Journey To Become A True God Chapter 402

402 Let Me Kiss You Again
Ye Chen was still not satisfied kissing Nangong Xiang, it was too short for Ye Chen.

Ye Chen pulled Nangong Xiang who was in front of him, Ye Chen put Nangong Xiang's body into his embrace.

Nangong Xiang was surprised when Ye Chen pulled herself into his embrace, she was completely unprepared when she was pulled by Ye Chen.

"Ye Chen, what do you want to do? ,Quickly let me go" Nangong Xiang told Ye Chen to let go of herself.

"I don't want to." Ye Chen refused to let go of the Nangong Xiang who was currently in his arms.

"Hey Xiang, let me kiss you again" Ye Chen wanted to kiss Nangong Xiang again.

"No, that's enough for today." Nangong Xiang didn't let Ye Chen kiss her.

The kiss earlier still made Nangong Xiang feel embarrassed to the point of wanting to die, how could he possibly let Ye Chen kiss herself back

it was because of this that Nangong Xiang firmly refused Ye Chen's request.

"Come on just one more time, OK" Ye Chen whispered in Nangong Xiang's ear, he tried to seduce Nangong Xiang into wanting to do it.

Nangong Xiang's face flushed red, the words spoken by Ye Chen made her both confused and embarrassed.

Nangong Xiang had a hard time refusing Ye Chen's request, somehow she couldn't refuse the request of this little man.

"OK, but only once" after being seduced repeatedly by Ye Chen, Nangong Xiang finally agreed with Ye Chen's request.

Ye Chen was very happy when Nangong Xiang agreed to his request.

Ye Chen didn't waste any more time, he started to bring his lips closer to Nangong Xiang's cherry pink lips.

Nangong Xiang closed her eyes, she was waiting for a kiss from Ye Chen.

"Chuuuu. . . . "Ye Chen started to kiss Nangong Xiang greedily. Nangong Xiang's lips were very soft. The feeling of kissing Nangong Xiang was extremely pleasant.

Not satisfied just kissing like this, Ye Chen started a mature kiss with Nangong Xiang, Ye Chen started to invade Nangong Xiang's mouth.

Nangong Xiang was surprised when Ye Chen's tongue tried to enter her, Nangong Xiang unconsciously twitched Ye Chen's tongue.

"Ouch. . . it hurts, Xiang please loosen your teeth a little. "Ye Chen screamed in pain as Nangong Xiang bitten his tongue.

Nangong Xiang realized that she was currently biting Ye Chen's tongue very hard.

Nangong Xiang started loosening her teeth, she didn't want to hurt Ye Chen.

This is a good opportunity for Ye Chen, Ye Chen put his tongue deeper, he started to snare Nangong Xiang's tongue.

"Ummm. . . " Nangong Xiang started to groan when Ye Chen did this.

Somehow this kiss was different from the previous one, the taste of this kiss was extraordinary, this feeling could not be said by words.

Little by little Nangong Xiang began to sink into the current kiss, Nangong Xiang was now willing to cooperate with Ye Chen, her tongue began to entangle Ye Chen's.

Nangong Xiang's movements looked so extraordinary, she seemed very proficient at kissing these days.

Ye Chen started to wonder if Nangong Xiang had ever kissed another person before.

Nangong Xiang was the first time to have such a mature kiss, Nangong Xiang was only imitating Ye Chen's movements.

It was because of this that Nangong Xiang seemed adept at making a kiss with Ye Chen.

Nangong Xiang was a beautiful, talented woman, she naturally could easily imitate Ye Chen's movements.

Ye Chen started to use the king's heart technique to harvest Yinqi from Nangong Xiang.

"Ahh. . . "Nangong Xiang started to groan very coquettishly, for some reason Nangong Xiang felt an electric shock creeping up her body, this feeling was extraordinary, the pleasure that Nangong Xiang got was even more extraordinary.

Nangong Xiang felt his thoughts begin to drift up into the seventh level sky.

The enjoyment that Nangong Xiang had had increased hundreds of times, this feeling was very amazing for Nangong Xiang.

Ye Chen and Nangong Xiang continued kissing, both of them looked immersed in this kiss.

After about 10 minutes of kissing, Ye Chen and Nangong Xiang finally separated.

