Journey To Become A True God Chapter 41

41 Zhao Yanyan Made A Decision

"Yuechan's sister why did you do that to both of us? "

Zhao Yanyan Asked why Chu Yuechan teased the two of them until there was a misunderstanding between the two of them.

"Actually, I just wanted to test how you react when Ye Chen has another woman, but I didn't know you would be that angry, hehehe"

Chu Yuechan Really wanted to test Zhao Yanyan because in the future more women would come to Ye Chen, Chu Yuechan wanted to see whether Zhao Yanyan could accept other women or not.

"Another woman? Does Ye Chen have another woman out there? "

"For now Ye Chen is only you, but in the future there will definitely be many women that Ye Chen has, maybe dozens, hundreds, or even thousands: v".

" But why ? , what I am not enough for him, why Ye Chen still have to have another woman ".

Zhao Yanyan feels a little strange that one man can have dozens or hundreds of wives. Every modern woman does not like to share a partner with another woman, because on earth it is a modern era that favors gender equality, so only a few women want to be scabies / concubines of others in this world .

Chu Yuechan did not know about that. Because Chu Yuechan lived in an era where even one man could have up to dozens of concubines, even the King of the Lord of the stars had thousands, even tens of thousands, because that was the one man had many women who were not anxious for Chu Yuechan.

So Chu Yuechan explained about the world of cultivation and why Ye Chen needed many women in the future, because Zhao Yanyan was still a layman in this matter, Chu Yuechan had to work extra hard to explain it so that Zhao Yanyan could understand.

At first Zhao Yanyan was quite confused with what was said by Chu Yuechan but eventually Zhao Yanyan began to Understand.

"Then what sister of Yue Chan (Yin) from me is not enough for Ye Chen?"

"Well, that won't be enough, if Ye Chen absorbs too much (Yin) from you, it won't be good for you, and I'm sure even if you force Ye Chen, Ye Chen will definitely not want to do it."

"Well you might be the true sister of Yuechan".

Zhao Yanyan sighed, Zhao Yanyan was still doubtful whether he could accept it or not.

Chu Yuechan saw a hint of doubt in Zhao Yanyan's eyes, then Chu Yuechan said "Yanyan's sister do you love Ye Chen? ".

"Yes, I love him very much, but. . . "

" but what ? , if you really love him you should support him after many sacrifices made by Ye Chen, a good woman is a woman who can support her man and can accept all the shortcomings he has ".

After hearing Chu Yuechan's words Zhao Yanyan then pondered, Ye Chen always helped him when Zhao Yanyan was in trouble and now it was Zhao Yanyan's turn to help Ye Chen get (Yin) so Ye Chen could continue to live.

"Little brother. Now that you've entered the path of a cultivator, so don't think like a mortal creature that can only live for decades."

Chu Yuechan said, explaining that after Zhao Yanyan did Dual Cultivation with Ye Chen, Zhao Yanyan immediately broke into the first level Realm spirit formation.

This is a very extraordinary progress because in just one night managed to rise Two worlds, it can be seen how the benefits can be obtained only from doing Dual Cultivation with Ye Chen.

After pondering well Zhao Yanyan finally made the decision "Yuechan's sister, I will definitely always support Ye Chen beside him from now on, because I am his first wife".

Hearing this Chu Yuechan's Seyum bloomed like a flower, finally Yu Yuechan was able to convince Zhao Yanyan, and future problems would definitely not be too difficult, when Zhao Yanyan's special body woke up completely, surely his mind patterns would become more advanced, and could accept everything easily.

"I'm glad you've made your own decision, then how about we go take a shower and change clothes, the water here can make you more relaxed and fresh, let's try it"

Without waiting for an answer from Zhao Yanyan, Chu Yuechan immediately pulled Zhao Yanyan's hand and disappeared from the room.

Whereas Ye Chen was still faithfully waiting outside the Dual Cultivation watchman waiting for Zhao Yanyan to come out and explain to him.

But until now there were no signs that Zhao Yanyan and Chu Yuechan wanted to come out so Ye Chen could only wait bored.

Ye Chen didn't know that Chu Yuechan and also Zhao Yanyan had left the room, because the Dual cultivation room had a barrier that prevented outsiders from being able to know what was being done inside.

Chu Yuechan took Zhao Yanyan into a room, when Zhao Yanyan entered the room Zhao Yanyan saw a large pool about 70/80 meters in diameter.

Oddly That Pool One side emits steam and one side does not, because Curious Zhao Yanyan tried one of its Side that emits steam, Zhao Yanyan began to get used to the weirdness of this weirdness.

