Journey To Become A True God Chapter 400

400 Using Instinc
This is something that any cultivator in this entire universe must do, what Ye Chen is doing right now is completely against the laws of the world.

From ancient times Ice and Fire were two elements that intersected each other, these two elements could not possibly be combined, the two elements would conflict with each other.

Ye Chen did not expect that what he did would work, this was an achievement in itself for Ye Chen.

Nangong Xiang, who came from the God Realm was also surprised to see that Ye Chen could combine the elements of Ice and Fire into one, this was almost impossible for anyone in the God Realm to do.

In God Realm there are indeed some people who are capable of cultivating two techniques that have different elements, these people are usually either a genius or someone with a special body.

Even though they could cultivate two Elements, it was quite impossible for these people to fuse the two elements that intersected into one.

This is absolutely impossible to do, in history there hasn't been someone who could combine Ice and Fire into one unit like Ye Chen did.

Ye Chen looked at the Divine Yin Yang Sword that was clad in the Heavenly Silver Flame and Profound Ice, it really looked so cool.

Ye Chen wanted to try how the power of the Heavenly Silver Flame, Profound Ice and Divine Yin Yang Sword combined.

Ye Chen tried to slash horizontally towards the mirror in front of him.

"Slash", a slash from the Divine Yin Yang Sword shattered the entire glass mirror in front of Ye Chen without a single trace, not even a shard of glass was left.

Yuzzi's mirror was completely incapable of reflecting the slashes from the Divine Yin Yang Sword that had been strengthened by the Heavenly Silver Flame and Profound Ice.

"Nangong Xiang and Hong Ming who saw this were very shocked, they both did not expect that Ye Chen could destroy the glass mirror that was here so easily.

The Yuzzi Mirror was a Celestial Tier artifact, the power that Yuzzi Mirrorpossessed was definitely not weak.

And nowYuzzi Mirror which was a Celestial Tier Artifact could be easily destroyed by Ye Chen.

"Now there is no place to protect you from me." Ye Chen was finally able to mock Hong Ming.

After he had been mocked by Hong Ming earlier, now it was Ye Chen's turn to mock Hong Ming.

"Shit", Hong Ming cursed Ye Chen, he didn't expect that Ye Chen would have such incredible power.

Even the most powerful artifact he had was unable to resist Ye Chen's slash.

Hong Ming had always kept the secret that he had the Yuzzi Mirror Artifact, he didn't want anyone else to know that he had an artifact this great.

Even the higher-ups in the Gates of Eternity Sect did not know that Hong Ming possessed the Yuzzi Mirror artifact.

Hong Ming always kept this secret alone. If anyone knew about the secret of the Yuzzi Mirror, then Hong Ming would immediately kill that person so that the secret he had was not discovered by anyone.

and now the artifact he was most proud of was unable to save him from a Junior like Ye Chen.

Ye Chen started attacking all the glass mirrors in front of him, he didn't care if Hong Ming was behind the mirror that he was smashing.

Ye Chen's aim was very clear, he had to get out of this Yuzzi Mirror immediately.

And in order to do that Ye Chen had two choices, the first was that he had to kill Hong Ming, and the second was that he had to force Hong Ming to expel himself and Nangong Xiang.

The second option will definitely be difficult for Ye Chen to do, it's better to just kill Hong Ming, after Hong Ming dies thenYuzzi Mirror will no longer have a Master, anyone can control and have a Yuzzi Mirror without a Master.

Hong Ming tried to escape from Ye Chen's Divine Yin Yang Sword.

Hong Ming tried to save himself from the Divine Yin Yang Sword that was once deadly.

Fortunately, Yuzzi Mirror is very wide, so Hong Ming can still hide from Ye Chen for a while.

Ye Chen was still slashing the glass whirl that was blocking his path, until now he still hadn't found Hong Ming's hiding place.

There are so many glass mirrors in this place and it's very wide, it's quite difficult to destroy this many glass mirrors.

"Looks like I have to force that person to show where he is" Ye Chen said in his heart.

If Ye Chen continued to attack recklessly then he would never be able to find Hong Ming's hiding place, he had to lure Hong Ming into showing him his hiding place.

