Journey To Become A True God Chapter 396

396 Great Elder Hong Ming
"Now there will be no one who can help you, I will make you feel something more painful than death." Ye Chen will not kill Hong Won, he will make Hong Won feel something more painful than death.

In his mind Ye Chen has thought of many ways to torture Hong Won.

Ye Chen will start to torture Hong Won.

"Bamm", when Ye Chen wanted to do something to Hong Won, someone came out of nowhere and launched a sneak attack on him.

Ye Chen who wasn't ready to be hit by this sneak attack, Ye Chen was forced back several tens of meters by this sneak attack.

Ye Chen immediately looked at the person who had just launched a sneak attack on him.

Not only did he launch a sneak attack, this person also took Hong Won from Ye Chen's hands.

Right beside Hong Won, Ye Chen saw an old man in black clothes.

This old man emitted a powerful and very domineering aura.

Judging from the cultivation base that this old man owns, this old man should be at the peak stage ten of the Overlord Realm.

This man only needed a little more to reach half a step towards Divine Realm.

"Little Hong, are you okay?", The old man who just launched a sneak attack asked about the situation from Hong Won.

"Great elder Hong Ming I'm fine, thank you for helping me" Hong Won thanked Hong Ming who helped him from Ye Chen.

When facing this old man, Hong Won's attitude was a little respectful, Hong Won looked obedient when he was in front of this old man.

This old man's name was Hong Ming, he was a great Elder of the Gates of Eternity Sect.

Hong Ming's position in the Gates of Eternity Sect was quite high, even Hong Won's father still had to give Li Ming a face.

"That's great." Hong Ming nodded at Hong Won, he was glad Hong Won was fine and not hurt.

Previously Hong Ming followed Hong Won secretly, he was ordered to protect Hong Won from behind the scenes.

if a problem didn't occur, then Hong Ming probably wouldn't have shown himself in front of everyone.

"Great elder Hong Ming, I'm glad you are here." Ren Lie who was slapped by Ye Chen returned to Hong Won and Hong Ming's side.

Ren Lie's appearance looked very sad, Ren Lie's face was slightly bent, Ren Lie's teeth were also knocked out.

You can see that the slap just now was quite strong.

Ren Lie himself did not expect that Ye Chen's strength would be that great, even he who was at the nine stage of the Overlord Realm was unable to endure a slap from a junior like Ye Chen.

"Ren Lie hurry up and take Hong Won away from here, I'll catch up with you two later" Hong Ming told Ren Lie to take Hong Won out of here as soon as possible.

It's very dangerous here for Hong Won's safety, it's better to let Hong Won get out of here as soon as possible.

"Okay, great elder Hong Ming, I understand, I will take Young Master Hong away from here." Ren Lie immediately grabbed Hong Won's wrist.

Ren Lie took Hong Won back to theProfound Ark, after which Hong Won and Ren Lie boarded the profound ark.

The Profound Ark started to Rumble, the Profound Ark began to fly away from this place, with the maximum speed the Profound Ark left the Frozen Ice Sect.

"Where are you running away? , I won't let you go so easily. "Ye Chen won't let Hong Won go so easily, he still has to make Hong Won pay for what he did to Mu Lanyin and Qing Cheng.

"I won't let you, your opponent is me." Hong Ming arrived in front of Ye Chen, Hong Ming blocked Ye Chen's path who wanted to chase the profound ark that Hong Won was riding.

"Then I'll get rid of you." Because this guy tried to get in his way, Ye Chen decided to get rid of this old man.

Ye Chen clenched his fists, he used these fists to hit Hong Min.

Hong Ming also clenched his own fists, he prepared for the hand blows that came from Ye Chen.

"Bammm" an impact occurred, the impact of the punch between Ye Chen and Hong Min made a powerful blow, the snow below them was blown away by this blow.

Hong Ming retreated hundreds of meters back, in the exchange just now that Hong Ming was completely defeated, he was forced back like this by Ye Chen.

Even though Hong Ming had used his full strength in the blow earlier, it was unexpected that he would still lose to a young junior like Ye Chen.

Ye Chen remained where he stood, after receiving the inheritance from the Azure dragon, Ye Chen's physical strength became very strong, Hong Ming could not possibly win if he fought against Ye Chen using physical strength.

"I didn't expect you to have this strong power, it's no wonder you are very confident in fighting me." Hong Ming admitted that Ye Chen's physical strength was very strong.

"You already know that I'm strong right, then get away from my face right now, otherwise I won't hesitate to use force against an old man like you." Ye Chen told Hong Ming to get out of his way.

"Young man, you are too arrogant, above this sky there is still another sky, in this world there are still people who are much stronger than you, including the people you are currently talking about, we of the Gates of Eternity Sect are a great power, if you offend us then you will have a great calamity. "Hong Ming instead gave a lecture to Ye Chen.

"I don't care about that, I've offended you, there's no point in me retreating at a time like this." Ye Chen is not a fool, he has offended the Gates of Eternity Sect, it's better that Ye Chen start first than the enemy who attacked him first .

Hong Min's words had no effect on Ye Chen, this fellow was completely unafraid when he heard the name of the legendary Gates of Eternity Sect.

"Then don't blame me if you die in this battle." Hong Ming no longer wasted unnecessary words on Ye Chen, he would fight using all the strength he had.

"We'll see who will lose here" Ye Chen said to Hong Ming.

Ye Chen and Hong Ming started to give off an extremely powerful Profound Aura.

Hong Ming's body was currently enveloped by an aura of lightning that was striking everywhere.

while Ye Chen was enveloped in a very hot, silver colored flame.

Both Ye Chen and Hong Ming showed off the strength they possessed.

The earth and sky started shaking when Ye Chen and Hon Min's profound aura met.

The area around Ye Chen and Hong Ming began to be affected by the aura that both of them possessed, so many cracks and earthquakes occurred.

The power pressure exerted by Ye Chen and Hong Ming also affected the people here.

Even Ye Chen's women were also affected by the aura that Ye Chen and Hong Ming gave off.

"It's really amazing, this is the first time I've seen my husband fight using his full strength." Zhao Yanyan was amazed by the strength displayed by Ye Chen.

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