Journey To Become A True God Chapter 416

416 Representatives Of The Big Faction
"I'm sorry for the recklessness I just did, the three of you were invited to enter" The Dragon Army Special Forces finally gave Luo Bing permission to enter the military district.

After getting permission to enter, Luo Bing immediately entered the military district.

When Ye Chen entered the military district, he felt some intense aura that was not far from here, just like what Madam Laura said was true.

The representatives sent by all the major factions weren't weak, with their current strength, they were all strong enough to cause chaos in a large country.

"Looks like it will be a little interesting." Ye Chen felt that it would be a little interesting, he wanted to see how strong the people sent by the Big Faction were.

Luo Bing headed towards the main building in the military district, this building was the place for important military events to be held.

After arriving in front of the building, Ye Chen, Luo Bing and madam Laura got out of the car.

The three of them immediately went up to the top floor of this building, that was where the representatives of all the factions were located.

The security inside the building was much tighter than outside, there were a lot of guards at every corner of the entrance, they all guarded the place to be safe from unwanted things.

Madam Laura guided Ye Chen and Luo Bing into a room, within this room there were several people sitting around the table.

Everyone sitting here had a companion behind them, it seemed that the people behind were assistants to the representatives of the great factions who were sent to this city.

When madam Laura, Ye Chen and Luo Bing entered the room, everyone immediately directed the attention they had to madam Laura, Ye Chen and Luo Bing who had just entered the room.

Madam Laura smiled at the people who were in here.

The people here looked normal when they saw Madam Laura's arrival, they didn't look at Madam Laura with a special look.

"Tch, old grandmother, finally you came too, we are tired here to wait for you" a man around 35 ~ 40 years old sneered at Madam Laura who came very late.

This man called Woody, he was a representative of the Dark Legacy Faction, this person's strength was comparable to a cultivator who was at the ninth stage of the Overlord Realm.

Woody is not a human, he is a half-monster human .

The members of the Dark Legacy Faction are indeed dominated by half-monster humans, many Half-Monster Humans who join together with the Dark Legacy.

The members of the Dark Legacy Faction are also known to be very arrogant, they consider themselves more special than the other factions.

The strength of the Dark Legacy cannot be underestimated, they currently control nearly 1/4 of the area in the western world.

While the rest are controlled by the Holy Church, Chaos Bridge, Blue Esper, Carmilla's Rose.

It can be seen that the strength of the Dark Legacy is indeed strong, because of this they are so arrogant.

"Hey Woody watch your talk, it is rude to talk like that to Madam Laura." A handsome young man with blonde hair scolded Woody who was very rude when talking to Madam Laura.

This handsome young man named Kriss, he is a representative from the Holy Church, this person's strength is also at the ninth stage of the Overlord Realm.

"Who are you? , how dare you criticize me. "Woody looked displeased with Kriss's words, he immediately replied to Kriss with provocative words.

The Holy Church and the Dark Legacy have a pretty bad relationship, they often clash on everything, because of this the two representatives don't seem to get along.

"Woody, don't be arrogant just because you come from the Dark Legacy faction, if you make me angry then my sword will cut you to pieces." Kriss looks displeased with the provocative words that Woody did.

He didn't even hesitate to fight Woody right away.

"Do you think I'm afraid to fight with brats like you, let's prove who is the strongest between us two" Woody looks increasingly in front of Kriss, he even challenged Kriss to fight and show the strength they have.

Kriss is a knight, he certainly won't stand still when he receives this kind of provocation.

Kriss starts to stand up from the chair he has, he prepares to pull out the Holy sword he has, while Woody also gets up from his chair, he is ready to change shape.

"You two stop." When Woody and Kris wanted to fight in this place, a 40 year old man stopped them both.

This man was Wei Cou he was the representative of the Kunlun holy land, Wei Cou was currently at the tenth stage of the Overlord Realm.

Among the people who were here, Wei Cou was the strongest one, it seemed like the Kunlun Holy Land had sent a strong person just in case something like this happened.

This country was the territory of the Kunlun Holy Land, they could not possibly allow the other factions to cause chaos in a place like this.

It was because of this that the Kunlun Holy Land sent quite a strong representative.

Woody and Kriss immediately stopped doing what they both wanted to do.

The strength displayed by Wei Cou was extraordinarily strong, this made Woody and Kriss feel intimidated.

After Wei Cou stepped forward, Woody and Kriss finally calmed down, the two of them returned to their seats.

"Seriously, you two are like little kids." A Sexy woman with silver hair sneered at Woody and Kriss.

This woman is Marry, she is a representative of Carmilla's Rose.

"Who do you call a child? ,You old woman who is afraid of the sun." Woody immediately replied to Marry who had previously dared to sneer at himself.

On the other hand, Kriss's attitude seems normal in responding to Marry's words, in his heart Kriss is only a little dissatisfied with the words that came out of Marry's mouth.

Sexy woman Marry raises her eyebrows in dissatisfaction, marry hates when someone dares to call herself an old woman.

Every woman will not like it when someone calls her old Woman, including Marry, Mary hates the most when someone dares to call herself an old woman.

"Little kid, you better go home, you really don't deserve to be in a place like this with us." Marry used some pretty stabbing words to Woody.

Marry is a smart woman, she will definitely win if she argues with a man like Woody who can only rely on the emotions he has.

Woody's anger is getting more and more unstoppable, now he really wants to destroy Kriss and Marry who are in front of him.

"Booom. . . . "When the situation started to get tense between Woody, Kriss and Marry.

Wei Cou suddenly slapped the table in front of him into small pieces.

He had lost quite a bit of the patience he had when facing the Representatives sent by the other large factions.

"Can't you just pause for not doing something like this? "Wei Cou couldn't stand to see the disagreement that was happening.

Here at the moment they are discussing an important issue, everyone must get rid of the enmity, resentment and ego they have.

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