Journey To Become A True God Chapter 412

412 Argued With Guards
Luo Bing began to remember the scene when she was kissed by Ye Chen, while thinking about this, maybe what Madam Laura said was referring to Ye Chen.

"Why are you looking at me like that, is there something wrong with me? ", Asked Ye Chen to Luo Bing.

"Realize that Luo Bing this person is a huge pervert, there is no way that he will become your life companion." Luo Bing immediately cleared the thoughts that were bothering her.

There was no way that she and Ye Chen would become a couple, the two often quarreled and didn't get along well with each other, so there was very little chance of that happening.

"Nothing, it's none of your business." Luo Bing immediately turned her head away from Ye Chen.

Ye Chen didn't understand Luo Bing's way of thinking, this woman was very complicated.

Madam Laura smiled when she saw Ye Chen and Luo Bing who were fighting like this, they looked very suitable to be a couple.

"Then let's go right now to the military district." Madam Laura invited Ye Chen and Luo Bing to go to the military district in this city.

Madam Laura had to attend a meeting in the military district in this city.

"All of you just stop here to escort me, after this Ye Chen and Luo Bing will be escorting me" Madam Laura told the guards behind her to stop guarding her.

At this point Madam Laura will hand over responsibility for security to Ye Chen and Luo Bing.

She believed that Luo Bing and Ye Chen could keep her safe.

"But madam Laura, we all can't leave you with weak people like them, if something happens to you then we will all be in trouble from the superiors." One of the guards still did not believe that Ye Chen and Luo Bing could keep the safety of madam Laura.

The guards of madam laura did not believe that Ye Chen and Luo Bing who were this weak could keep madam Laura safe.

Luo Bing who heard this immediately raised her eyebrows, she was not satisfied with the words that came out of the mouths of the guards behind madam Laura.

"Who are you saying weak, me and Ye Chen are strong enough to guarantee Madam Laura's safety." Luo Bing was angry with the guards behind Madam Laura.

The guards behind madam Laura also started to be displeased by the words that left Luo Bing's mouth.

"Hey ,weak woman, in our eyes you are just an ant so watch your words." The female guard behind Madam Laura said to Luo Bing in a rather high tone.

Luo Bing and the guards behind Madam Laura began to argue.

Here the tension started between Luo Bing and the guards behind Madam Laura.

The guards behind Madam Laura started to intimidate Luo Bing with their aura.

The pressure aura of these five people made Luo Bing who was only at the Earth Realm stage feel depressed once.

Luo Bing did not expect that these five people would have such tremendous pressure.

Ye Chen looked at Luo Bing who looked really depressed, he felt sorry to see Luo Bing who was currently being bullied by these people.

"If you are brave enough to bully my comrades, if you really feel great come fight me", Ye Chen challenged the five guards behind Madam Laura.

The five guards immediately looked at Ye Chen, they all looked at Ye Chen with a very sharp gaze.

The five of them were dissatisfied when they saw Ye Chen who wanted to challenge the five of them.

"Very well, if you really want to fight let's fight our strength." One of the guards finally accepted Ye Chen's challenge.

"What kind of power struggle do you want? ", Ye Chen wants to know how they will collide with strength.

"It's easy, we will play a game similar to Sumo, all we need to do is push each other until someone comes out of the circle." One of the guards wanted to compete with strength by playing a game like Sumo.

"It doesn't matter, let's just do it." Ye Chen agreed to play the game the guard in front of him had said.

"Madam Laura are we allowed to play a game with this guy? "The guard asked Madam Laura for permission.

Madam Laura nodded, she allowed her men to do a Sumo game with Ye Chen.

The five guards were happy when they were allowed to fight in a game with Ye Chen, the five of them would definitely humiliate Ye Chen.

The Sumo game arena is being prepared, one of the guards makes a perfect circle about 5 meters in diameter.

"The game is quite simple, everyone only has to push the enemy out of this circle, whoever comes out of this circle will lose," the female guard explained the rules to Ye Chen.

"Then what will happen to the losing party? "Ye Chen asked the five guards in front of him.

The five guards looked at each other, they suddenly nodded at each other.

"Whoever loses must agree to the request of the winner, whether you dare or not" The five guards agreed that the loser must agree to the request of the winner.

"Of course I agree, if you lose you have to do whatever I ask, hehehe" Ye Chen is quite happy with this, he will definitely make these people regret having challenged him.

The five guards smiled contemptuously at Ye Chen.

The five guards were very confident that they could win this game so easily, they only needed to use a little strength to drive Ye Chen out of the circle.

"Ye Chen, make sure you embarrass these people." This time, Luo Bing was very supportive of Ye Chen, she was annoyed at the five arrogant guards in front of her, she wanted Ye Chen to teach these people a lesson.

"Pahhh! ! ! ", Ye Chen suddenly slapped Luo Bing's perfect butt.

"Ahh. . . " Luo Bing groaned in a small voice as Ye Chen slapped her buttocks.

"Ye Chen what are you. . . . "Luo Bing wanted to roar at Ye Chen, when Luo Bing roared at Ye Chen, Ye Chen's hand started to squeeze Luo Bing's beautiful butt.

Luo Bing who felt Ye Chen's hand immediately stopped screaming, she felt that the touch of Ye Chen's hand was so pleasant.

"Listen, this is a punishment because you have given me a new problem." Ye Chen was annoyed that Luo Bing kept giving him unnecessary trouble.

Luo Bing did not answer Ye Chen's words, indeed she was the wrong person to have given Ye Chen a problem from the start.

Ye Chen squeezed Luo Bing's butt for a while, after he was satisfied playing with this thing Ye Chen let go of Luo Bing.

After being satisfied playing with Luo Bing, Ye Chen went to the center of the game circle area that had been created

"Let's start the game, which of you wants to go first." Ye Chen invited the five guards in front of him to enter this circle.

"Just let me go, I'm enough to fight this guy." One of the five guards entered the game circle area.

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