Nangong Xiang looked breathless when she finished kissing Ye Chen, her body looked very weak because of the pleasure she had just gotten.

"You seem really good at this, where did you learn this before ? " Ye Chen immediately asked Nangong Xiang.

"Hate, this is my first time doing something like this, I learned everything from you" Nangong Xiang told me that he learned from Ye Chen's tongue movement.

Nangong Xiang didn't want Ye Chen to misunderstand herself.

"I see." Ye Chen believed in Nangong Xiang, there was no way that Nangong Xiang would deceive him.

The Yinqi that Ye Chen got from Nangong Xiang was very pure, this was not inferior to a woman who had a Pure Yin body.

"How did that feel, was it Great ? "Ye Chen asked Nangong Xiang, Ye Chen wanted to know what Nangong Xiang felt.

"I don't know, I can't say." Nangong Xiang didn't know, the feeling just now couldn't be expressed in words.

The current Nangong Xiang was still very uncomfortable, she felt that her bottom was getting wet with a sticky liquid, this feeling was very uncomfortable for Nangong Xiang.

"Ye Chen let's go out, the women outside must be worried about the two of us." Nangong Xiang took Ye Chen out of the Mirror World.

If Nangong Xiang continued to be alone here with Ye Chen, then something much more might happen than this.

Honestly Nangong Xiang wasn't ready to do something like that with Ye Chen.

"OK" Ye Chen agreed to leave this place.

Nangong Xiang waved her hand, her body and Ye Chen's body began to be enveloped by a light, both of them were swallowed up by this light and disappeared from the Mirror world.

Ye Chen and Nangong Xiang reappeared on the battlefield.

After exiting the Mirror world ,Ye Chen and Nangong Xiang looked around the battlefield.

"Damn that person must have run away." Ye Chen looked annoyed when he thought of Hong Won who had run away.

"Forget about that man, we better focus on those injured women over there." Nangong Xiang pointed at the women from the Frozen Ice Sect.

Ye Chen looked at the women from the Frozen Ice Sect, from here Ye Chen could see that these women were in a bad condition.

"You might be right, let's go over there and see what's going on." Ye Chen invited Nangong Xiang to go to the place of the women from the Frozen Ice Sect.

Ye Chen and Nangong Xiang immediately went towards Zhao Yanyan.

As the two of them drew closer to Zhao Yanyan and all women, he saw that Zhao Yanyan, Liu Yue, Fu Lanling, Su Mengxin, Lin Rouxi, Xiao Lulu, Mu Lanyin, Qing Cheng, and Mu Nianci were taking care of the women from the Frozen Ice Sect.

Ye Chen and Nangong Xiang descended in front of all the women.

"Husband." When Ye Chen came down, Zhao Yanyan immediately went to greet him.

"Yanyan, what happened to them? " Ye Chen asked what happened to the women from the Frozen Ice Sect.

"Husband, these women are under the influence of an aphrodisiac drug." Zhao Yanyan told Ye Chen that the women from the Frozen Ice Sect had an aphrodisiac.

"Yanyan who did this? ", Asked Ye Chen to Zhao Yanyan.

"That old man did it." Zhao Yanyan pointed at Jian Teng.

"Then why don't you ask the old man for the medicine." Ye Chen asked why Zhao Yanyan didn't ask Jian Teng for the antidote.

"I already did, unfortunately the old man didn't have the antidote." Zhao Yanyan told Ye Chen that Jian Teng didn't have the antidote for this.

Ye Chen raised his eyebrows, it looks like it will be difficult to solve this matter.

"Husbands better you quickly do something to them, their situation is increasingly becoming a laborer." Zhao Yanyan told Ye Chen to immediately do something to the women from the Frozen Ice Sect.

if Ye Chen didn't act right away then bad things would happen to the women from the Frozen Ice Sect.

the possibility of their bodies being damaged or worse, they could die.

"Okay I'll try to do something about this." Ye Chen promised Zhao Yanyan to do what he can.

Ye Chen started to get closer to the women from the Frozen Ice Sect, he started to check the state of the women from the Frozen Ice Sect.

"Stop, keep your hands away." When Ye Chen wanted to check the situation of these women, someone stopped him.

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