Journey To Become A True God Chapter 410

410 Important Guests Come
Ye Chen was forced into the car by Luo Bing, after confirming that Ye Chen got into the car, Luo Bing immediately went to the driver's seat.

"Put your seat belt on, we're going to the airport quickly." Luo Bing told Ye Chen to fasten the seat belt.

Ye Chen started fastening the seat belt.

After seeing Ye Chen finished fastening the seat belt, Luo Bing immediately stepped on the gas pedal, the car immediately sped away leaving the Golden Eagle district.

Luo Bing was driving this car so fast, she was in a very rush to get to the airport as fast as possible.

Ye Chen was already used to this way of driving a fast Luo Bing, so Ye Chen wasn't surprised anymore.

On the way Luo Bing and Ye Chen did not exchange a single word, the two of them were just silent, no one wanted to start a conversation.

Luo Bing drove the car very fast, within a few minutes the two of them arrived at the entrance to the airport.

Upon arriving at the entrance to the airport, Luo Bing showed the special police badge she had.

Seeing the badge issued by Luo Bing, the airport entrance guard immediately allowed Luo Bing to enter the airstrip area.

To ensure the safety of this important guest, Luo Bing would personally greet this important guest right in front of the plane she was traveling in.

Because of this, Luo Bing immediately entered the airstrip area.

"Come on out." Luo Bing asked Ye Chen to get out of the car.

Ye Chen removed the seat belt that was on his body, after which he walked out together with Luo Bing.

"It seems that the plane that important person boarded has not arrived." Ye Chen did not see the plane that had just landed at this airport.

"We arrived early enough, the plane belonging to this important guest will arrive in about 20 minutes." Luo Bing told Ye Chen that the plane they had to protect would arrive in about 20 minutes.

"Wait, you said earlier we were late arriving, and now you say that the plane will arrive in about 20 minutes, actually which of your words is correct? "Ye Chen really doesn't understand Luo Bing's line of mind.

"As bodyguards, we have to come first than the people we will escort." Luo Bing told Ye Chen about how to become a professional bodyguard.

Ye Chen didn't really care about Luo Bing's words about how to become a professional bodyguard, after all, Ye Chen had absolutely no interest in becoming a bodyguard from the start.

"I'll take a look at the situation around this place." Luo Bing wanted to check the situation around this place, she didn't want anyone threatening the safety of this important guest.

"It's up to you." Ye Chen said indifferently, Ye Chen seemed not to care about this matter.

Luo Bing grit he teeth, Ye Chen again ignited her anger which just extinguished.

If only Luo Bing had the strength above Ye Chen then she would definitely beat up Ye Chen at this time.

Luo Bing irritatedly left Ye Chen alone, she checked the security around here.

Ye Chen only glanced at Luo Bing's departure, it was fun enough to make this beautiful cop angry.

After Luo Bing's departure, Ye Chen started looking around the runway area, here were only Ye Chen and Luo Bing.

Ye Chen did not find the whereabouts of the other members of the six-door organization.

Six-door organization is quite strange, if this guest is very important, why is security just like this, aren't they too stingy in important matters like this.

While waiting for the plane carrying important guests to arrive, Ye Chen decided to find a place to sleep for a while, there was still 20 minutes left. Ye Chen could still relax and enjoy the sunny weather.

After finding a suitable place to sleep, Ye Chen began to lie down and sleep.





Currently in a building far from the airport there are several people watching the airstrip area, they seem to be planning something evil.

"Boss, it looks like the plane that the person carried has not arrived yet" one of the people reported to the person sitting in the chair holding a cigarette.

The person currently sitting was named Tu Wenpi, he was one of the most wanted people in this entire world.

Tu Wenpi is a famous terrorist who committed a lot of crimes, he had committed World Bank robberies, stolen noble women, and even committed murder of several high-ranking officials in a country.

Because of that Tu Wenpi's reputation was so bad all over the world, many countries were afraid of Tu Wenpi.

Tu Wenpi is also a fairly strong cultivator, Tu Wenpi's level is currently at the seventh stage Emperor Realm.

"Keep an eye on the movement of our target, I do not want a fatal mistake, if there is a mistake in this mission then all of you will die" Tu Wenpi warned his men to work earnestly.

If they didn't work earnestly, then Tu Wenpi would not hesitate to get rid of those who were of no use to him.

"OK Boss, we understand." All of Tu Wenpi's men understood, they were trying hard not to make a mistake on this mission.

Tu Wenpi's men began to monitor the airstrip area.

"Hahahaha, if I can achieve this target, then surely I will be able to master this world." Tu Wenpi burst out laughing, he couldn't wait to rule this world.

The target that Tu Wenpi was aiming for had a special ability, because of this he was eager to get this Target alive and use it for his personal gain.





"Hei Ye Chen quickly wake up, how can you sleep at a time like this" Luo Bing, who just returned to the patrol, immediately went to wake Ye Chen.

She looked annoyed when she saw Ye Chen sleeping so comfortably in a place like this.

Hearing Luo Bing's loud voice, Ye Chen immediately woke up from his comfortable sleep.

"Why are you screaming so loudly, you're disturbing my sweet dream." Ye Chen was quite annoyed when Luo Bing disturbed him who was having a sweet dream.

Even though Ye Chen had just dreamed that he was doing something with a beautiful peerless Goddess.

Unfortunately this beautiful dream had to disappear because of Luo Bing.

Luo Bing's breath fluctuated, she was furious when she saw Ye Chen who was lazy like this.

Luo Bing didn't know how Ye Chen could have such great strength with this kind of lazy nature, the sky was really unfair because it gave such great strength to a lazy man like Ye Chen.

"Get up quickly, an important guest will arrive soon, we have to welcome her." Luo Bing told Ye Chen to get up from the floor immediately.

Ye Chen stood up by jumping from the floor "where is the important guest you meant earlier" Ye Chen immediately looked around the airstrip.

"The important guest still hasn't landed, at the moment the plane she was traveling on is still far away." Luo Bing used her finger to point towards the horizon.

Ye Chen looked at Luo Bing's finger, and he saw a private jet headed this way.

This private jet flies this way at a fast enough speed, in no time at all the private jet is near the airport.

Private jets begin to slow down, private jets prepare to land on the runway.

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