Journey To Become A True God Chapter 413

413 End Game With One Finger
After the two people enter the circle area, the game is ready to start.

There is no referee in this game, as long as one of the parties leaves it will be declared defeated.

"Are you ready to lose", the guard said to Ye Chen.

"Go ahead and show what kind of abilities you have." Ye Chen tried to provoke the person in front of him.

The man in front of Ye Chen was angry when he saw Ye Chen's provocation.

this man began to take a stance.

This man began to release the strength he had, a powerful blow immediately hit Ye Chen.

Ye Chen was still standing upright where he was standing, this blow was completely unable to move Ye Chen's body one bit.

"Hey, are you going to keep standing in front of it like a fool and do nothing" Ye Chen sneered at the guard in front of him.

The guard from Madam Laura was shocked when he saw that Ye Chen was not blown away by the power he just released.

The guard from madam Laura felt that Ye Chen was very strange.

"Come on, hurry up and attack me, don't waste my time." Ye Chen told the guards in front of him to immediately advance to fight with him.

"bastard" The guard in front of Ye Chen was already very angry with Ye Chen's provocation.

The veins on this guard's head started to stick out and stick out, this proved that the guard from Madam Laura was very angry at Ye Chen.

The guard from madam Laura immediately ran towards Ye Chen, this person put his arms forward, this person's position looked like someone was breaking the door.

The guard madam Laura ran like an angry bull, he wanted to hit Ye Chen who was in front of him until he was blown away very far.

"Bammmmm." guard slammed into Ye Chen's body.

When the guard bumped into Ye Chen's body, the guard from madam Laura became the one who was bounced back.

He felt that he had just hit a wall of steel which was the hardest and most sturdy in this world.

He felt his arm had an injury after hitting Ye Chen's body.

"Thank you for giving me an easy win, hehehehe" Ye Chen chuckled at the guard in front of him.

The guard from Madam Laura was currently outside the circle, he was blown away several meters after bumping into Ye Chen's body.

"Damn" he cursed when he found out that he had lost this game.

"You idiot how can you lose in such a shameful way".

"It's useless, if I knew this then you would have gone ahead earlier".

His fellow guards began to mock him for losing to Ye Chen.

"If you do have the ability why not just go ahead" he was angry with the fellow guards behind him.

"Get out of the way, just let me teach that person a lesson." The guard with the bald head decided to go up and fight Ye Chen.

Among all the guards guarding madam Laura, the guard with the bald head had the strongest strength among the five.

The strongest person among the five guards has already decided to go against Ye Chen, you can be sure that this time Ye Chen will suffer a loss.

The guard with the bald head began to enter the circle of the game, he was ready to make Ye Chen feel the power he had.

"Are you ready? ", The bald man asked whether Ye Chen was ready or not.

"I'm ready whenever you want, let's go ahead and show the strength you have." Ye Chen told the bald man in front of him to show how strong the strength he had.

The bald man clenched his fists, he began to move towards Ye Chen, the bald man raised his fists, he was ready to hit Ye Chen.

In this game there are no rules that explain how to push your opponent out of the circle, that means the players can do whatever they want to push the opponent out of the circle.

This punch was aimed straight at Ye Chen's face.

Ye Chen saw that this person wanted to hit his face, he raised his left hand to catch the punch that came from the bald man.

"Bammm. . . "The punch from the bald man was blocked by Ye Chen's left hand.

The guards who saw this were dumbfounded, they all didn't expect that Ye Chen could withstand the beatings of the bald man so easily.

"Your punches are so weak, didn't you have breakfast this morning?" Ye Chen told the bald man that the punches he did were very weak.

The bald man tried to break free from Ye Chen's hand, unfortunately Ye Chen gripped the bald man's hand very firmly, as a result the bald man had difficulty breaking away from Ye Chen.

"Quickly let go of my hand." The bald man told Ye Chen to let go of himself.

"OK." Ye Chen stretched a finger of hers to the forehead of the Bald Man.

The moment Ye Chen's finger touched the bald man's forehead, the bald man immediately bounced back several hundred meters.

The bald man rolled over the airstrip and hit a guardrail, after crashing into the guardrail the bald man stopped.

On closer inspection, the bald man was currently unconscious.

The guards from other madam Laura gawked when they saw Ye Chen beat the bald man using only one finger.

The bald man is the most powerful person among the five, to defeat this bald man shouldn't be easy.

But at the moment they saw Ye Chen beat the bald man using just one finger, this person's strength was definitely much stronger than all of them.

"Who wants to go forward again? " Ye Chen asked the remaining guards.

The guards immediately took a few steps back, they immediately shook their heads, they all decided to give in instead of having the same fate as a bald man.

Ye Chen smiled with satisfaction when he saw these people afraid of him.

"Ye Chen you are so great", Luo Bing came and hugged Ye Chen's body, she looked very happy when she saw Ye Chen win and humiliate these people.

Ye Chen was shocked when he saw Luo Bing hugging himself, this didn't look like the usual Luo Bing.

Ye Chen was of course happy when hugged by a beautiful woman like Luo Bing, Ye Chen's hand began to move towards Luo Bing's waist, he embraced Luo Bing's waist and hugged her.

Luo Bing's body shook when Ye Chen hugged her, Luo Bing immediately realized what she was doing right now, she didn't expect that she would hug Ye Chen like this.

Luo Bing just now was very excited, so without realizing it she hugged Ye Chen's body.

"Big pervert quickly let me go." Luo Bing wanted Ye Chen to let go of herself.

"Who are you calling a big pervert ? ,Aren't you the one who hugged me earlier" Ye Chen whispered in Luo Bing's ear.

Luo Bing's face immediately turned red when she heard Ye Chen's words, today she showed Ye Chen the embarrassing side she had.

Luo Bing rebelled in Ye Chen's embrace, she tried to break free from Ye Chen.

Seeing Luo Bing revolt Ye Chen decided to let her go.

Before letting go of Luo Bing, Ye Chen didn't forget to slap Luo Bing's beautiful butt, the feeling of slapping this thing was very chewy.

Luo Bing immediately covered her butt with both of her hands, this guy was always hitting herself in embarrassing parts like this.

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