Journey To Become A True God Chapter 423

423 The Kidnapper Starts Moving
Luo Bing was wearing the clothes back onto her body, the current Luo Bing was completely undressed under the clothes she was currently wearing.

Luo Bing was wearing a fairly short skirt today, so when she wasn't wearing her panties, she felt that her bottom was very windy.

Luo Bing was not used to this, she felt that it was extremely lewd and embarrassing.

If she was found by other people without wearing underwear, she would definitely be considered a loose woman.

Luo Bing tried to lower her skirt to make it even more closed, unfortunately the skirt that Luo Bing was wearing could no longer be lowered down.

Luo Bing is so helpless with her current situation, why should this kind of thing happen to her.

Luo Bing started blaming Ye Chen, if it weren't for Ye Chen giving herself such an incredible massage, she wouldn't have been in this kind of situation.

After finishing putting on the clothes she had, Luo Bing walked out of the bathroom.

When Luo Bing came out of the bathroom, she saw that currently Ye Chen was sleeping on the sofa watching a soap opera that was playing on television.

When Luo Bing came out of the bathroom, Ye Chen immediately looked at Luo Bing who was standing in front of the bathroom entrance while holding her skirt.

"You've been inside for quite a while, I thought you wouldn't come out of there." Ye Chen said to Luo Bing.

Luo Bing did not answer Ye Chen's words, Luo Bing was currently too embarrassed to have a conversation with Ye Chen.

When Luo Bing remembered Ye Chen's massage session, Luo Bing felt very embarrassed.

In addition, at this time she didn't wear anything under this skirt, if Ye Chen saw this then she would definitely be branded as a loose woman by Ye Chen.

Holding back the skirt she had, Luo Bing immediately went to the bed in this room.

Luo Bing immediately climbed onto the bed, after being on the bed, Luo Bing took a blanket to cover her entire body.

Ye Chen saw the weirdness that happened to Luo Bing, this woman now looks really shy.

Luo Bing who used to look very proud had now turned into a shy woman.

Ye Chen didn't know that the reason Luo Bing looked shy was because she currently didn't wear anything under the skirt she was wearing.

If someone peeked under Luo Bing's skirt, they could immediately see Luo Bing's secret beautiful garden.

"Hey cop Luo, are you okay?" Ye Chen asked Luo Bing who was currently looking weird.

"I'm fine, I want to sleep, don't disturb me" Luo Bing answered Ye Chen, she told Ye Chen not to disturb herself who wanted to sleep.

Luo Bing was really good at finding an excuse so that Ye Chen would not suspect that she was currently not wearing an underwear on her body.

seeing Luo Bing want to sleep, Ye Chen didn't bother her anymore, today Ye Chen was very satisfied in teasing Luo Bing.

So for today, Ye Chen decided to stop teasing Luo Bing any more than this.

Time began to pass, without realizing it was already late in the afternoon, Ye Chen was also very bored watching soap operas on television today.

Luo Bing was currently sleeping very soundly, so Ye Chen really had no other person to speak to in this room.

Ye Chen started to close his eyes, he wanted to cultivate for a while.

When Ye Chen started to close his eyes, suddenly in Madam Laura's room, Ye Chen felt a new small movement appear.

Ye Chen felt that someone was trying to jump from the hotel window.

This was a fairly high floor, no fool would want to jump off of a floor this high.

After this person jumped, he immediately flew out of this building.

When this mysterious person flew, the power that this person possessed was suddenly released.

Ye Chen was quite surprised when he determined that this person was a cultivator at the Emperor Realm stage.

To think that this person used an artifact to hide the cultivation base he had from Ye Chen.

And again this person turned out to be taking Madam Laura along with him.

Ye Chen immediately opened his eyes, unexpectedly, this turned out to be a kidnapper who was eyeing Madam Luara.

"Hey cop Luo, hurry wake up, madam Laura was kidnapped by someone." Ye Chen woke up Luo Bing who was still sleeping very soundly.

Luo Bing immediately woke up from her sleep when she heard Ye Chen's extremely loud voice.

"Ye Chen why are you bothering me to sleep" Luo Bing still didn't seem to be fully awake.

Luo Bing was very dissatisfied when Ye Chen interrupted herself to sleep, even though Luo Bing had just started dreaming of something extraordinary.

"You can still sleep in this situation? Don't you know that Madam Laura who you should be protecting is currently being kidnapped by someone. "Ye Chen told Luo Bing that Madam Laura was currently taken by someone escaping from this hotel.

"Huh? "Luo Bing was quite surprised when she heard this, Luo Bing hurriedly used her spirit sense to look at Madam Laura who was beside this room.

When Luo Bing used her Spirit Sense to see Madam Laura's presence, she did not find the existence of Madam Laura who lived beside this room.

Luo Bing, who discovered this, looked very panicked.

"Ye Chen, where did Madam Laura go? ", Luo Bing asked where Madam Laura is currently.

"She was just taken away by an unknown person from this place." Ye Chen easily answered Luo Bing's question.

"Taken away? , why don't you stop that person? " Luo Bing was annoyed when she found out that Ye Chen had not stopped the person who had taken Madam Laura away.

"How can you blame me, I asked who had been sleeping so soundly that she forgot her job? ", Ye Chen pointed at Luo Bing who was in front of him.

Hearing this, Luo Bing's face turned red like an apple again.

It was her fault that she fell asleep while doing an assignment to escort Madam Laura.

"Ye Chen forget about it, let's go after that person" Luo Bing asked Ye Chen to forget about things just now.

She invited Ye Chen to pursue the person who had kidnapped Madam Laura.

Luo Bing hurriedly headed towards the exit of this room.

"Where do you want to go? "Ye Chen asked where Luo Bing wanted to go.

"Of course go after the person who kidnapped Madam Laura." Luo Bing replied to Ye Chen in an irritated tone.

"The person who kidnapped Madam Laura can fly, if you want to chase his in the normal way, then you will never be able to catch up with that person" Ye Chen told Luo Bing that Madam Laura's kidnapper could fly.

Hearing this, Luo Bing who wanted to open the door immediately stopped her movements.

She didn't think that Madam Laura's kidnapper would fly.

If Madam Laura's kidnapper could fly then how could Luo Bing catch up with that person.

"Ye Chen, do you have a way ? "Luo Bing has no other choice but to ask Ye Chen for help.

"Of course, come closer to me." Ye Chen asked Luo Bing to come to his side.

Luo Bing was confused about what Ye Chen was going to do, in order to save Madam Laura, Luo Bing had to obey Ye Chen.

Luo Bing moved to Ye Chen's side, now Luo Bing was standing right by Ye Chen's body.

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