Journey To Become A True God Chapter 403

403 Dispute Between Mu Lanyin And Mu Nianci
The person who stopped Ye Chen was Mu Nianci.

Mu Nianci stopped Ye Chen who wanted to touch the Frozen Ice Sect's female body, he would not let this pervert do something bad to these women.

"What's wrong you stop me? "Ye Chen asked why Mu Nianci stopped himself.

"You are still asking why? , I won't let you tarnish these women. "Mu Nianci told Ye Chen that she wouldn't let women get tarnished.

"Then are you going to let them all suffer losses like this? ", Asked Ye Chen to Mu Nianci.

The situation of these women is not good, they are already at their limit if they don't do something right away then they will be difficult to help.

Mu Nianci looked at the women from the Frozen Ice Sect who were all breathless, they were in a lot of pain.

"Master, you better let Ye Chen see the situation of these women, maybe he has a way to help them." Mu Lanyin finally wanted to talk to help Ye Chen.

Mu Lanyin couldn't bear to see the Frozen Ice Sect women in this state, she wanted them all to be saved immediately.

Mu Nianci turned her eyesight to Mu Lanyin, she didn't expect that Mu Lanyin would help outsiders instead of herself.

"Lanyin, I didn't expect that you would have a relationship with a man without the sect knowing, you really have violated the rules of this sect, I am quite disappointed in you." Mu Nianci looked disappointed at Mu Lanyin.

Mu Lanyin lowered her head, she didn't expect that Mu Nianci had found her relationship with Ye Chen.

"You better stop blaming other people like this, in this situation don't discuss the rules anymore, better let's solve this problem first" Zhao Yanyan very boldly scolded Mu Nianci.

In the current situation decisions must be made quickly, this matter concerns the safety and lives of these women.

Mu Nianci did not expect that she would be scolded by a woman who was much younger than her.

Mu Nianci is a person who adheres to the principles that she has, sect rules are something that is deeply embedded in Mu Nianci's principles, of course Mu Nianci is unable to remove this from herself.

Ye Chen had already ignored Mu Nianci's words, he had already checked the state of the women affected by the aphrodisiac.

After checking the state of these women, Ye Chen nodded his head.

"Ye Chen, how are they? ", Zhao Yanyan asked how these women are doing.

"Their current condition is a little bad, we should help them confide in immediately." Ye Chen told Zhao Yanyan, Mu Lanyin and Mu Nianci about the situation of these women.

These women had to be satisfied in order for the aphrodisiac influence to dissipate, in fact Ye Chen could use his own technique to make these women reach the top easily.

It's a shame that Ye Chen can't do that, the women from the Frozen Ice Sect are not ordinary women, these women definitely wouldn't be willing to have their bodies stained by a man.

It was because of this that Ye Chen did not immediately treat these beautiful women.

Zhao Yanyan, Mu Lanyin and Mu Nianci certainly knew what the words Ye Chen had just said.

"Ye Chen please help them, I want nothing bad to happen to them." Mu Lanyin immediately asked Ye Chen to do what he had to do to these women.

"Lanyin what did you just say? , are you going to let this guy do something like that to these female disciples? "Mu Nianci still doesn't agree with Mu Lanyin.

She wouldn't let Ye Chen do anything bad to the Frozen Ice Sect's beautiful women.

It was enough for her and Mu Lanyin to be harassed by Ye Chen, the women from the Frozen Ice Sect should not experience what the two of them had experienced.

"If that's what you want, you can try to help them, I don't mind if you do this." If indeed Mu Nianci doesn't allow himself, then just let Mu Nianci help these women.

Mu Nianci was speechless after hearing Ye Chen's words.

Mu Nianci was a Pure virgin, how could she possibly know of such a thing.

"Master, you don't need to worry, I will be responsible for everything that happened today, if in the future they blame for this injustice, then they can blame me." Mu Lanyin is ready to take responsibility for this matter.

Mu Lanyin was more concerned with the lives of the Frozen Ice Sect woman than the Sect rules.

Rules were made to bind women in this sect, if there were no women left then who would be bound by the rules belonging to this sect.

Mu Nianci sighed, she didn't expect that Mu Lanyin would turn out like this, the Mu Lanyin she knew before seemed to have disappeared from this world.

"If that's your decision then do it, you are the leader of the sect now." In the end Mu Nianci also wanted to give in to Mu Lanyin.

Mu Lanyin was happy when Mu Nianci gave in to her.

"Ye Chen let's do what you said earlier." Mu Lanyin told Ye Chen to do what he said before.

"If let's take these women to a safe place, the place here looks really bad." Ye Chen wanted to take these women to Nangong Xiang's profound ark.

Inside Nangong Xiang's profound ark the place looked even better than here, there might be more suitable for treating women under aphrodisiac influence.

"okay." Mu Lanyin understands, she will help Ye Chen transfer all the women who are here into the profound ark that is above them.

"Let us help too." Liu Yue and the other Ye Chen women wanted to come along to help move the women from the Frozen Ice Sect.

Ye Chen, Mu Lanyin and the other Ye Chen women brought the women who were under aphrodisiac influence to a special room inside the profound ark.

Mu Nianci could only see everyone's departure, Mu Nianci sighed as if she was left alone.

"Why do you really hate it when you see women my husband wants to heal? , wouldn't it be a good thing if they recovered? "Zhao Yanyan came to Mu Nianci's side, she asked Mu Nianci.

"Little girl, you don't know anything about our sect, it's more complicated than you think." Mu Nianci told Zhao Yanyan who knew nothing about the Frozen Ice Sect's rules.

"How could I know, you didn't even explain this to me." Zhao Yanyan was still smiling at Mu Nianci, she didn't look angry at the words Mu Nianci just said.

Mu Nianci turned her gaze to Zhao Yanyan, Mu Nianci looked Zhao Yanyan up and down.

From a single glance, Mu Nianci could tell that Zhao Yanyan was a very kind woman.

"If you really want to know then I'll explain to you about the rules in this sect." Mu Nianci decided to explain the rules of the Frozen Ice Sect to Zhao Yanyan.

Zhao Yanyan carefully heard Mu Nianci's explanation, she began to remember the explanation that came from Mu Nianci.

"So it's like that." Zhao Yanyan finally understood the rules of the Frozen Ice Sect

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