Journey To Become A True God Chapter 418

418 Sparked A Misunderstanding Among The Great Faction
The tremors and explosions just now brought the main military district building to a slight angle.

After the explosion, this room was now covered with a very thick dust.

Everyone in this Room started to be very alert at all, they all wanted to know what was going on here.

Time passed, after the explosion no suspicious movements occurred in this room.

The dust that covered the room started to disappear, after the dust disappeared, everyone could see a hole forming in the floor that was in front of them.

Not only was the floor at this level hollow, all the floors below had holes as well.

If you go deeper, this hole forms into the underground that is under the main building in the military district.

The holes in all the floors in this building were formed due to Ye Chen's attack on Woody.

Earlier when Woody wanted to do something bad to Madam Laura, Ye Chen used the nine shadow steps to go to Woody's side.

Unknown to anyone in this place, Ye Chen immediately threw a very powerful blow at Woody.

Woody, who didn't know anything, was immediately dropped by Ye Chen's attack.

The floor in this building was unable to withstand the impact of Wooody's body, the result was that all of the floors in this building were damaged due to the force generated by Ye Chen's attack.

Even the ground formed a very deep hole because it was unable to withstand the impact that occurred.

Fortunately, this building is strong enough to bear the impact and shocks that occur, if only this building was not strong, maybe at this time the building would have collapsed due to the previous collision.

After launching the attack earlier, Ye Chen immediately returned to Madam Laura's side.

What Ye Chen just did not see anyone in this room, the speed shown by Ye Chen was extremely fast, no one here was able to see the movements Ye Chen was making.

" What's going on here ? ", Wei Cou has no idea what happened in this place, he didn't see what happened before.

Here Wei Cou's strength is the highest, if Wei Cou doesn't know what happened just now, then the representatives from the other big factions also don't know what happened just now.

"Rumble. . ., Rumble. . . , Rumble. . . , Rumble. . . " From the underground of this building again there was a tremor like an earthquake.

Someone suddenly climbed from the hole in the floor, the person who came to the surface was Woody.

Woody's current state is not well, Wooody's head looks quite badly injured, Wooody's head is currently filled with blood that is still dripping.

"Who was the person who just attacked me? ", Woody shouted to everyone who was in this place.

Woody currently looks very, very angry, Woody's face and eyes turn red because of the anger that has reached the peak.

"What are you saying? ", I didn't see anyone making a move in this room at all.

Wei Cou did not see any of the people here move from where they were standing.

The only person moving was Kriss, he was moving to stop Woody from doing something bad to Madam Laura.

But before Kriss can reach Woody, an explosion of unknown origin occurs.

At that time, Woody was attacked by an unknown person.

everyone here didn't see the person who had just attacked Woody at all, so they felt strange hearing Woody accuse them of carrying out an attack.

"Don't lie to me, it's obvious just now that I felt someone hit my head very strongly, quickly tell which of you did it ? ", Woody could not believe that none of these people attacked him.

The attack from Ye Chen made Woody's head feel very sore and dizzy.

Woody had to find the person who had attacked him before, surely one of the big faction representatives was the culprit.

"Woody, none of us attacked you, so what evidence do you have to accuse one of us? ", Kriss spoke to Woody.

Hearing this, Woody looked at Kriss with a very strong murderous look.

"Kriss, I'm sure you are the culprit right? "Woody started to accuse Kriss as the perpetrator who attacked him.

"You can not accuse me like that, before I was far from you, so I am not the one who has attacked you" Kriss tried to defend himself.

"If not you then who will? , in this room only you and Marry who previously had a conflict with me. "Woody suspects two people in this room, the first is Kriss and the second is Marry.

Previously these two people had conflicts with him, so it was very likely that these two people had previously attacked him secretly.

"Don't take me into your troubles, I've been sitting here quietly without moving the slightest bit." Marry didn't accept it when she was accused of being the one who attacked Woody.

Marry is getting fed up with Woody's attitude, she feels very annoyed with Woody who comes from the Dark Legacy Faction.

"So you two don't want to admit it? , Good, good, then I might have to make you two admit what you have done. "Since words don't work, Woody will use force to get these two people to talk.

"Rumbled. . . "Woody's body starts to emit a green aura.

Woody's body gradually started to get bigger and higher, now Woody's height was about 4 ~ 5 meters.

on Woody's body, there are two new hands, now Woody's total arms are four.

Woody's head also begins to change and enlarge, Woody's head turns into a bull-like that has enormous horns.

"Roar. . . . "Woody howled very loudly, this super strong roar made the lights and windows here smash to pieces.

Woody has finished transforming into a monster, it turns out that Woody's true form is a Minotaur Monster.

"You two get ready to feel my anger." In a hoarse voice, Woody spoke to Kriss and Marry.

Woody didn't waste much time, Woody immediately aimed at Kriss and Marry.

he intends to attack Kriss and Marry who are in front of him.

Kriss and Marry will not remain silent when they will be attacked by Woody.

The two of them began to unleash their strength, Kriss and Marry ready to welcome Woody's attack.

"Booom" another explosion occurred, this time Marry and Kriss were forced to leave the main building of the military district.

In the exchange just now the two of them were forced to retreat backwards, as a result both of them were forced to leave the main building of the military district.

After being forced out of the main building in the military district, Kriss and Marry are now floating outside the building.

Seeing Kriss and Marry outside the building, Woody comes out of the building, he hovers right in front of Kriss and Marry.

"You ugly bull, why are you dragging me into this kind of trouble?" Marry was very irritated when Woody dragged herself into battle.

"Shut up old bitch, soon I'll make you pay for everything." Woody called Marry as the Old bitch.

Marry's face darkened when she heard Woody's taunts.

"Hehehehehehe, very interesting. . ., I never thought that there would be people who would dare to call this woman like that, I definitely won't let you go. "Marry laughed so creepily, just hearing it can make people feel chills.

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