When Zhao Yanyan dipped his hand, Zhao Yanyan felt a warm feeling from this water, and when Zhao Yanyan tried to dip his hand again on the other side, the water on the other side was very cold as cold as ice.

Zhao Yanyan Reflected in Water that was as Clear as that Mirror, Zhao Yanyan felt Something Different from his face, for some reason Zhao Yanyan felt that he was getting more beautiful.

Zhao Yanyan tried to hold his face and felt that his face really was very soft, supple and moist, Zhao Yanyan also tried the parts of his hands and the results, the skin on Zhao Yanyan's hands was really almost the same as his face.

Zhao Yanyan didn't remember having this beautiful skin like this before, so Zhao Yanyan asked Tanya in her heart about this very sudden change.

Chu Yuechan who saw Zhao Yanyan's strange behavior reflecting in the water touched his face with his finger, so Chu Yuechan asked "Yanyan's sister what are you doing"

"Yuechan sister, I don't know why I feel something is different from me, I feel that I'm getting prettier, what do you think? "

"Hehehe, that is the effect of doing dual cultivation with Ye Chen, besides being able to increase strength can also make a woman not grow old and get even more beautiful, maybe Yanyan's sister can be beautiful like me if she routinely conducts dual cultivation with Ye Chen.

Chu Yuechan explained the benefits of doing Dual Cultivation with Ye Chen.

"Really?" Zhao Yanyan could not believe that carrying out dual cultivation with Ye Chen could have this effect.

"Wait if this is discovered by other women, the women are even more willing to have sex with sexual relations with Ye Chen".
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The temptation to be beautiful is what every woman cannot resist, even women willing to spend millions of dollars to stay young and beautiful.

Moreover, women only have to do dual cultivation with Ye Chen, besides being free the women will get unparalleled pleasure.

Chu Yuechan just laughed next to Zhao Yanyan

Zhao Yanyan did not wear clothes from the beginning only a blanket wrapped around it, after the blanket fell Zhao Yanyan's naked body which was very beautiful can be seen clearly.

Zhao Yanyan then walked towards the bathing pool, Zhao Yanyan didn't like the cold water so Zhao Yanyan decided to go to the warm side of the water.

When Zhao Yanyan buried her whole body, Zhao Yanyan felt a very relaxed feeling.

Zhao Yanyan Hearing The sound of people taking off clothes from behind so Zhao Yanyan was curious then Zhao Yanyan looked back and saw.

Zhao Yanyan saw that Chu Yuechan had wasted all his clothes, Apart from having a peerless face, Chu Yuechan's Naked Body was truly Perfect, His figure was like a demon with a waist Like a willow tree, had very Sexy legs and also the two F Cup tops that had the shape Perfect.

This combination can drive men crazy if you see it.

Chu Yuechan also entered into the side of the warm bathing pool and soaked next to Zhao Yanyan, Zhao Yanyan who looked at the two peaks of Chu Yuechan mountain and compared it with his newly developing property.

Men like to compare their younger brothers, Likewise women like to compare their body parts.

Eventually the two of them began to cleanse their bodies with warm water and chat with the topic about Ye Chen.

Zhao Yanyan Is Quite Difficult because this shirt is difficult to wear, because Zhao Yanyan has never worn this Serumit shirt before.

Chu Yuechan had finished wearing his clothes, seeing that Zhao Yanyan was very difficult in wearing his clothes, Chu Yuechan then helped Zhao Yanyan How to wear it.

After being assisted by Chu Yuechan, finally Zhao Yanyan finished wearing it, Zhao Yanyan looked very beautiful when wearing this outfit like a fairy descending from heaven.

Zhao Yanyan who saw herself in the mirror could not believe that ancient clothes were very suitable for her, making Zhao Yanyan look even more beautiful.

After finishing up they both intend to meet Ye Chen.

Ye Chen was still waiting patiently in front of that room's door, finally the door opened and Ye Chen saw Chu Yuechan and also Zhao Yanyan come out of the room, and Zhao Yanyan was wearing clothes that were almost the same as those worn by Chu Yuechan.

Zhao Yanyan in clothes like that really looked like a beautiful fairy.

Zhao Yanyan then walked closer to Ye Chen

"Yanyan me. . Before Ye Chen could finish his words, Zhao Yanyan's fingers closed his mouth.

"Ye Chen doesn't need to explain it again Yuechan's sister Already explained it to me everything"

Ye Chen looked towards Chu Yuechan, and Chu Yuechan gave Ye Chen a mischievous smile.


"Ye Chen, what do I think of my appearance? "

"You look so beautiful in that wife's clothes."

Zhao Yanyan felt very happy being praised by Ye Chen and his heart was full of blooming flowers.