Journey To Become A True God Chapter 425

425 Knock Out Tu Wenpi
Tu Wenpi's feet were pointing directly at Ye Chen's body.

Seeing Tu Wenpi's attack aimed at him, Ye Chen used one hand to block the attack that was coming towards him.

"Bamm" when Tu Wenpi's legs and Ye Chen's arms met, there was a very strong wind explosion, strong winds immediately enveloped the area around Ye Chen.

Luo Bing who was slightly beside Ye Chen was also affected by this strong wind.

"Ahhhh. . . "Luo Bing screamed, Her skirt was being squeezed by the current strong wind.

Luo Bing desperately tried to keep her skirt from being lifted upwards by the strong wind.

Unfortunately Luo Bing's efforts were in vain, this strong wind was still able to lift the skirt that Luo Bing was wearing.

If one took a closer look at Luo Bing's skirt which was currently raised, they could see that there was nothing underneath it.

When Ye Chen heard Luo Bing's scream, he immediately looked at Luo Bing.

When Ye Chen looked at Luo Bing who was beside him, he saw that Luo Bing's skirt was currently being lifted by the wind.

And what made Ye Chen the most surprised was, Luo Bing didn't wear anything under her skirt.

This was truly a beautiful sight that it was a pity to miss Ye Chen's eyes.

"I never thought that this beautiful police would be so brave, she really doesn't wear anything under that skirt" Ye Chen muttered in his heart.

Ye Chen didn't expect that Luo Bing would be such a brave woman, she really didn't wear anything under that short skirt.

While Ye Chen was looking at the beautiful scenery beside him, Tu Wenpi tried to attack Ye Chen with all his might.

Tu Wenpi really put all the strength he had, unfortunately the Wind Breaking Kick technique he was using was unable to make Ye Chen back off in the slightest.

Ye Chen was truly like a solid concrete wall that couldn't be moved the slightest bit.

"Bastard. . . , "Tu Wenpi shouted at Ye Chen very loudly.

Ye Chen, who heard Tu Wenpi's scream, immediately regained his senses, he was very dissatisfied when this person shouted very loudly near him.

Even though Ye Chen was looking at the beautiful scenery next to him, it was unexpected that Tu Wenpi would actually disturb him.

The disgruntled Ye Chen started to slightly move his arm forward, as Ye Chen's arm moved forward, Tu Wenpi immediately bounced far back.

Tu Wenpi was forced back several hundred meters by Ye Chen, Tu Wenpi looked at Ye Chen, he did not expect that Madam Laura's new bodyguard would become this strong.

"Damn it." Tu Wenpi grumbled again with dissatisfaction, even though just now he still looked very happy when he got Madam Laura.

Unexpectedly, in a matter of minutes, the situation would turn out like this.

"I told you to give up, there's no point in you fighting like this." Ye Chen again told Tu Wenpi to hand over Madam Laura voluntarily.

If Tu Wenpi was willing to hand over madam Laura, then Ye Chen didn't have to bother anymore to fight like this with Tu Wenpi.

"I will not leave this old woman to you, this old woman will be a very valuable asset to me." Tu Wenpi refused to hand over Madam Laura to Ye Chen.

Tu Wenpi had come this far, there was no way after he had come this far he would voluntarily hand back Madam Laura back to Ye Chen.

Tu Wenpi decided to fight earnestly.

"Wind Armor", Tu Wenpi uses wind armor techniques, this technique is a technique to create a wind barrier that can be used to deflect all physical and non-physical attacks.

Currently around Tu Wenpi there was a very strong and very strong wind, it was impossible for ordinary people to be able to break into the wind that Tu Wenpi created.

Anyone who tries to break through this wind armor, then it can be ascertained that they will immediately be blown away by the strong wind that swirls around Tu Wenpi.

"Get ready, this time I will be serious against you." Tu Wenpi started to put on a serious face against Ye Chen.

