Journey To Become A True God Chapter 397

397 Speed Vs Speed
Zhao Yanyan, Liu Yue, Su Mengxin, Lin Rouxi and Xiao Lulu had finished taking care of the people from the Gates of Eternity Sect.

The five of them were currently watching Ye Chen's fight who was in the distance

"You are absolutely right, the strength of this husband is extraordinarily strong." Liu Yue also admitted that the strength shown by Ye Chen was extremely strong.

"Big brother Ye Chen looks really cool." Xiao Lulu saw that what Ye Chen was doing was very cool.

Zhao Yanyan was not the only one who was astonished by the strength that Ye Chen showed. Liu Yue, Su Mengxin, Lin Rouxi and Xiao Lulu were also amazed by the strength that Ye Chen was currently showing.

Here only Mu Lanyin and Qing Cheng were not surprised when they saw the strength shown by Ye Chen, both of them had already seen Ye Chen's strength against Undead Drogon in the ancient heritage site.

Nangong Xiang smiled gently when he saw Ye Chen using the strength he had.

what made Nangong Xiang interested was the Heavenly Flame that was displayed by Ye Chen, the fire power that was displayed by Ye Chen was far more perfect than what Nangong Xiang was capable of.

Nangong Xiang created a barrier around himself and the women around here, he would make sure that nothing happened to Zhao Yanyan and the other women who were here.

Ye Chen and Hong Ming looked at each other, the two of them were already ready to start fighting.

Ye Chen and Hong Ming were waiting for the other party to take the first step.

Seeing that Hong Ming did not intend to attack first, Ye Chen decided to go first to attack Hong Ming.

Ye Chen used the nine shadows step, this was Ye Chen's mainstay technique.

Ye Chen made a shadow to trick Hong Ming.

"Bamm", Ye Chen suddenly appeared in front of Hong Ming, he hit Hong Hing's chest in front of him.

Ye Chen's punch sent Hong Ming back several hundred meters behind him, after Hong Ming stopped he grabbed his chest which Ye Chen had just hit.

Hong Ming looked quite in pain from the punch that came from Ye Chen.

Hong Ming was completely unconscious when Ye Chen hit himself, Hong Ming didn't see the movements Ye Chen made at all.

"Bastard, I'll kill you." Hong Ming roared at Ye Chen, he looked even more angry at Ye Chen.

Hong Ming used lightning steps to attack Ye Chen, Hong Ming turned into a bolt of lightning, he rushed towards Ye Chen at full speed.

Ye Chen returned to using the nine shadow steps, Ye Chen also headed towards Hong Ming.

"Bang. . . . . , Bang. . . . . , Bang. . . . . , Bamm. . . ., Bamm. . . ., Bamm. . . ., "Above the sky there was a fierce battle between Ye Chen and Hong Ming, Ye Chen and Hong Ming attacked each other, the two exchanged blows and attacks.

Whenever Ye Chen and Hong Ming's attacks met, an extremely strong wind was bound to occur, this blow blew everything around Ye Chen and Hong Ming.

The sacred place held by the Frozen Ice Sect was completely destroyed by the battle that Ye Chen and Hong Won were doing

Ye Chen and Hong Ming were fighting at an unbelievably fast pace, the battle between Ye Chen and Hong Ming could hardly be seen by others.

In this place, only Nangong Xiang could see Ye Chen's movements, the other women were still unable to see Ye Chen's movements.

Even Fu Lanling, who had reached half a step towards Divine Realm, still had a little trouble seeing Ye Chen's movements.

Ye Chen attacked Hong Ming from all directions, using the nine shadow steps, Ye Chen could easily move from side to side.

In addition, the shadows made by the nine shadows made Hong Ming seem confused by the steps that Ye Chen took.

Hong Ming is currently really depressed by the onslaught of attacks by Ye Chen, during exchanging blows with Ye Chen he has never once hit Ye Chen's body.

Meanwhile, Hong Ming himself had been beaten dozens of times by Ye Chen until his entire body was very painful.

Hong Ming was the most confident person with the speed he had, it was unexpected that today he would be forced into this state by Ye Chen.

"You bastard." Hong Ming roared at Ye Chen, Hon Ming began to gather the profound energy in his hands.

"Lightning Hammer Fist," Hong Ming's fist turned into a lightning hammer, Hong Ming aimed this punch at Ye Chen.

When Hong Ming hit Ye Chen using the Lightning Hammer Fist, his punch didn't touch anything at all, only empty air was grabbed by the punch that was being carried out by Hong Ming.

" What ? ", Hong Ming was surprised to find himself striking only Ye Chen's shadow.

"You idiot I'm behind you" Ye Chen spoke to Hong Ming, Ye Chen has now moved behind Hong Ming.

Ye Chen who was behind immediately kicked Hong Ming's back.

Hong Ming fell to the ground below.

"Booom" the ground shook when Hong Ming fell to the ground, Hong Ming was kicked by Ye Chen and hit the ground below ..

After Hong Ming hit the ground, a crater that was quite large was formed.

Hong Ming was currently lying on his stomach in the middle of a huge crater.

"Buffff", Hong Ming vomited the soil in his mouth, Hong Ming's back was also very painful, this was the first time Hong Ming was made into this state by his enemy.

Previously, Hong Ming had never experienced such a bitter defeat, Hong Ming clenched his fists tightly, several veins on Hong Ming's head began to stick out.

Hong Ming was already very angry with Ye Chen.

Hong Ming started to rise from within the crater, he looked at Ye Chen with eyes filled with anger.

"Hooo, you can still wake up too huh, I think your old bones have been broken because of that thing just now" Ye Chen said to Hong Ming who was in front of him.

"You are the first person who can put me in this state, now I will show you something that will bring you to your knees in front of me." Hong Ming began to take out something from his storage ring.

What Hong Ming just took out was a round object, this round object was covered by a black cloth, the thing covered by a black cloth looked very mysterious.

"Prepare to lose." Hong Ming opened a black cloth covering a round object.

When the cloth was opened, a mirror appeared in front of Ye Chen, it turned out that the thing inside a black cloth was a round mirror.

Ye Chen thought this thing was an heirloom weapon of mass destruction, unexpectedly this was just a round mirror that was used by ancient people in the past.

Hong Ming chuckled at Ye Chen, he started to point the mirror towards Ye Chen.

"Ye Chen quickly get out of there." Nangong Xiang suddenly rushed to Ye Chen's side, she tried to warn Ye Chen to get out of there immediately.

"It's already too late to run away, feel this." A bright light started to come out from the round mirror, this light enveloped Ye Chen and Nangong Xiang.

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