Journey To Become A True God Chapter 407

407 Four Frozen Fairy 3
"Uh. . . " When Mu Zhue wanted to drive Ye Chen away, suddenly Ye Chen pumped back inside her body.

The overwhelming feeling instantly made Mu Zhue's body not move anymore, Mu Zhue instantly turned into a weak woman because of this pleasure.

Mu Zhue had never felt this good in her life, she felt that she was currently being carried to the seventh level by this man in front of her.

As time went on, Mu Zhue began to stop fighting Ye Chen, she started working with Ye Chen to get more enjoyment.

Now that Mu Zhue had her arm around Ye Chen's neck, she also moved her hips to cooperate with Ye Chen's movements.

The taste is truly extraordinary, Mu Zhue really likes this.

"Emmmm .., who are you? "While groaning Mu Zhue asked the man in front of her

Mu Zhue's tone started to soften towards Ye Chen, she didn't seem to hate Ye Chen anymore.

Mu Zhue was completely addicted when doing Dual Cultivation with Ye Chen, this is like a forbidden fruit that once you taste it you won't be able to come back again.

Mu Zhue felt that her long frozen heart was turning into a flowery spring, she felt very fond of the man in front of her.

Mu Zhue had never felt this kind of feeling towards the opposite sex, she would normally hate every man she met.

strangely now she even likes this man in front of her.

"My name is Ye Chen." Ye Chen told Mu Zhue his name.

Ye Chen stopped his movements, he answered Mu Zhue's question.

"Ye Chen? " Mu Zhue started muttering Ye Chen's name.

"Then why did you do this to me" Mu Zhue wanted to know why Ye Chen did this to herself.

"Don't you remember what happened before? Ye Chen asked Fairy Mu Zhue who was in front of him.

Mu Zhue began to remember what happened before she lost consciousness, she should have been on the battlefield earlier and fighting those who wanted to destroy the Frozen Ice Sect, but why was she suddenly in a same room with this man.

"Are you the one behind the Seventh Sword Sect who wants to destroy my sect? " Mu Zhue's tone turned cold again, she looked at Ye Chen with a hostile gaze.

Ye Chen only smiled wryly when he saw Mu Zhue who suddenly changed the attitude he had.

"I am the one who came to save you from the Seventh Sword Sect, I am currently healing you from the aphrodisac effects you suffered." Ye Chen told Mu Zhue that he was a good person.

Ye Chen truly didn't have any ill will towards the Frozen Ice Sect.

"How can I believe your words? "Mu Zhue still doesn't believe in Ye Chen.

"Don't you look around you, they are all equally affected by the aphrodisiac, I've treated them all." Ye Chen told Mu Zhue to take a look around them.

Mu Zhue began to look around, around herself she saw women from her sect lying around this place, they seemed to be sleeping very peacefully.

Mu Zhue slightly raised her eyebrows when she saw this, "Did you also do the same thing that I'm currently experiencing to them? " Mu Zhue asked Ye Chen.

Ye Chen shook his head "no, I didn't do anything bad to them, I just gave these women a massage to get rid of the medicinal effect that is in their bodies" said Ye Chen to Mu Zhue.

"Then why are you treating me like this, can't you eliminate the effect of medicine in the way you said just now." Mu Zhue wanted to know the reason Ye Chen did this to herself.

"The situation you have is rather special, so I have to use this kind of method, so I'm sorry about this." Ye Chen told Mu Zhue that the current situation could not be resolved by normal means.

"But you don't need to worry about this problem, I will take full responsibility for this." Ye Chen will take responsibility for Mu Zhue.

Mu Zhue sighed hers. "You don't understand, this is not a matter of responsibility, this concerns the rules that my sect has, now that I am no longer a pure woman, it looks like I will be forced to leave the sect." Mu Zhue was sad when she thought about this.

From childhood until now Mu Zhue has lived in the Frozen Ice Sect, for Mu Zhue the Frozen Ice Sect has become her own home.

So Mu Zhue found it difficult to leave the sect like this.

"You can live with me, after all, you are now my woman too, you can start following me" Ye Chen said to Mu Zhue who was in front of him.

Ye Chen naturally knew the Frozen Ice Sect's rules, so it was certain that Mu Zhue would definitely follow him.

"But. . . . " Mu Zhue still had doubts about this.

Ye Chen suddenly returned to pumping his big thing that was inside Mu Zhue, immediately Mu Zhue groaned again.

Ye Chen and Mu Zhue started to resume their Dual Cultivation sessions.

"Ahhh. . . ., yeah. . . . this is wonderful, even deeper. . . , ahh. . .it feels so extraordinary. . . ", Mu Zhue started groaning very coquettishly.