Tu Wenpi took out a large scythe from his storage ring.

Tu Wenpi started spinning the large scythe in his hand very easily.

According to Ye Chen, what Tu Wenpi was currently doing was showing off the strength in front of him.

Ye Chen started to think that Tu Wenpi was a fool, he dared to show off his strength and abilities in front of Ye Chen who was a cultivator at the Overlord Realm stage.

If at this time Tu Wenpi knew what Ye Chen was thinking about him, then Tu Wenpi could definitely vomit blood.

"Have you finished showing off the strength you have? " Ye Chen asked Tu Wenpi who was showing off the large scythe he had.

Hearing Ye Chen's words, Tu Wenpi, who was turning the large scythe in his hand, immediately stopped.

Tu Wenpi looked at Ye Chen with an extremely powerful gaze.

"Get ready to be chopped off by my scythe." Tu Wenpi had already decided to chop off Ye Chen's head using the scythe he currently had in his hand.

Tu Wenpi disappeared from where he was currently standing, it seems that after using the "wind armor" technique not only did his defense get stronger, but the movement speed that Tu Wenpi showed was also getting faster.

"Dieee! ! ! "Tu Wenpi suddenly appeared behind Ye Chen, he immediately slashed Ye Chen's head with the scythe in his hand.

"Slash." Tu Wenpi's large scythe cut Ye Chen's head.

After seeing that his scythe had successfully slashed Ye Chen's head, Tu Wenpi looked very happy.

he had finally managed to get rid of that annoying Ye Chen.

" What ! ! ! " , Tu Wenpi's pleasure did not last for a long time, he was shocked when he saw that what he had just slashed was Ye Chen's shadow projection.

What Tu Wenpi just cut down was the shadow Ye Chen made using the Step nine shadows technique, Tu Wenpi was really easily fooled by the Step Nine Shadow technique that Ye Chen had.

"It's still a thousand years too early for you to behead me." Ye Chen reappeared in front of Tu Wenpi.

He stretched out one hand of his towards Tu Wenpi's Neck.

Ye Chen's hand very easily broke through the Wind Armor defense that Tu Wenpi made.

Ye Chen's hand immediately gripped Tu Wenpi's neck very firmly.

Ye Chen started to lift Tu Wenpi's body up.

Tu Wenpi who is in Ye Chen's hand currently looks very painful, Ye Chen's grip on his neck is very strong, because Ye Chen's grip is too strong, Tu Wenpi feels he can't breathe.

"Hey, Police Luo, you said that this guy is the most wanted person in this world? ", Ye Chen asked Luo Bing about Tu Wenpi.

"That's right, he is the most wanted criminal in this world, because of a very cruel crime." While still holding his skirt so that it would no longer be picked up by the strong wind, Luo Bing answered Ye Chen's question.

"If he is the most wanted criminal then I will just cripple him, let him take responsibility for the crimes he has committed." Ye Chen decided to cripple this person's cultivation, let Tu Wenpi take responsibility for the deeds he had done.

From Ye Chen's finger began to emerge a silver colored flame, Ye Chen pointed his finger towards Tu Wenpi's body, the silver flames on Ye Chen's finger immediately entered Tu Wenpi's body.

The Heavenly Silver Flame began to burn several important meridians and Profound Veins that were in Tu Wenpi's body.

Ye Chen did not completely make Tu Wenpi a useless person, he only eliminated the cultivation that Tu Wenpi had.

Currently Tu Wenpi was no different from an ordinary person who was extremely weak without having any strength.

After crippling Tu Wenpi's cultivation, Ye Chen pulled back his Heavenly Silver Flame from Tu Wenpi's body.

After that Ye Chen threw Tu Wenpi on the ground in front of Luo Bing.

"This person is now yours, you can do whatever you want to this person" Ye Chen told Luo Bing that Tu Wenpi was now his.

What Luo Bing was going to do to Tu Wenpi was no longer Ye Chen's business.

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