Journey To Become A True God Chapter 42

42 Fairy Gate Level Up

Zhao Yanyan "oh yes husband what are we going to do next? "

"Ye Chen, how about we choose several techniques for Yanyan's younger sister, however Yanyan's younger sister has entered the world of cultivation and Yanyan's younger sister hasn't had any technique yet"

Chu Yuechan asked Ye Chen to immediately go to the Technical Storage Pagoda, Ye Chen also realized that Zhao Yanyan had entered the World of Cultivation and was already at the beginning of the Realm's spirit formation.

The progress of Zhao Yanyan was truly astonishing only by doing Dual Cultivation with Ye Chen, moreover Zhao Yanyan from the beginning was only a Normal Human Who did not even Enter the Martial Realm level.

But only in the Overnight Time has risen Two worlds are immediately at the initial level of Spirit formation Realm, If Cultivators on earth who have practiced several decades and could only set foot on the level of Spirit formation Realm knew this news, They would definitely vomit blood.

Finally Ye Chen went together with Zhao Yanyan and Chu Yuechan to the pagoda tower a place where cultivation techniques were stored.

While on the road Ye Chen did not forget to explain the basis of cultivation to Zhao Yanyan.

His father Ye Chen and the Women arrived in front of the entrance to the pagoda, then they all entered into it.

"Our wife has arrived at the place of cultivation of cultivation techniques, let's see. See and if you find a technique that you like, take it."

After that Yanyan went to the existing shelves and began to search for the technique he liked.

"Ne Yuechan do you think that cultivation technique is suitable for Yanyan? "

Ye Chen asked Chu Yuechan because Chu Yuechan's experience was richer than him

"Because Yanyan's younger sister has a Body Saint then the technique of light attribute should be the most suitable for her".

"But let Yanyan's little brother choose what he likes, let fate find his own way, but it seems like it will take a while."

After saying that Chu Yuechan sat in the same chair when Ye Chen first arrived at this pagoda.

Ye Chen looked at Zhao Yanyan who was sorting out the technical books one by one, the speed of Zhao Yanyan was really very slow.

To Wait for Zhao Yanyan to Get the Technique Yang Zhao Yanyan wanted Ye Chen to sit next to Chu Yuechan and wait patiently.

After about 4 hours, Zhao Yanyan finally got the desired technique, Zhao Yanyan took the first two techniques, the Light Technique to punish the sky, and the second technique was the Goddess melody technique.

Ye Chen saw the description of the technique that Zhao Yanyan was holding in his hand

The Penalty Light Technique of the Heavens; Anyone who cultivates this technique can use the Light attribute, and this technique also has a few special attacks.

Only 3 Skills in this book can be used after learning the Light of Heaven's Judgment, That is the Light Chain, the Shield of Light, and also the Light Sword.

Light Chain: Can Seal all enemy movements for a while, the duration of sealing enemy movements depends on the level of pengunannya.

Light Shield: make a Protection Around the User and fend off all attacks made by the enemy, the defense force also adjusts to the level of use.

Light Sword "Making a Flying Sword From Light, This flying sword can be used to attack an enemy or to defend against an enemy attack, to control the movement of the flying sword.

And the second technique is the melody technique of the Goddess "The female goddess who plays music in the battlefield which makes the allies get blessings and for the enemies get a curse.

This technique can strengthen the power of friends, and can confuse the enemy of melodies that are released and have a very broad range, melodic goddess technique can also kill many enemies from a great distance.

Unfortunately this technique is not suitable for melee, as much as possible the user of this technique to keep his distance from his enemy.

But according to Ye Chen, if the Light of Heaven's punishment and Technique of the Goddess melody is combined, it will be very suitable and complementary.

Ye Chen read the Second Description of this Technique, and according to Ye Chen this technique was quite good. But unfortunately both of them were only a first-level manual and were still incomplete.

"Yuechan do you know where the continuation of this manual technique is? "

Ye Chen asked because he felt that this technique was incomplete if Zhao Yanyan learned it.

"For the advanced level of the Light Judge Technique, the sky is on the top floor, in this pagoda it consists of 5 floors and the floor that we are currently occupying is the first floor".

