Ren Lie showed was extraordinary, the snow and ground under Ren Lie's feet began to shake and cracks appeared.

The cracked ground began to rise to the sky, the aura shown by Ren Lie was strong.

Above the sky, dark clouds of lightning began to shoot down, lightning from the sky began to rain down on Ren Lie's body, Ren Lie was like a god who was controlling this lightning that struck.

"Junior, get ready to accept your advice." Ren Lie started to take steps to go to Ye Chen.

"Booomm" when Ren Lie moved towards Ye Chen, the ground that was previously stepped on by Ren Lie shattered leaving a large enough hole.

Ren Lie turned into a flash of lightning, he started circling around Ye Chen's body, the speed that Ren Lie showed was extremely fast, ordinary cultivators would definitely find it difficult to see the shadow that Ren Lie's had.

"Die. . . .! ", Ren Lie's five fingers formed like a spear, he pointed his five fingers towards Ye Chen's heart.

Before Ren Lie's hand could touch Ye Chen's body, Ye Chen had already stopped Ren Lie's movement, Ye Chen's hand was currently holding Ren Lie's wrist.

"I have no business with you, get out of my sight." Ye Chen has no business with this old man, he only has business with Hong Won.

Ye Chen slapped Ren Lie's face very hard, Ye Chen's slap made Ren Lie fly several kilometers before hitting a mountain not far from here.

Ye Chen's slap was quite strong, it was because Ye Chen used the full strength he had, Ren Lie would definitely be seriously injured when he received a slap from Ye Chen.

Now no one would bother Ye Chen anymore, all the annoying people had been eliminated by him.

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