Journey To Become A True God Chapter 411

411 Secrets Of Heaven
Private jets began to land on the airstrip, private jets began to slow down very much.

After a while the Jets finally landed safely.

Luo Bing invited Ye Chen to go to this side of the Private Jet.

Now Ye Chen and Luo Bing were standing in front of the entrance of this private Jet plane.

A few moments later the door of the Jet was opened, several people got off the Jet plane.

Ye Chen saw that there were several people who got off the Jet plane.

Right now There was one old woman, two rather beautiful young women and three young men who had a tall body like a bodyguard.

The six of them immediately got off the private jet plane, the six of them went down to meet Luo Bing and Ye Chen.

Currently the old lady was leading everyone to meet Ye Chen and Luo Bing.

"Hey Luo Bing, which among these people is the important guest you were talking about earlier? ", Ye Chen whispered to Luo Bing, he asked Luo Bing which one should the two of them protect.

"We will protect that old lady." Luo Bing pointed at the old woman who was leading this group of people.

Ye Chen took a glimpse at this old woman, in him opinion there was nothing special about this old lady.

According to Ye Chen, the person who followed this old woman was very special, Ye Chen could feel that the strength they all had was not weak at all.

At least the strength of these people is on par with cultivators who are at the peak Emperor Realm stage.

With the strength of the people behind this old lady, how could this old lady want Luo Bing who was only an Earth Realm cultivator to protect herself, this was very strange for Ye Chen.

The entourage of important guests arrived in front of Ye Chen and Luo Bing.

"So you are Luo Bing, you are quite beautiful too." The old woman immediately greeted Luo Bing, this old lady slightly praised the beauty that Luo Bing had.

"Madam Laura, thank you for the compliment." Luo Bing thanked Madam Laura for the compliment.

This old woman named Laura, she was quite important in the western world.

This old woman was also the most wealthy woman in the western world, this woman's wealth was far greater than Liu Yue's.

Madam Laura looked at Ye Chen, when she looked at Ye Chen, she suddenly smiled kindly at Ye Chen.

"You are Ye Chen, right?, You are a very promising young man." Madam Laura looked at Ye Chen from top to bottom.

Ye Chen was quite surprised when he found out that this old woman knew him.

Ye Chen never remembered that he had met Madam Laura before.

"How do you know about me? ", Ye Chen asked Madam Laura how she knew about himself.

"Hehehe, one of the reasons I came all the way here is because I want to see people who will change the order of this world." Madam Laura pointed at Ye Chen.

"Huh, did you just mention me? ", Pointing at himself, Ye Chen asked Madam Luara.

Madam Laura nodded at Ye Chen.

Ye Chen did not understand what Madam Laura meant about him that would change this world order.

"Master, this old lady seems to have a special skill to see the secrets of heaven." When Ye Chen was confused by the words that came out of Madam Luara, Chu Yuechan suddenly spoke in Ye Chen's mind.

Chu Yuechan told Ye Chen that this old woman in front of him had a skill to see the secrets of heaven.

"secret of heaven? , you mean this old lady can see the secrets that will happen in the future? ", Asked Ye Chen to Chu Yuechan.

"Well it can be said that this old lady can see a little of what will happen in the future." Chu Yuechan told Ye Chen that Madam Laura could see the future.

"Isn't that ability very extraordinary? , I want to have it too. "Ye Chen is quite interested in the abilities that Madam Laura has, if Ye Chen has the ability like madam Laura then he can see what happens in the future.

"Master, you should forget to have this kind of ability, indeed this kind of ability is extraordinary, but there are things you have to pay for if you use powers that can make heaven angry with you". Chu Yuechan told Ye Chen that there was a risk that he had to pay when he peeked at the secrets of heaven.

"What kind of risk? "Ye Chen wants to know what happens when he peeks into the secrets of heaven.

"When you peek at the secrets of heaven then you have to pay for it with the soul you have, if your soul is no longer capable of it then you will be eliminated from this world forever", Chu Yuechan told Ye Chen what would happen if you peeked at the secrets of heaven.

Ye Chen was surprised to find out what would happen when someone peeked at Heaven's secret.

"You better stay away from this kind of thing, otherwise you might not live for a long time." Chu Yuechan told Ye Chen to stay away from this kind of thing.

Chu Yuechan himself could tell that Madam Luara only had a few souls left, Madam Laura would soon disappear from this world.

Chu Yuechan didn't want Ye Chen to end up crying like madam Laura.

"Okay, I understand." This time Ye Chen was very obedient to Chu Yuechan's words, he didn't want to disappear from this world like this.

"I also know that you have many beautiful women accompanying you, and again the number will increase in number in the future." Madam Laura also knows that Ye Chen has many beautiful women by his side.

The beautiful woman by Ye Chen's side will continue to grow more and more as time goes by.

Ye Chen could only smile wryly when madam Laura said this.

On the other side, Luo Bing was quite surprised to find that Madam Laura could find out Ye Chen's secret very easily.

Luo Bing didn't really believe in this kind of thing, but when she saw that Madam Laura could find out Ye Chen's secret, Luo Bing became interested in this kind of thing.

"Madam Laura, I heard you can see into the future. May I ask a little about the future I have? "Luo Bing wants to know a little about the future she has.

"What kind of future do you want to know?" Madam Laura asked Luo Bing.

Luo Bing played her two index fingers timidly, what Luo Bing wanted to know was quite embarrassing.

"I want to know who my partner will be in the future." Luo Bing wanted to know her future partner.

Luo Bing wanted to know who the man would be her life companion.

Actually Luo Bing was eager to have a partner soon, she was tired of living like this.

Even Luo Bing's master Yan Fu continued to encourage Luo Bing to immediately find a Dao companion.

Madam Laura smiled when she heard this from Luo Bing. "You don't need to find your partner anymore, that person is very close to you." Madam Laura told Luo Bing that her current life partner is very close to her.

"Huh? . . . . " Luo Bing was shocked when she heard what Madam Laura said.

Luo Bing immediately looked at Ye Chen who was nearby, she looked at Ye Chen with quite wide eyes.

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