Journey To Become A True God Chapter 414

414 Secret Meeting In The Military Distric
Ye Chen turned his attention towards the guards in front of him.

"You have already lost, now is the time for you to keep the promise that we made earlier" Ye Chen told the four guards who were in front of him to keep the promise they had agreed from the start.

"We are the losers, so we will accept all requests from you." Everyone agreed with the promise made earlier.

The promise that the loser will comply with the request of the winner.

Ye Chen had to praise these people who were willing to admit the defeat they had suffered.

"Very good, then my request is very easy, I just want you to kneel and apologize to my colleague Luo Bing" Ye Chen told the request he wanted.

Ye Chen's request was very simple, Ye Chen only wanted these people to apologize to Luo Bing.

"It's fine if that's your request." The guards in front of Ye Chen agreed, they received a request from Ye Chen which was very simple.

At first they thought Ye Chen would demand something that was beyond reason, unexpectedly Ye Chen's request was so simple.

The four guards went in front of Luo Bing, they knelt down and started apologizing to Luo Bing.

"Please forgive us for the mistakes we have made" the four guards immediately apologized to Luo Bing.

They apologized very sincerely to Luo Bing.

Luo Bing was very happy when she saw this, it turned out that Ye Chen cared so much for herself that it was like this.

Ye Chen even bothered to make these people apologize to her.

Luo Bing finally felt that what Ye Chen did this time was the very right thing.

"OK, I'll forgive you, you guys can stand up." Luo Bing decided to forgive these people and forget the previous incident.

After Luo Bing forgave them, the four bodyguards got up from the ground.

" applause . . .,applause . . .,applause . . .,applause . . ., "Madam Laura suddenly clapped her hands.

Madam Laura walked towards Ye Chen, Luo Bing and the guards assigned to keep her safe.

"Do you understand now why I entrust my safety to these two people? ", Madam Laura spoke to the four bodyguards in front of her.

The bodyguards nodded at Madam Luara, now they understood why Madam Laura trusted Ye Chen so much.

It turned out that the strength possessed by Ye Chen was much stronger than what they currently have.

"Good, take your comrades who are passed out back into the private jet, from here I'll go with Ye Chen and Luo Bing" Madam Laura told all the guards to stay here and guard her private jet.

"Yes madam" all the guards very compactly answered madam Laura.

Madam Laura was satisfied with the attitude shown by the four guards.

"Ye Chen, Luo Bing let's go to the military district in this city." Madam Laura invited Ye Chen and Luo Bing to go to the military district.

"OK." Luo Bing and Ye Chen nodded, both of them escorted Madam Laura towards Luo Bing's car.

After making sure Madam Laura got into the car, Ye Chen and Luo Bing also got into the car.

After everyone got into the car, Luo Bing drove this car towards the military district.







"Boss, our target has started to move, what are we going to do next?" Currently, Tu Wenpi's men reported that Madam Laura along with Ye Chen and Luo Bing had left the airport.

"You idiot, don't you see that the person who was guarding our target is quite strong? ", Tu Wenpi scolded his men who were so stupid.

Tu Wenpi had seen the brief battle between Ye Chen and the guards of Madam Laura, in the battle just now he saw that this person was much stronger than the guards assigned to escort Madam Laura.

If he directly fought Ye Chen he would definitely lose, because of this Tu Wenpi had to find a way to kidnap Madam Laura without Ye Chen and Luo Bing knowing.

"We will change the original plan." Tu Wenpi decided to change the original plan they had made.

They will use other means to catch Madam Laura without anyone knowing.

"Hey, you four eyes, hurry and find out the schedule that our target will do." Tu Wenpi ordered one of his men who are experts in hacking networks in this world to find a visit schedule from Madam Laura.

"Well boss I will immediately do it" the man with the title of four eyes immediately turned on his laptop, he began to hack the western world website.

Tu Wenpi was very happy when he saw his men work very well.

"Soon I will be the ruler of this world" Tu Wenpi burst out laughing.

With the power of Madam Laura who can see the future, then all things that will happen in the future can be known by Tu Wenpi.

There is an old saying that if you can see the future, then you can rule this world.

Looks like these words were what prompted Tu Wenpi to get madam Laura.

In fact, in this world there are many great powers who want to get Madam Laura to join their faction.

Unfortunately Madam Laura refused this, she chose to remain neutral without taking sides.

Despite not taking sides with one of the factions that rule the land in this world, Madam Laura's relationship with all the Great Faction is quite good.

Sometimes Madam Laura would tell a little about the great disaster that was going to happen in the world to all the big factions that controlled this land.

You could say that Madam Laura will give a prediction for the big events that will happen in the future.





Meanwhile in Luo Bing's car that was heading towards the Military District.

"Please forgive my guards' attitude towards the two of you." Inside the car, Madam Laura apologized to Ye Chen and Luo Bing.

"You don't need to apologize about that, we both forgot what happened just now." Luo Bing and Ye Chen have forgotten this, they didn't take this to heart.

Madam Laura was happy that Ye Chen and Luo Bing were able to forgive the mistakes that the guards guarding her had done.

"Madam Laura, what are you going to do in the military district? ", Asked Ye Chen to Madam Laura.

Ye Chen wanted to know what Madam Laura would do in the military district.

Luo Bing was just as curious about Ye Chen, she also didn't know much about Madam Laura's purpose in going to the military district.

The order that Luo Bing received was only to escort Madam Laura safely, Luo Bing did not receive complete details about what Madam Laura was going to do in this city.

"So you don't know about this? "Madam Laura said to Ye Chen and Luo Bing.

Ye Chen and Luo Bing simultaneously shook their heads.

Seeing that Ye Chen didn't know about this, madam Laura decided to tell Ye Chen and Luo Bing.

"Actually in this city there will be a secret meeting between representatives of the big factions." Madam Laura told Ye Chen what was going to happen in the military district.

it turns out that in the military district there will be a meeting between representatives of large factions.

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