Journey To Become A True God Chapter 426

426 A Warning For Ye Chen From Madam Laura
Luo Bing didn't expect that Ye Chen would give Tu Wenpi to herself.

It is necessary to know that Tu Wenpi's value is enormous if he is handed over to the Six Door organization, the Six Door organization will definitely give an award and achievement to the person who has succeeded in capturing Tu Wenpi who is the most wanted terrorist in the world.

" Are you sure you want to hand him over to me? , you can get something valuable if you hand this person over to the government, for example a fame or money. "Luo Bing told Ye Chen that he could get a reward as well as an achievement if he handed Tu Wenpi over to the government or the Six Door Organization.

"I don't need that kind of thing, I don't like being in the center of attention." Ye Chen didn't need what Luo Bing just said.

Ye Chen didn't like being in the center of attention, it would be very troublesome for Ye Chen if he was the center of attention.

Ye Chen also did not need the prize money from handing over Tu Wenpi to the government, currently Ye Chen already had a lot of money from selling the beauty products and pills he had.

"Are you sure about that? ", Luo Bing asked Ye Chen once again.

Luo Bing really didn't want Ye Chen to waste this golden opportunity.

Ye Chen shook his head. "I told you that I don't need that kind of thing, you can take it if you want." Ye Chen really has no interest in the gift that Luo Bing said earlier.

"If you really insist, then I will take this person over to the government." Luo Bing looked very happy when Ye Chen handed over the achievement of capturing Tu Wenpi to herself.

If Luo Bing gave Tu Wenpi to the Six Door organization, it was certain that Luo Bing would get a promotion and several gifts in the form of resources to accelerate her cultivation.

That meant that Luo Bing could raise her cultivation level even faster.

Luo Bing's current mood really felt so happy that Luo Bing had the thought of hugging and kissing Ye Chen who had given her something so precious like this.

"Hey Police Luo, can I ask you something?" Ye Chen wanted to ask Luo Bing something.

"What do you want to ask? "Luo Bing is currently in a happy mood, naturally she is willing to answer Ye Chen's question.

Did you deliberately not wear underwear for me today? "Ye Chen asked Luo Bing a sensitive question.

Hearing the words that just left Ye Chen's mouth, Luo Bing's face immediately turned a bright red.

Unexpectedly, Ye Chen knew that she was currently not wearing anything under her skirt.

"Me. . ., me. . . "Luo Bing seems to have a hard time answering Ye Chen's question.

Luo Bing didn't know how to answer the question asked by Ye Chen.

"Hehehehe." Ye Chen chuckled at Luo Bing, it was quite funny to see Luo Bing who was in this state.

Luo Bing was very embarrassed, right now she wanted to go and find a hole to hide from Ye Chen.

" Where am I? "While Ye Chen was teasing Luo Bing, Madam Laura suddenly regained consciousness.

Madam Laura began to wonder why she was in a place like this.

Whereas before she was still sleeping in a hotel room, why suddenly could he be in a strange place like this.

"Madam Laura, are you okay", Ye Chen went to Madam Laura's side, she asked Madam Laura's situation.

"I'm fine, I just feel a little dizzy", Madam Laura is okay, she just feels dizzy because of the drug that Tu Wenpi gave her.

"Ye Chen, where am I right now? "Madam Laura asked Ye Chen where they are currently.

"We are currently in the city border, someone just kidnapped you, fortunately I managed to beat the kidnapper and save you" Ye Chen told Madam Laura that she was just kidnapped by someone.

"I see." Madam Laura now understands why she can be in such a strange place.

It turned out that just now someone had kidnapped him, no wonder he could be in a place like this.

Ye Chen saw Madam Laura who looked normal when he was kidnapped.

It seemed that Madam Laura was used to being in this kind of situation, so it wasn't strange that she didn't look scared or panicked when she was kidnapped by someone.

"It seems like if I continue to be here, I will trouble both of you. I better leave this city immediately." Madam Laura didn't want to trouble Ye Chen any further than this.

It was better for her to leave this city and go to the next destination she should visit.

"Neither of us feel a bother with you at all, right Police Luo? ", Ye Chen said to Luo Bing.

