Journey To Become A True God Chapter 40

40 Misunderstanding

I don't know how long Ye Chen had fallen asleep, when Ye Chen opened his eyes and looked at the ceiling. With a very nice decoration, this was not Ye Chen's hotel room, Ye Chen looked around and saw a giant size mattress, Ye Chen remembered that this was a room for Doing Dual cultivation but somehow Ye Chen could enter into the Fairy Gate.

Beside him Zhao Yanyan was still sleeping Very Peacefully, It seemed that Zhao Yanyan was still exhausted

"Your master is awake" Chu Yuechan's voice was heard near the door.

Ye Chen panicked and immediately took a blanket beside him to cover the naked part of his body.

"Yuechan why did you come into this room?" Ye Chen asked.

Chu Yuchan Giggling "The master doesn't need to cover yourself anymore Last night I saw all your body parts so what else do you want to hide from me".

Chu Yuechan's words Like a bolt of lightning for Ye Chen, Ye Chen had no idea that he and Zhao Yanyan when they were doing Dual Cultures were seen by Chu Yuechan.

"Bad girl, how can you peek at someone who is intimately connected, are you not ashamed?" Ye Chen scolded Chu Yuechan.

"It's not your fault Ye Chen, who told me to show the spectacle to me" Chu Yuechan said with a very red face.

Chu Yuechan said as if he wasn't the one who was wrong at the beginning, Ye Chen didn't want to be right with this girl so Ye Chen tried to find where his clothes were.

Ye Chen: "Yuechan where did you put my clothes?".

"This" Chu Yuchan then took out a shirt. A shirt from his storage room and handed it to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen accepted the clothes given by Chu Yuechan and wore them on his body, these clothes were like the old china clothes that often appeared on dynasty TV series.

"Now Ye Chen, you just broke through and it looks like your stiffness isn't stable yet. You should stabilize it first." Chu Yuechan gave Ye Chen a suggestion.

Ye Chen cursed indeed Ye Chen intended to stabilize his strength first, Seeing that Zhao Yanyan was still Sleeping Very Peacefully, Ye Chen went to a Calm Enough place to start stabilizing his strength.

Chu Yuechan didn't follow Ye Chen because he didn't want to bother him and go somewhere.

Ye Chen began to imprison in a calm place and stabilize his strength. After about 5 hours, Ye Chen managed to stabilize his strength, now Ye Chen had truly entered the eighth level ancient warrior Realm.

Ye Chen then rose from the place where he sat, Ye Chen immediately went back to the room where Zhao Yanyan slept.

When he reached the door of the dual cultivation room Ye Chen heard Zhao Yanyan Yang's voice calling his name while crying a little.

Ye Chen immediately opened the door and saw what was happening in that room.

Zhao Yanyan initially dreamed that he and Ye Chen were married and were having a Honeymoon in a private island which had a very beautiful view, Zhao Yanyan dreamed if Ye Chen took him to a big bed and Ye Chen laid him on a very comfortable mattress and Ye Chen hugging him until they both fall asleep together.

But when Zhao Yanyan woke up, Zhao Yanyan did not see Ye Chen around him and started shouting calling Ye Chen, Zhao Yanyan was afraid that what he had just experienced was only a dream.

Zhao Yanyan who felt hopelessly curled up while Continuing to call on Ye Chen's Name, Finally the Door was Open and the figure of Ye Chen came out from behind that Door.

Ye Chen saw Zhao Yanyan who was crouching on the bed "dear wife what is going on? "Ye Chen asked worried.

Ye Chen then approached Zhao Yanyan and Zhao Yanyan immediately hugged Ye Chen "Husband everywhere you just now I was very afraid you would leave me" Zhao Yanyan said while hugging Ye Chen very tightly.

"Calm down I will not leave you in this life and the next life," Ye Chen said.

After that Ye Chen kissed Zhao Yanyan, Zhao Yanyan also started to kiss Ye Chen.

"Ehemm" they both kissed long enough for a coughing voice to wake them both.

The person who disturbed this moment was Chu Yuechan, Chu Yuechan originally wanted to see Ye Chen's condition but when Chu Yuechan entered the room he saw that Ye Chen and also Zhao Yanyan were kissing.