Ye Chen stopped attacking the glass whirlwind around him.

"I thought you were a warrior, I never thought you were a coward who could only run away like a mouse." Ye Chen tried to lure Hong Ming into attacking him.

Hong Ming who was hiding felt humiliated by the words Ye Chen just said.

Hong Ming was a warrior who was never afraid to fight against every enemy he encountered.

Today he was insulted by a young junior like Ye Chen, how could Hong Ming endure when he heard the insult that came out of Ye Chen's mouth.

"You brat, I will make you regret that you dare to insult me like that." Hong Ming finally appeared again in front of Ye Chen.

almost in every glass mirror that was here appeared Hong Ming's image, this number of images was so many, it was difficult to count the number of shadows that were here.

Hong Ming and his shadows began to bring their palms together in front of his chest.

Hong Ming and all the shadows on the glass began to read some words that were difficult for anyone to understand.

After Hong Ming finished chanting the incantation, his body began to spawn blood-red lightning.

Red lightning started to envelop Hong Ming's body, Hong Ming Yang's previously thin body began to enlarge, so the size of Hong Ming's body, the clothes Hong Ming was wearing, shattered to pieces because he was unable to hold his body which was too big.

now Hong Ming's body was filled with strong and strong muscles.

"I don't care if you cry or whine like a baby, this time I will make sure that I will kill you." Hong Ming roared at Ye Chen.

The Hong Ming shadow that was here began to shoot red lightning towards Ye Chen.

Ye Chen said the words spoken by Hong Ming, he again created a barrier around himself, after making a barrier Ye Chen started to close his eyes.

Ye Chen's goal was fulfilled, Hong Ming was completely hooked by the words he just said.

Now Ye Chen only needs to feel the existence of the real Hong Ming, this time Ye Chen can only rely on the instincts he has.

Ye Chen started trying to calm his heart and mind, he had to focus on finding the existence of the real Hong Ming.

This is not an easy thing to do, Ye Chen has to find the real Hong Ming among these countless shadows.

Here Ye Chen couldn't use his Spirit Sense, so he could only rely on his instincts.

This was the only way for Ye Chen to win against Hong Ming.

"Hahaha, why did you close your eyes, are you confused looking for the real me? Hong Ming laughed in satisfaction, Ye Chen definitely couldn't find himself among these many shadows.

Ye Chen kept on concentrating on finding the existence of Hong Ming, he let his heart lead him to find the real Hong Ming's existence.

A few moments later Ye Chen opened his eyes, he now found the existence of the real Hong Ming.

Without delaying any more time, Ye Chen immediately went towards the real Hong Ming.

Ye Chen stretched his Divine Yin Yang Sword forward, he wanted to stab the real Hong Ming who was in front of him.

"Jlub .... . "The Divine Yin Yang Sword pierced Hong Ming's body very easily.

Hong Ming's eyes suddenly widened when he saw himself being pierced by the Divine Yin Yang Sword.

He didn't expect that Ye Chen could find out his real self.

"Enough of here the trouble you've caused." Hong Ming was enough to cause trouble for Ye Chen.

Hong Ming's body was currently hot and cold, he couldn't feel any pain or anything, his whole body felt numb.

Hong Ming's body began to be eroded by the combined power of the Heavenly Silver Flame and Profound Ice.

In the instant that Hong Ming's body disappeared from this world, the combination of the Heavenly Silver Flame and Profound Ice was extremely powerful, there was no trace of Hong Ming's body.

After using the combined power of the Heavenly Silver Flame and Profound Ice Ye Chen felt that he was very exhausted, it seemed that he was using too much profound energy he had to maintain the combined Heavenly Silver Flame and Profound Ice.

"Ye Chen survived for defeating that person" Nangong Xiang came to Ye Chen's side, she congratulated Ye Chen for winning over the person who had controlled the Yuzzi Mirror.

Nangong Xiang was quite amazed by what Ye Chen was doing, it was unexpected that this little man would be able to find out the real Hong Ming's whereabouts.

Nangong Xiang herself had difficulty even finding the real Hong Ming's whereabouts.

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