"The technique here is mostly low-ranking God techniques or incomplete techniques and if you want to learn all the full versions you have to search all the floors in this pagoda."

Chu Yuechan explained to Ye Chen about the details in this pagoda.

"You mean if you want the full version we have to search upstairs? "Ye Chen asked

" Yes you could say so "

"Then what are we waiting for let's go up to the next floor"

Ye Chen wanted to immediately see the technique on the second floor right now.

"The second floor is currently inaccessible or not yet open".

"Then how do you make the second floor? "

Ye Chen asked Chu Yuechan how to open the second floor of this pagoda.

"The problem is you are still at level two, and to open the second floor requires level 20 to access it"

Chu Yuechan explained How to open the Second Floor of this pagoda.

"Level? what do you mean Yuechan? "

Ye Chen still hadn't fully known the ins and outs of the Fairy Gate's Secrets, for Ye Chen the Fairy Gate really had a lot of Mysteries stored up.

"Uh. . . , it's my fault, I forgot to explain at the beginning to you, because you were too cool in practice when you first came here ".

Then Chu Yuechan explained to Ye Chen more about this Fairy Gate.

"The first few places that are in this fairy gate are still inaccessible or not yet open, and to open them you must increase the level of the fairy gate's authority."

"You only need to think about your status details to find out your current level".

Ye Chen then followed the instructions given by Chu Yuechan and tried it.

When Ye Chen thought about it, a Setatus Window appeared in front of Ye Chen, this Status Window had some neatly written information.

Details of the Fairy Gate ruler

Lvl: 2

Name: Ye Chen

Age: 19 years old

Strength: Ancient warrior Realm

Inherited: God of Sage

Technique: King's Heart Technique, Gods Path Technique, Step Nine Shadow, DESOLATE PALMS Technique,? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? (Author's note: The following Technical Details follow: V).

Woman: Zhao Yanyan

Current Exp: 14/84

"Hmmm, then how do I get Exp? "

Ye Chen was already at the second level, but Ye Chen still didn't know how to get his experience

"There are 3 ways to memorize Exp 1. Conquering Women, 2. Training your women, 3. do Dual Cultivation with your woman, well that's 3 Ways to get Exp So you can Raise Your Level, Every level up there will be a mysterious gift and new things will open at the Fairy Gate ".

Chu Yuechan explained 3 ways to be able to Level Up, Now Ye Chen understood why Chu Yuechan was insisting that Ye Chen could quickly find many women, the more women the faster the Fairy Gate could level up.

Zhao Yanyan was left alone, Zhao Yanyan didn't understand what Ye Chen was talking about, and could only hear next to the two of them.

Ye Chen had just leveled up and had not yet taken the prize so Ye Chen pressed Take the prize, then several Posts appeared on the Window screen.

Congratulations on reaching level 2 of the fairy gate lord, this is the gift you will get: Marrow x3, Zither lotus x1, Heaven peach seedlings, Lvl 1 growth Aray in the Medicinal Garden is Open.

For marrow pills it was useless for Ye Chen but for Zhao Yanyan it was a good thing.

The second item Ye Chen Sees in His Details: Weapons used by the Flower Elves in the past to sweep the battlefield, unfortunately this tool has been damaged and lost its power, now this tool is entered into a Level 3 Spiritual Weapon.

Ye Chen thought that the Zither lotusber was related to the Goddess Melody Technique.

So Ye Chen thought of giving this Spiritual tool to Zhao Yanyan only, and looked for ways to improve it in the future.

The third item is heaven peach seedlings: this fruit can restore the power of a cultivator in a certain julah, and it seems that in all the deva realms no fruit can defeat its delicacy.
for visiting.

This Peach takes 100 days to bear fruit until ripe and ready to eat.

And Lastly Aray growth Lvl 1 Arrangement of aray that can accelerate the growth of plants, fruit, medicine, etc. Up to 50X fold from normal.

If a Peach takes 100 days for the fruit to ripen, if using the Aray Arrangement it only takes 2 days for the Fruit to ripen.