Journey To Become A True God Chapter 422

422 Not Wearing Underwear
After making Luo Bing reach the peak of happiness, Ye Chen finally wanted to stop doing massage sessions for Luo Bing.

At this moment, Luo Bing's breath was very unstable, Luo Bing's chest also started to fluctuate very quickly, Luo Bing's body was covered with profuse sweat.

Luo Bing's current state looked as if she had just grappled with an extremely formidable enemy.

Luo Bing looked really, really weak, her body too excited because of the happiness she had previously felt in this life.

Luo Bing did not expect that Ye Chen's massage technique would feel this great, her body was completely satisfied by the massage that Ye Chen was doing.

Luo Bing's body now felt so light that she felt all the pressure that was accumulating in her body released.

Luo Bing felt herself become very relaxed.

Luo Bing was still very weak, she was still having trouble moving parts of her body.

Ye Chen was quite satisfied seeing Luo Bing who was in this state.

Luo Bing's current appearance truly looked so passionate.

The pride that Luo Bing had completely vanished, now she looked like a woman who was just done by a man.

Luo Bing felt very uncomfortable with the sweat that was on her body, right now she wanted to take a shower and clean her body.

Luo Bing decided to go to the bathroom that was provided in this hotel.

Luo Bing tried to get out of bed, Luo Bing had to use the extra strength she had to get out of bed.

When Luo Bing started to set foot on the floor, she felt that her feet felt extremely soft.

Luo Bing started to wobble, looking like he was about to fall onto the floor.

Seeing Luo Bing in this condition, Ye Chen grabbed Luo Bing from behind, she held Luo Bing so that she didn't fall to the floor.

"Um. . . "When Ye Chen touched Luo Bing, Luo Bing again let out a small groan.

"Ye Chen don't touch me, hurry and let me go" Luo Bing told Ye Chen to let go of herself.

Luo Bing's body still felt very sensitive, when Ye Chen touched Luo Bing's body, Luo Bing felt very excited again.

Luo Bing felt that she would lose her mind if he continued to be touched by Ye Chen.

So Luo Bing chased away Ye Chen who was touching her.

Ye Chen was pushed away by Luo Bing, after Ye Chen no longer supported Luo Bing, Luo Bing slumped to the floor.

Luo Bing's two feet were still very soft when used to stand up.

Unable to stand up and walk normally, Luo Bing decided to crawl towards the bathroom.

Ye Chen wanted to help Luo Bing into the bathroom, unfortunately when Ye Chen wanted to help Luo Bing, Luo Bing drove himself back.

Luo Bing really didn't let Ye Chen touch herself again.

Ye Chen could only shake his head when he saw Luo Bing refusing his help.

Ye Chen saw Luo Bing crawling like a cat, somehow it was a little funny seeing Luo Bing who was usually very proud doing this kind of thing.

Luo Bing really needed a fight to get to the front of the bathroom.

Luo Bing immediately opened the bathroom entrance, she went straight into the bathroom.

"Bang. . . "The bathroom door was closed very hard by Luo Bing.

Luo Bing seemed really angry and irritated at Ye Chen.

Ye Chen could only see Luo Bing disappearing into the bathroom, Luo Bing really didn't allow himself to get close to her.

A few minutes later, Ye Chen listened to the sound of water flowing from the bathroom.

Looks like Luo Bing started using the sower to shower.



Currently in the bathroom.

After locking the bathroom door, Luo Bing took off the clothes she was wearing.

Luo Bing had a little trouble taking off the clothes she had.

Luo Bing had to go the extra mile to remove the clothes that were currently on her body.

After a few minutes, Luo Bing finally took off the clothes that were on her body.

Right now on Luo Bing's body there was only a black lace underwear that looked so sexy.

Luo Bing's body has developed very well, with this highly developed body Luo Bing who is wearing black lace looks very sexy.

Every man would drool when he saw the beauty that Luo Bing had.

Luo Bing started to take off the black lace panties she was currently wearing.

When Luo Bing took them off, her black lace panties were completely drenched in sticky liquid.

Luo Bing's face immediately turned red when she saw this, she did not expect that he would be so lustful when massaged by Ye Chen.

Luo Bing blamed herself for being such a lustful woman.

This is completely not Luo Bing's fault, Ye Chen's massage is really very comfortable, of course every woman who tries Ye Chen's technique will experience the same thing as Luo Bing.

Luo Bing threw her black lace underwear into the bathtub that had been filled with water.

After letting go of everything, Luo Bing staggered slightly towards the sower.

Luo Bing's feet still felt very soft when used to walk.

Staggering slightly, Luo Bing went under the water sower.

She turned on the tap and started to take a warm shower.

When she took a warm shower, her body felt very refreshed, Luo Bing's body was very relaxed, she felt that her body felt very light.

Luo Bing started to clean her body of sweat, when Luo Bing touched herself, she felt an unusual tingling sensation, she felt that her body was still very sensitive.

Luo Bing didn't expect that her body would become so sensitive like this, with just a little touch she felt tingling.

"After feeling that feeling, can I still go back to like before? "After feeling the great massage from Ye Chen, Luo Bing felt that he couldn't go back to how she used to be.

Luo Bing continued to clean her body, because her body was so sensitive that it took her quite a long time to shower.

Luo Bing took a bath under the sower for 20 minutes, after her body was clean, she immediately went to get the clothes she had.

Luo Bing intended to wash the dirty inner clothes she had.

Luo Bing started looking for a washing machine in the bathroom, unfortunately after searching around this bathroom, Luo Bing did not find a washing machine in the bathroom provided by this hotel.

This is a classy hotel, there is no way they provide a washing machine, if there are dirty clothes then the room tenants only need to call the staff to wash the dirty clothes.

Luo Bing looked panicked when she didn't find a washing machine in this place.

" what should I do now ? "Luo Bing is confused about what to do in the current situation.

There was no way Luo Bing would call the hotel staff to wash the deep wet clothes she had.

If Luo Bing did that, then she would definitely be branded obscene by this hotel staff.

Luo Bing couldn't do such a thing, it was too embarrassing for herself, Luo Bing started thinking about something to deal with this.

After thinking for a while, Luo Bing only had one way left.

Luo Bing only needed not to put these wet underwear on.

Maybe it would be a little embarrassing to go outside without wearing any underwear, this was the only way Luo Bing had.

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