But because the kiss of the two of them took a long time to make Chu Yuechan annoyed and he coughed to disrupt the world of those two.

Ye Chen looked at Chu Yuechan with hostility for bothering him, while for Zhao Yanyan saw the woman in front of him who was very beautiful, like a fairy in a fairyland.

Zhao Yanyan was quite curious who this beautiful woman was, so Zhao Yanyan asked the woman "who are you? "

"I am Chu Yuechan Ye Chen's servant, right master dear" Chu Yuechan said teasing Ye Chen.

Ye Chen knew how Chu Yuechan's character, who liked to tease him but this time Chu Yuechan teased him in front of Zhao Yanyan this would definitely be a misunderstanding before them.

Zhao Yanyan who heard This Zhao Yanyan raised her eyebrows and was not satisfied. Zhao Yanyan then reached out her hand and pinched Ye Chen's waist "Husband Please Explain what the beautiful woman just said".

"Ah Yanyan is sick, I'll explain, let go first" Actually Ye Chen doesn't feel pain but if Ye Chen doesn't pretend then Zhao Yanyan might get even more angry.

Ye Chen: "Yanyan our relationship is only limited to masters and servants and there is no other special relationship" Ye Chen tried to explain to Zhao Yanyan.

Chu Yuechan: "Your master is really bad, after you do that to me you throw me away" Chu Yuechan said while crying a little.

"This woman" Ye Chen had no idea that Chu Yuechan was very good at acting, if it continued then maybe it really could lead to a misunderstanding.

"Yanyan's sister you have to help me pack Ye Chen" Chu Yuechan ran towards Zhao Yanyan while complaining to him.

Zhao Yanyan immediately looked at Ye Chen with a hostile look "Ye Chen came out there is something I want to discuss with sister Chu Yuechan" Zhao Yanyan drove Ye Chen out of this room.

"Yanyan Can I explain this to you," Ye Chen said, trying to convince Zhao Yanyan.

"There is nothing to explain. Hurry and get out of here," Zhao Yanyan said.

Ye Chen was helpless with all this and could only leave the room, but in his heart Ye Chen had already vowed to give Chu Yuechan a punishment if Ye Chen could catch him.

Now in the room only Zhao Yanyan and also Chu Yuechan just "puchii" Chu Yuechan Laughing, Zhao Yanyan Quite confused why Chu Yuechan suddenly laughed.

"Yanyan's younger sister, how was my acting good?" Said Chu Yuechan.
for visiting.

"What" Now Zhao Yanyan Yang was astonished that he had no idea that Chu Yuechan was acting in front of him, even causing Zhao Yanyan to scold Ye Chen.

Zhao Yanyan was afraid that Ye Chen was angry and didn't want to let him go anymore, Zhao Yanyan pushed Chu Yuechan away and immediately chased after Ye Chen.

But when Zhao Yanyan's feet stepped on the floor, Zhao Yanyan felt extreme pain from the bottom, Zhao Yanyan tried to get up but the pain even increased.

Chu Yuechan who saw this felt sorry for Zhao Yanyan so Chu Yuechan tried to help Zhao Yanyan Stand from the floor.

Zhao Yanyan: "Let me go, I have to chase Ye Chen" Zhao Yanyan tried to break away from Chu Yuechan.

"Little brother calm down Ye Chen will not be angry from such a thing, let's discuss something more important first," said Chu Yuechan.

" Is it true ? "Asked Zhao Yanyan Yang, who still couldn't believe Chu Yuechan's words.

"Yanyan's sister this time I will not lie to you again I promise" Chu Yuechan swore at Zhao Yanyan.

Zhao Yanyan then Received help from Chu Yuechan, Chu Yuechan helped Zhao Yanyan got up from the floor and helped her to sit on the bed.

Zhao Yanyan still felt the pain of the relationship he had with Ye Chen last night, Zhao Yanyan could only blame Ye Chen who was too excited just now, but even so Zhao Yanyan was also quite excited last night enjoying the intimate relationship, Zhao Yanyan could still feel the satisfaction that was given by Ye Chen last night