Journey To Become A True God Chapter 427

427 Unfriendly Visitors From The God Realm Came
Meanwhile, somewhere in space, near Earth's orbit, there are some people floating in the dark space.

These people are seen watching the earth from a distance.

"Are you sure that this is the place you mentioned earlier? "A man in ancient clothes asked the person next to him.

"Boss Xui Jin, this planet is the place I mentioned earlier, it so happened that when I passed this place, I felt a small energy from the Heavenly Silver Flame that we were looking for, I could only feel the Heavenly Silver Flame for a moment. after that the small energy of the Heavenly Silver Flame disappears. "This person told Xui Jin that what they were looking for was on this planet.

The man named Xui Jin laughed when he learned this. "Good. . . . ,Good. . . . ,Good. . . ."Xui Jin said Good words several times.

"Finally after several days of searching, I found that woman who had dared to steal the Heavenly Silver Flame from me." Xui Jin wanted to take back his Heavenly Silver Flame that was stolen by a woman.

The woman Xui Jin meant was of course Dongfang Xiu, for the past few days he and all of his men had been trying to find the whereabouts of Dongfang Xiu.

They all tried very hard to find the whereabouts of Dongfang Xiu, even though in the past few days they have never had a second to rest while looking for the existence of Dongfang Xiu.

If Dongfang Xiu returns to the Sacred Heaven Star Realm, it can be confirmed that Xui Jin's history will be finished.

If he was found to have injured Dongfang Xiu, who was the brightest jewel in the Sacred Heaven Star Realm, then it was certain that he would be hunted down by the Sacred Heaven Star Realm which is one of the great powers that are very powerful in God Realm.

"Boss Xui Jin, what should we do now, do we have to rummage through this small planet to find that woman? ",, Xui Jin's men asked what they should do at this time.

"No, don't create unnecessary chaos, right now the people from Sacred Heaven Star Realm must also be looking for the existence of Dongfang Xiu, we can't attract the attention of the people from Sacred Heaven Star Realm." Xui Jin told his men not to attract the attention of the Sacred Heaven Star Realm people who are currently searching for the existence of Dongfang Xiu.

"You guys are looking for that woman secretly, I'm sure that right now she is still badly injured by the attack I did at that time." Xui Jin is sure that Dongfang Xiu is currently still seriously injured by the attack he made a few days ago.

The reason for Xui Jin to attack Dongfang Xiu was very simple, he wanted to get the Heavenly Silver Flame in Dongfang Xiu's hands.

The Heavenly Silver Flame is something that is very precious to every cultivator in God Realm.

Even Xui Jin was willing to challenge something as powerful as the Sacred Heaven Star Realm to obtain the Heavenly Silver Flame from Dongfang Xiu's hand.

If Xui Jin can obtain the Heavenly Silver Flame, then the strength he possesses will definitely become even stronger than he is now.

With the power of the Heavenly Silver Flame, Xui Jin can join one of the great powers in the God Realm.

That way Xui Jin no longer has to fear Sacred Heaven Star Realm.

Xui Jin smiled to himself as he thought of himself who would become a part of the great power that controlled the western God Realm.

he would definitely benefit greatly from joining one of the great powers that controlled the western God Realm.

"What are you waiting for, hurry and find that woman and bring her to me." Xui Jin ordered the men behind him to go find the whereabouts of Dongfang Xiu.

"Yes Boss." Xui Jin's men immediately went to earth, they started to search for clues about the existence of Dongfang Xiu.

"Just watch, you won't be able to escape from me, I will definitely get back the Heavenly Silver Flame." Xui Jin was very confident about getting the Heavenly Silver Flame back from Dongfang Xiu's hand.

Xui Jin didn't know that currently the Heavenly Silver Flame was already in someone else's hand, even the Heavenly Silver Flame had fused with Ye Chen.






After Ye Chen parted with Luo Bing, Ye Chen immediately went to his villa, he wanted to go Vila and enjoy the rest of the day.

When Ye Chen flew to his villa, on the way Ye Chen happened to see a beautiful Milf woman who was being bullied by some thugs.

The beautiful Milf woman was Ye Chen's acquaintance, this woman was Su Yuya, right now Su Yuya seemed to be being bullied by some evil thugs.

Seeing Su Yuya being bullied by some evil thugs, Ye Chen decided to help Su Yuya get out of this problem.

Ye Chen started to get closer to Su Yuya who was being bullied by several thugs.

"Hey beautiful, would you like to go with us somewhere nice? ", One of the men tried to invite Su Yuya to go to a pleasant place to visit.

The place these thugs meant was of course Bar / Ktv, there they could do whatever they wanted to a Beautiful Milf like Su Yuya.

"Sorry I have an important matter right now, so please get out of my way." Su Yuya refused the invitation from these thugs.

Su Yuya currently had to go somewhere to attend an event,Su Yuya couldn't be bothered by a bunch of ruffians like them.

Su Yuya tried to walk past these people, when she passed these people, they blocked Su Yuya's path.

"Beautiful, wait a minute, why are you in a hurry, let's do fun things with me, I guarantee tonight you will be very satisfied" This man did not give up, he again forced Su Yuya to come along with him.

This man even said fulgar words to Su Yuya.

Su Yuya looked even more dissatisfied when she saw the behavior of these thugs.

Su Yuya ignored these people, she again tried to go past these people.

The thugs who were ignored by Su Yuya felt unhappy, he stretched out his hand to hold onto Su Yuya's wrist.

The delinquent man pulled Su Yuya into joining him.

"You shameless man, hurry up and let me go" Su Yuya started to rebel and fight the delinquent man in front of her.

Unfortunately, Su Yuya's strength was too weak when compared to the thugs in front of her.

"Anyone help me . . .! ! ! " seeing that he was no match for the delinquent guy, Su Yuya decided to ask for help from the people around here.

"Hehehe, shout whatever you want, there is no one here who can help you escape from me" the thugs man chuckled at Su Yuya.

In this place everyone was familiar with this thugs man, here there weren't any fools who wanted to find trouble with the group of thugs men who were bullying Su Yuya.

So the people around here ignored the screams from Su Yuya.

"Friends let's go to Ktv, there we will have fun with this woman." This delinquent man invites all his friends to go to Ktv and enjoy the night together with a beautiful Milf like Su Yuya.

Everyone immediately got excited when they heard this, they couldn't wait to spend the night with a beautiful Milf like Su Yuya.

Su Yuya was helplessly dragged by these thugs to a nearby Ktv

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