Journey To Become A True God Chapter 404

404 Harvest Yinqi
"Now that you understand why I forbid them from dealing with outsiders, we Frozen Ice Sect are not allowed to show our true faces to outsiders" Mu Nianci said to Zhao Yanyan.

After the explanation earlier, Zhao Yanyan should have understood what was going on in Mu Nianci's mind.

Zhao Yanyan smiled wryly at Mu Nianci "I don't understand where your sect rules prohibit someone from dealing with outsiders, from the explanation I got from your sect rules, it is clear that it allows women who are here to have relationships with outsiders" Zhao Yanyan told Mu Nianci what she had obtained from the explanation Mu Nianci had previously explained.

The rules of the Frozen Ice Sect are very simple, the women here don't allow men to see their real faces, if men see the real faces of the Frozen Ice Sect women, then the women of the Frozen Ice Sect have two choices, first to kill men- that man, and the second is to follow her all her life.

The words Zhao Yanyan spoke made Mu Nianci rethink the Frozen Ice Sect's rules.

"What is the meaning of your words, didn't I already say that women who have relations with outsiders must leave this sect, isn't that the same as a clearly written prohibition? ", Mu Nianci said to Zhao Yanyan.

Zhao Yanyan shook her head at Mu Nianci.

"It's not a prohibition, rather it gives space for both of them to spend time together without being bound by the rules of the sect." Zhao Yanyan said to Mu Nianci.

This rule is not a prohibition, obviously this rule is made to make it easier for Frozen Ice Sect women who have been in relationships.

It's better for them to live together forever in a place far away than live in a small place like this, according to Zhao Yanyan, this rule is quite good if it is carried out properly.

Zhao Yanyan's words made Mu Nianci's stance shaky, Mu Nianci began to think twice about the sect rules he had been using all this time.

"Think again, from the beginning your Sect gave you two choices, the first choice was to follow that person, and the second was to kill the person who saw your face, why did your ancestors give you two choices like that? ", Asked Zhao Yanyan to Mu Nianci.

Mu Nianci couldn't answer the question Zhao Yanyan had at all.

Mu Nianci didn't know how to answer Zhao Yanyan's questions at all.

Zhao Yanyan smiled gently at Mu Nianci.

"If I become your noble, I must make one very strict rule, that is, every man who has seen the real face of a woman from the Frozen Ice Sect must be killed" Zhao Yanyan said to Mu Nianci.

Zhao Yanyan's words broke Mu Nianci's stance, she didn't expect that this little girl would have this kind of thinking.

"Have I misunderstood the sect's rules all this time?" Mu Nianci started muttering to herself.

Mu Nianci began to doubt the stand she had right now.

Zhao Yanyan smiled again at Mu Nianci, it seemed that Mu Nianci was now confused by the words she just said.

"You just think about my words earlier, I hope you find the answer you want." After confusing Mu Nianci, Zhao Yanyan flew to the profound ark belonging to Nangong Xiang.

Mu Nianci was left bewildered by herself, she didn't know whether to believe the words of Zhao Yanyan who was younger than herself.






Ye Chen and the women had arrived at a room that was inside the profound ark.

He told Liu Yue and the others to put the woman from the Frozen Ice Sect on top of the large bed that was in this place.

Liu Yue and the other Ye Chen women nodded, they placed the women from the Frozen Ice Sect on the large bed.

Because the number of women from the Frozen Ice Sect was too large, this large bed could barely accommodate the women from the Frozen Ice Sect.

After dropping the women from the Frozen Ice Sect, Liu Yue and the other Ye Chen women left this room.

Only Ye Chen and Mu Lanyin were left in this room.

"Ye Chen, what would you do to these women, would you do something like that to them? ", Mu Lanyin's face started to turn red when she said this.

"It depends, if the medicinal effect is not strong then I just need to stimulate them a little, but if it's the opposite maybe I should be forced to do that." Ye Chen will try to stimulate them a little.

Ye Chen was quite confident in the massage technique he had, he could definitely make a woman reach the peak of happiness easily.

Mu Lanyin's face turned even redder when she heard Ye Chen say this.

"Then I'll start." Ye Chen will try the first way, which is stimulating them.

Ye Chen started stretching out his hand towards one of the women in front of him.

The veil used by the woman in front of Ye Chen had been removed, Ye Chen could see the beautiful face of the woman in front of him.

The woman in front of Ye Chen was quite beautiful, she had a pretty good build with a D Cup sized chest and a body that looked like a girl around 17 ~ 18 years old.

First Ye Chen turned the body of this woman, the back of this beautiful woman was now facing Ye Chen.

Ye Chen started to touch this woman's back and waist.

The back and waist are the most sensitive parts besides the important parts that are owned by women, because of this Ye Chen chose to stimulate the woman in front of him by massaging this woman's waist or back.

Ye Chen started massaging the woman's body, when Ye Chen was massaging this woman's body he didn't forget to use the king's heart technique to harvest Yinqi from the woman he was currently holding.

This woman's Yinqi was quite decent, Ye Chen could probably harvest a lot of Yinqi from these women.

"Ahhhh. . . "The woman Ye Chen massaged started to groan softly.

Even though she was currently unconscious, this woman could still feel immense pleasure from Ye Chen's fingers.

This feeling was truly extraordinary, she felt that she had reached the Peak of heaven in this world.

Ye Chen didn't need a long time, the woman in front of Ye Chen had already reached the peak of happiness.

After reaching the peak of happiness, the woman in front of Ye Chen started to look a little better.

"Ye Chen, it looks like your method worked." Mu Lanyin was a little excited when she saw the beautiful woman in front of Ye Chen getting better.

"Of course, you yourself already know how capable I am in this matter, if I remember correctly you groaned very slyly." Ye Chen began to remember what he and Mu Lanyin did while in the ancient heritage place.

Mu Lanyin's face turned red again, she didn't expect that Ye Chen would touch on a matter like this.

"Don't bring up this matter, otherwise I'll start ignoring you." Mu Lanyin didn't want Ye Chen to bring up this matter again, she felt embarrassed if she had to remember that.

Ye Chen smiled when he saw the embarrassed Mu Layin.

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