Mu Zhue started to forget about the matter earlier, right now she was very happy to do this with Ye Chen.

Every time Ye Chen's Big stick poked Mu Zhue's flower core, Mu Zhue would feel a feeling that was peerless in this world, this was truly the true happiness of being a woman.

It felt so extraordinary, she did not expect that being a real woman would be so much fun like this.

15 minutes later Ye Chen finally fired a very pure Yangqi essence shot into Mu Zhue.

Mu Zhue felt that her body was filled with a warmth that was very comfortable, she felt too comfortable with the warmth that was in her body.

Mu Zhue was too tired she started to close her eyes and slept in a very peaceful manner.

After he finished healing Mu Zhue, Ye Chen went to Feng Xi, Mu Fei, Murong Xia.

Ye Chen started treating these three beautiful fairies, Ye Chen started having fun with Mu Zhue, Feng Xi, Mu Fei, Murong Xia.

In the room where Ye Chen and the Frozen Ice Sect ladies started to hear the sassy moans belonging to Mu Zhue, Feng Xi, Mu Fei, Murong Xia.






"Looks like we'll get some new sisters." Zhao Yanyan giggled as she said this.

Zhao Yanyan and other women were currently at the entrance to the room where Ye Chen and the Frozen Ice Sect women were, they guarded the entrance so that no one else could enter and disturb Ye Chen.

Liu Yue, Fu Lanling, Su Mengxin, Qing Cheng, Mu Lanyin, Lin Rouxi, Xiao Lulu and Nangong Xiang just nodded at Zhao Yanyan.

Right now they were all embarrassed when they heard a groan that came from inside the room.

Mu Nianci had also come here, she could only sigh when she heard a voice that came from within the room.

It seems that from now on the Frozen Ice Sect will begin to completely transform.









Meanwhile inside the golden profound ark belonging to the Gates of Eternity Sect.

"Damn, that person really dared to interfere with my business." Hong Won cursed and scorned Ye Chen.

Hong Won is very annoyed when his affairs are interrupted by Ye Chen.

Even though Hong Won was very interested in the beautiful women he had previously met, it's a shame Hong Won couldn't find the beautiful women he saw just now.

"Young master, don't be angry, we will come back with a large number of troops, I make sure that all of that person's family will be slaughtered without a trace, even those women will become slaves to the young master forever." Ren Lie tried to calmdown Hong Won who is currently angry.

Ren Lie himself also hated Ye Chen very much, the slap he got from Ye Chen made his face look a little crooked.

"Elder Ren you are absolutely right, I will tell this to my father and grandfather, I'm sure they will definitely help me take care of that man" said Hong Won very confidently.

The profound ark was getting closer and closer towards the Kunlun mountain range, sooner or later he would return to the Kunlun holy land.

after returning to the Kunlun holy land Hong Won will definitely immediately tell that he was bullied by someone from the mortal world.

Hong Won is a very spoiled person, of course his father and grandfather will definitely help him

When Hong Won and Ren Lie almost reached the Kunlun Mountains, suddenly around the profound ark appeared lots of beautiful butterflies that had wings like snow.

Hong Won and Ren Lie saw this strange sight, they had never seen a snow butterfly this beautiful.

When these snow butterflies appeared, the temperature around Hong Won and Ren Lie began to drop drastically, The temperature started to become very cold.

Hong Won and Ren Lie started to shiver with cold due to the extremely low temperature.

Hong Won and Ren Lie were cultivators with extremely high cultivation bases, they shouldn't feel cold even if the temperature dropped drastically.

This proves that the temperature is really very cold.

Snow butterflies began to envelop the Gates of Eternity Sect's golden profound ark.

The gaze of Hong Won and Ren Lie turned white, the two of them turned into an Ice statue.

Hong Won and Ren Lie were turned into ice statues without any resistance.

The Golden Gates of Eternity Sect's Profound Ark also instantly turned into Ice.

"Clank", the profound ark along with Hong Won and Ren Lie broke and turned into ice crystal beads.

It is both very beautiful and very terrible. could not imagine a profound ark being turned into a shred of ice in just a few seconds.

At this moment Dongfang Xiu was hovering right above the Gates of Eternity Sect's Golden Profound Ark which had been turned into shreds of Ice.

In Dongfang Xiu's crystal-clear eyes there was no hint of a rippling ripple, at this point no one could guess what Dongfang Xiu was thinking.

After eliminating Hong Won and Ren Lie, Dongfang Xiu left this place.

Dongfang Xiu immediately dashed towards the horizon, no one knew where Dongfang Xiu had gone.

Dongfang Xiu has truly become a very mysterious woman.

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