Journey To Become A True God Chapter 417

417 The Future Of The World
All factions do not have good relations with each other, they are all fighting each other to become the most powerful in this world.

So it's not strange that the representatives sent by each of the major factions are hostile towards each other.

After Wei Cou showed the strength he had, Woody, Kriss and Marry finally wanted to calm down.

The representatives of the other major factions seemed not to care about what was happening right now, they seemed not to care about the dispute that had just happened.

"Madam Laura, please sit on the chair that has been provided." Wei Cou invited Madam Laura to sit on the chair that had been provided.

Madam Laura walked towards the empty chair in front of her, after arriving near the empty chair Madam Laura immediately sat on this chair.

Whereas Ye Chen and Luo Bing stood behind Madam Laura.

The representative people of the Great Faction ignored Ye Chen and Luo Bing, to them Ye Chen and Luo Bing were nothing but ants in their eyes.

It was because of this that they ignored Ye Chen and Luo Bing.

"Madam Laura, so what problem was it that you asked for a meeting like this? "Wei Cou immediately asked Madam Laura.

The people who were here were sent here because Madam Laura, Madam Laura was the one who had requested this kind of meeting.

Actually the people here were very lazy when told to come to this meeting, but because the higher-ups ordered them to come to this meeting, they couldn't refuse it.

They all wondered what Madam Laura was going to tell them all.

surely madam Laura will tell you what will happen in the future.

"Actually there is an important thing I want to say to all of you big factions controlling this world, this is about the future of everyone in this world." There is an important thing that Madam Laura wants to tell all the big factions.

"Old granny, don't be so convoluted like that, hurry and just say straight to the main point." Woody told madam Laura to immediately tell directly what will happen to this world.

Woody looked very rude when talking to Madam Laura.

Madam Laura didn't look annoyed or angry when she heard Woody's words, she was used to receiving this kind of attitude from the members of the Big Faction.

If Madam Laura didn't have the ability to see the Secret of Heaven, surely the Great Faction would not have noticed her in the slightest.

All major factions only want to take advantage of Madam Laura who can see what will happen in the future.

Ye Chen didn't expect that the people here would be so arrogant, they looked so arrogant with people who were weaker than them.

Actually, Ye Chen didn't really like the people sent by each big faction, but since Ye Chen was here guarding Madam Laura's safety, Ye Chen would try to hold back a little.

"OK, I will go straight to the main point of the argument, soon this world will experience a tremendous shift in power, there will be many great powers coming to our Earth, they have a much stronger power than all of your factions combined." Madam Laura told all the Faction representatives who were here that some very strong people would come to this Earth.

These people will do a lot of damage on this Earth.

"Madam Laura are you kidding with all of us, you said there will be great powers coming to this earth and they are stronger than all of us? "Wei Cou could hardly believe the words that came out of Madam Laura's mouth.

Not only did Wei Cou not believe Madam Laura's words, all the representatives sent by each faction also did not believe Madam Laura's words.

The Holy Church, Chaos Bridge, Dark Legacy, Carmilla's Rose, Yagatama orochi, Blue Esper, Devil Lucifer, Kunlun Holy Land have been the rulers of this world for thousands of years, until now the power they have still can't be shifted by anyone.

The Holy Church, Chaos Bridge, Dark Legacy, Carmilla's Rose, Yagatama orochi, Blue Esper, Devil Lucifer, Kunlun Holy Land really did not let their position be compromised by anyone in this world.

"It's up to you whether you want to believe my words or not." Madam Laura doesn't care if the eight great factions don't believe the words she has said before.

Madam Laura's task is only to give an early warning to all factions, if they don't listen to it, then Madam Laura will not be harmed in this case either.

Everyone here began to think about what Madam Laura had said, if that was true then their power would really be very threatened.

Madam Laura's words can be confirmed to be 99% accurate, in the past Madam Laura has published major events that will happen in this world, and as a result it happened, so Madam Laura's words can be trusted to be true.

"Madam Laura, can you explain this in more detail to all of us? "Wei Cou wants to know about this matter in more detail.

Madam Laura shook her head, "I can only tell you this much. If I tell you more then Heaven will be really angry with me." Madam Laura could not tell more and more clearly to the representatives of all factions present here.

Heaven's secret is something that is very dangerous, if you get out of line then heaven will be really angry.

"Damn, Old Granny, don't be such a mysterious person, hurry up and tell us more details." Woody wanted to know more clearly about this matter.

Woody would not stop until he got what he wanted from Madam Laura.

"I told you that I can't tell you any further, if you really want to know then you just have to wait, time will answer the questions you have right now." Madam Laura still insisted on not giving full details of what was going to be happen in the future later.

Woody was not satisfied after hearing the answer that came out of Madam Laura.

"Hey old grandma, the patience I have has limits, hurry up and tell us everything you know, otherwise don't blame me for using violence against you." Woody threatened to use violence if Madam Laura didn't tell himself all the things she knew.

Ye Chen started to dislike when he saw Woody threatening the weak Madam Laura, if Woody dared to move on to madam Laura, then Ye Chen would teach this person a lesson that will not be forgotten.

"I emphasize once again, I can only tell you that far, what you are going to do next is none of my business." Madam Laura still insisted on not telling everything she knew to the representatives sent by the Eight Great Faction.

"You old grandma, know where you are" Woody got up from his chair, he went towards madam Laura.

Madam Laura was just an ordinary person, how could she possibly be able to fight against Woody who had strength comparable to a cultivator at the ninth stage of the Overlord Realm.

Madam Laura could only surrender to the circumstances she had, she only had hope in Ye Chen who was behind her.

"Woody stop" Kriss tries to stop Woody from doing bad things to madam Laura.

Unfortunately Kriss was a little late, he didn't have time to stop Woody.

"Boooom" a strong explosion occurred, the whole building was shaking because of this explosion.

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