Luo Bing only nodded lightly, she was currently too embarrassed to face Ye Chen.

"Thank you, but I've decided to go to my next destination." Madam Laura smiled at Ye Chen who had comforted her.

"Madam Laura, if that's the decision you make, then we will take you back to the airport right away." Luo Bing finally wanted to speak.

Luo Bing had managed to calm down Herself again, she was currently on duty, she should not let this kind of embarrassment bother her who was on duty to escort Madam Laura, Luo Bing had to be professional in carrying out this kind of task.

Luo Bing immediately called the nearest police station, she asked the closest police who were here to take care of Tu Wenpi first.

"Ye Chen, can you take us to the airport by flying? " Luo Bing asked Ye Chen if he could take herself and Madam Laura to fly to the airport in this city.

"Of course I can." Ye Chen could of course take Madam Laura and Luo Bing to the airport very quickly.

"Good, then let's go right now." Luo Bing wanted Ye Chen to take herself and Madam Laura to the airport right away.

Ye Chen nodded, she carried Luo Bing and Madam Laura flying towards the airport.

Within a few minutes, Ye Chen, Luo Bing and Madam Laura arrived at the airstrip.

Ye Chen brought Luo Bing and Madam Laura down in front of Madam Laura's private jet.

When Ye Chen, Luo Bing and Madam Laura came, they were immediately greeted by the five guards assigned to look after Madam Laura.

The five guards lined up neatly upon welcoming the arrival of Ye Chen, Luo Bing and Madam Laura.

"Welcome back madam." The guards were very unanimous in welcoming Madam Laura's arrival.

Madam Laura nodded at the five guards in front of her.

Madam Laura turned towards Ye Chen and Luo Bing.

"Thank you for escorting me while I am in this city." Madam Laura thanked Ye Chen and Luo Bing who had worked hard in escorting her while in this city.

"No problem, that's our thing." Luo Bing said to Madam Laura.

"Ye Chen, before I go there is something I will tell you." Madam Laura wanted to say something to Ye Chen.

" What is that ? "Ye Chen asked Madam Laura. Ye Chen wanted to know what Madam Laura wanted to say to him.

"It's about you, from now on you have to be more careful in making every decision you take, there will be a lot of strong people who come to you one by one, don't let these strong people take something valuable from you" Madam Laura turned out to be giving Ye Chen a stern warning.

Ye Chen didn't really understand the words of Madam Laura, who were the strong people that Madam Laura meant, he was very curious about the strong people that Madam Laura said.

"Madam Laura, can you tell me more clearly about that matter?" Ye Che wanted to know more clearly what Madam Laura meant.

"I'm sorry, I can only tell you so much, you have to find out this yourself in the future." Madam Laura couldn't tell Ye Chen more than this.

Ye Chen was a little disappointed when he found out about this, he had to find out for himself who the people Madam Laura was referring to.

"Okay, time is up, it's time for me to leave this city, goodbye." Madam Laura bid farewell to Ye Chen and Luo Bing.

After saying goodbye to Ye Chen and Luo Bing, Madam Laura boarded her private jet.

The guards began to follow Madam Laura into the private jet.

After everyone boarded, private jets started flying out of this airport.

Ye Chen and Luo Bing saw the departure of the jet that Madam Laura was in, the jet disappeared towards the horizon.

"It's finally over, I can now go home." Ye Chen looked happy when the task of escorting Madam Laura was finished.

Luo Bing also felt the same as Ye Chen, she felt relieved when the heavy burden she had to endure to escort Madam Laura's safety was finally over.

"Police Luo, see you later, I have to go home now." Ye Chen bid Luo Bing farewell, without waiting for Luo Bing's reply. Ye Chen flew straight to his villa.

"Ye Chen, wait a moment." Luo Bing stopped Ye Chen, unfortunately Ye Chen left this place.

Even though Luo Bing only wanted to thank Ye Chen for helping her.

"Looks like I should find another time to thank him." Luo Bing decided to find another time to thank Ye Chen.

"Since there was nothing else Luo Bing could do here, Luo Bing decided to return to the police station to take care of Tu Wenpi.

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